27 05 2006



Sunn 0))) vs. the Walker Art Center

Never mind that I was late because I was puking my guts out and missed the first band, but I was sorted out and ready to rock and Boris was great noise metal with a kickass lady making her guitar howl and scream, switching between speed metal and feedback noise sculptures. Then Sunn 0))) came on in all their glory (dressed in robes, smoke machines running wide open), 3 guitar players and a "thunder machine*" player and a wall of amps the size of refrigerators and proceeded to generate churning and grinding low frequencies that were so low you could barely hear them but they felt like getting hit by sandbags and by the end of the show my leg muscles were spasming uncontrollably like shivering. I could feel the low end bass resonances in my insides, like leaning against a washing machine, and the whole theater was shaking. They didn't even play any songs. You know the feedback and crescendos at the end of the songs? They just played that. For over an hour. Just wave after wave of feedback and vibrations and so much artificial smoke machine fog you couldn't see anything except shadows moving around in front of walls of amps. I got absolutely no good photographs because of the amount of stage fog, and it was so loud and so much shit was shaking that I couldn't really move without becoming disoriented.

People were leaving because they couldn't take it, the sound waves made your muscles feel like how they do after being in a whirlpool. I've never experienced anything like this before. I don't know how many steps they downtuned their guitars, but they just kept getting lower and lower, and they would hit a synth note even lower and the whole theater would shudder and shake. It kind of felt good, I could feel my body resonances.

Nothing better than to let one's brain get wrung out like a dirty old sponge, get all the built-up shit blown out.

*some kind of amplified sheet of metal that created wild noises when struck.

—Stacey Graham
Minneapolis MN,/i>


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