12 01 2006

by Tyler Davis

I don’t know anyone who has seen an interview with Genocide Organ. When I asked them if they would like to participate I didn’t even expect the question to be acknowledged. To my surprise Klaus seemed eager enough, so I jumped on the chance. Since the initial interview I have tried to explore a few of the answers to a fuller extent, but my understanding is that the rest of the band isn’t too interested.
For those of you who have never heard of this band I would say that they are one of the few truly outstanding purveyors of industrial noise and long have been. Their offering, ‘Remember’, a double LP set, is an ode to the band’s history and comes in a stunning package reminiscent of the older 78’s, housed in a thick binder.
I would think it safe to say that Genocide Organ has influenced a generation.

Why the vast silence from Genocide Organ with regards to interviews, and why the change in tactics as of late?
We stopped being interested in reading interviews of other artists. Nobody really said something interesting, it seemed that everything was said in the period of the old school industrial movement with SPK; TG... I myself prefer interviews done and presented in the style of the Re-Search books. This has some immortal feeling. We also thought about old Machiavelli’s slogan: “What is worse than the spoken word is the written word in the hand of your enemies, written words are never give out of your hands, nothing can convict you easier than them.” We now changed our behavior because we decide what information we give and the best way to get information is to give some. We never say what we think, and we never believe what we say, and if we tell the truth by accident, we hide it under so many lies that it is difficult to find out. By the way, time has changed, lots of new things came up to talk about, unfortunately we are never asked about them.

GO has a fairly large roster in terms of members. How much does each person contribute?
Each of us is from a different environment it seems. We’re quite different in attitude and output but altogether we’re one. D.A.X. is the most educated of us in classic instruments. Doc M Riot is responsible for live and studio mixing and video arts. R. Freisler is singer and performer. I am doing most of the tracks and studio tracks and I’m doing vocals and performance on stage. We all share our opinions and discuss every step. It is possible that for months it is just me acting as a musician but when the time of release comes close we meet and overwork the stuff.

How have you seen GO change over the years and has this followed a planned course or has it been directed by some larger force?
The only change I see is that in the beginning we were more open and careless with our views we told everybody what we stand for, we spread flyers in our hometown, for example. This was the very beginning, later after our houses were raided by special police forces, we used double meaning as reinsurance. Everything is as it is and nothing is as it should be. We also became more involved in live performing. We always try to do a show which has the character of a realistic horror scenario with some basic slogans and aggressive outbursts all based on life.

GO has developed into a serious cult act with records fetching insane prices of money. Why do you think this is and what does it say about this genre of noise?
We never intended to be a cult act. We’re just doing our thing. The early records were all made in that limitation because we thought there would only be 200-300 people around who are interested in us. It was more or less made for us, we also had only a few money. We were at school at that time. I always say it’s up to them if they pay that much. It’s their fault. I myself wait years to get a record I want, and then I get it for a reasonable price. I’ll be involved in the scene for the next 100 years and one day the lucky day will come.

Out of what did your sound generate and what originally inspired you to pursue creating the sounds?
Our sounds are generated out of some old analog synths and a couple of effects, sometimes inspired by ruining machines and the noise they produce. I’m a mechanic and I worked in several chemical factories and machine producing industries. I was always fascinated about the output of music from the machines. I also saw the working class as the most important part of the nations community. I saw through my work that I was cheated. Most of my colleagues are so weak and narrow minded philosophies at breakfast desk believing in trade unions and not in their own powers and might. They weren’t interested in the cause for their life. They were just interested to live. They always complain without changing something . They never resist. They’re like trained dogs.

I have seen two videos. One is full of loaded visuals and the later performance does not utilize images. Why the change with regards to live shows. Do they always take on different aspects?
We always work with a concept and normally find a good mixture of both visuals and performance.

Your label has had much trouble from the German authorities. Does this happen when you perform live?
The police needs no regular basis. If they don’t have one, they make one. We never had problems with the police during our gigs, just with the owners of the clubs.

What type of a crowd do you draw and how do shows transpire?
We don't care about the crowd. Everybody feels attracted to come. We are living in a democratorship. All shows are promoted like any other through posters, flyers, ads in mags and so on.

What was the last world event which influenced GO?
The German Holocaust Commemoration day 27.1 since three years.

The portrait on the cover of Mind Control is of whom and has what significance?
It is no one special, just a very angry looking many out of was reason ever.(?-B) We have chosen this picture because it looked very much like our first Bunderskanzler Konrad Adenauer, who was under constant American Catholic mind control. A man who steered the ship of Germany into so many self mutilation processes.

I’ve heard someone comment that the Germans are similar to Americans in that when they become interested on something it is full force, gung-ho. Comments on this with regards to the power electronics tour de force in your country?
The guy who told you that was bullshiting. We are absolutely different from the American power electronics scene in general. Of course there are some Americans different than others, doing something against the establishment. Doing art be fashion in America. It’s not serious for me, it’s posing with a nearly commercial output. It’s the total opposite in Germany most bands I know live their pay and are full force and not only generally noticed by their musical output.

Why is Germany ashamed of it’s past?
A nation can never be ashamed of something. It’s the people. And in Germany it’s the political stratum who wants to be fed with sugar candies by some bastards who never will be our friends. Who ever worked against the independence of Germany. I feel ashamed of nothing. Or do you think of a special event? What past are you talking about, the past when we send over the scum of Germany to kill the Indians in North America? The world goes it’s way, not caring about the shame of anybody. And so do we!

You have a song titled “Kill useless nations”. Which are not?
Let me think. Think...

Why are most of your samples and lyrics in English?
Although I don’t like the domination of English in the world today, it is quite easy to understand and to speak. To reach our allies in the whole world we use this language. It is partly German that helps us a lot; he he he.

Your favorite propaganda?
Media. Everything that goes around this topic. Stupid sports, mainstream music, films, commercial spots. Education is the basis! Out of education grows our doom. Education enslaves people for all time and of course the results can be seen in media.

Is the institution of power electronics much different than that of metal, with regards to what is allowed and what is taboo?
Regarding the sub culture you can see a lot of similarities. Taboo is nothing, a limitation built by society I do not accept at all. I have my own laws of what is right and what is not. And so it is with taboo. Everybody should experience his own border, and should not be told by everyone where his border is.

Comparing the 90’s to the past decades what hope do you have that things will take a turn for the better and what would that better be?
I have no hope for fast change but I wish that people will go back to basics, to traditions without being conservative and narrow-minded, to develop a new dignity, honor and pride. The cry for Patria Y Libertad! no matter where they come from. People stop destroying their and our culture. Like save the culture of Indian minorities all over the world they should save their own first, or they will be placed in zoos soon. Things will become even worse as I see in my home town- crime, scum from all over the world, filth, unemployment, hate. What we soon have is not a multicultural society but a multiculturalcriminal society and this will end in a civil war, with all the weapons on the other side.

What is most important- intellect or instinct?
As we’re not animals I think the intellect is more important. Of course it allows us to do things a animal never would, but can help us to see a way out of the porca miseria. A mixture might also be a good thing.

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