29 09 2015

SAVAGE PENCIL enrobed, tambura performance at SUNN O))) 2004 Peel Session



"Candlewvlff ov Thee Golden Chalice"

+ the original drawing by SAVX made at same session in Maida Vale. One of the last Peel sessions... he had passed away a few weeks before but they honored his last invitations which included SUNN O))) and HIGH ON FIRE amongst others.

Photo: SOMA on ancient cell phone

26 09 2015

Solitary portal in The Empty Gallery Hong Kong


Photo by Klara Lewis.

Thanks to Alex, Stephen, Zoe, Ching Ching and everyone at The Empty Gallery for the great great experience and welcome this weekend. And to PITA for putting this together for us. Great sets by Klara, Ilpo and Fennesz... thorough enjoyment.

TEG is wrapped and slabbed completely in solid black with very minimal/non lighting, black marble floors, black metal ceilings etc, on the 19th floor of a high rise with one tiny window (pictured here). A void in the sky.

Beautiful audience. Such an honor to be able to play music in Hong Kong to you all. Magnificent experience.

26 09 2015

Elodie Lesourd at Casino Luxembourg


The Oracular Illusion - solo show
Casino Luxembourg, Forum d'art contemporain
September 26th to January 3rd
Opening September 25th at 7.00 pm


Observer les moments de rencontre entre l'art et la musique ; interpréter les mythes issus de la culture rock ou underground, en manipuler les codes et symboles : tels pourraient être les leitmotive qui jalonnent l'œuvre et le parcours d'Elodie Lesourd (1978* ; vit et travaille à Paris).
Les va-et-vient opérés entre art et musique permettent à Elodie Lesourd d'ouvrir une réflexion tant ontologique qu'esthétique sur chacun de ces médiums au sein d'une œuvre en deux-temps. D'une part, c'est à travers un mouvement à tendance néo-conceptuel qu'elle se joue, un moyen pour l'artiste d'analyser les référents de la culture rock à travers le prisme de l'histoire de l'art ou encore par des jeux sémiotiques. Il peut s'agir de relier les extrémités des logos des groupes de black metal norvégien pour les révéler sous la forme de pentagrammes mystiques, de réinterpréter par des compositions abstraites les pochettes d'albums de groupes cultes ou encore de travailler dans l'esprit du Do It Yourself, propre au punk, en transformant les attributs du style musical (t-shirts de groupes épurés de leurs logos, médiators assemblés en forme d'étendard, par exemple). D'autre part, l'hyperrockalisme, concept créé de toutes pièces par Elodie Lesourd, consiste en la reproduction de facture hyperréaliste de photographies d'installations d'autres artistes qui se réfèrent, eux aussi, au rock. Selon les codes de celui-ci, l'artiste restitue en peinture, à main levée, les éléments présents sur les photographies à taille réelle.

Au premier abord, tout sépare ces deux approches : l'hyperrockalisme aux couleurs flamboyantes et à l'esthétique séduisante contraste fortement avec l'abstraction et le chromatisme réduit de son pendant plus sémiologique. Au Casino Luxembourg, Elodie Lesourd propose une traversée atmosphérique de cet univers dédoublé et pourtant lié, où les liens entre champs musical et visuel se révèlent tour à tour pour leur évidence ou se dérobent au regard, comme pour mieux se faire entendre.


22 09 2015

Prix Sade_Silencio: Prix SS 2015



02 09 2015

SUNN O)) & Herr Drude / Julian Cope 2003 & 2006



Photos above by The Seth Man taken backstage at the "Rome Wasn't Burned In A Day" event, Lyric Hammersmith, London on 1st November 2003. Event curated by Cope. He joined SUNN O))) onstage for the concert that evening along with the lineup of Anderson, Csihar, O'Malley, Ritter and Smithson. Somehow Ritter's computer was stolen off stage as were guitars of Doggen (from Cope's BRAIN DONOR group at the time) & Cope. I remember those being a Jaguar and a BC Rich. These instruments were never recovered and the unholy asshole who swiped them brought a dark cloud which took a while to burn off. Corruption in the high security of the Lyric Hammersmith.

In any case here is an amusing review of Cope's performance with his own band from said festival by The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2003/nov/01/popandrock2

"You know what I love about these fucking songs?" Cope said. "They all sound exactly the fucking same." The event terminated with a 20-minute Reynard the Fox, a pretext for a Cope rant ending in repeated cries of: "Education!!!" Which is what it had been.


Herr Cope also joined SUNN O))) onstage for a special SUNN O))) "Moog Ceremony" concert in Brussels at the Ancienne Belgique / Domino Festival on 9th April 2006. The cult Japanese psychedelic heavy rock band BORIS also played that evening. The O))) lineup was Atsuo, Anderson, TOS, O'Malley, Cope. Furthermore, Seldon Hunt, Andrew Hartwell & Sylvia Farago comprised a badd ass O))) posse. As far as I know this may be both the first time in a long time and also the last time Le Drude performed on the continent. Bittersweet?

Evidence of the 2006 event here:



minidoc produced by the Domino fest people at AB: 


Hail to thee, Herr Drude!

 -Hairy Dudes

01 09 2015

Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert "Tempestarii" (live music SOMA) in October



Dear Brusseleirs, friends and allies,

We hope that you have spend great summer months. 
It's been almost ten years since we have last shown our work in Brussels so this is a rare occasion to check out what's cooking. 

On October 9, we will present a new and extended version of Tempestarii with live music by Stephen O'Malley at Bozar Electronic Arts Festival, Brussels.
On October 22, the new film will be screened together with a live performance by SOMA at Insomnia Festival, Verdensteateret Cinema, Tromsø, Norway. 

Tempestarii premiered in 2013 at CCR Dudelange, Luxembourg with a concert by Stephen. Since then, the film has been screened at the legendary underground venue The Horse Hospital in London; Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal; University of Iceland Research Centre, Skagastrond, Iceland and Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland. Stephen has joined us again for live tempestarii action in September 2014 at The Wall in Taipei, Taiwan and for an exclusive opening performance of Les Rencontres Internationales at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France in December. 

Over the years Tempestarii has grown into a full-blown cinematic spell. We returned season after season to the northern edge of the habitable world to summon and experience the winds at war. Our elemental rite has been completed during the total eclipse over the Arctic on Friday, March 20, 2015.

Please join us for a night of celebration.
Nadine & Gast

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