27 12 2013

Black Sabbath Paris 1970 Live Full Concert

Vivre eternelle Sabbath!!!

27 12 2013

SUNN O))) " LA REH 012" LP + digital preorder


You can preorder this LP now here: http://sunn.southernlord.com/products/view/la-reh-012

Digital version is now available for preorder here: http://sunn.bandcamp.com/album/la-reh-012

Thank you for your interest and support!

24 12 2013

Web Eye Candy Week 52



























Happy holy-daze folks, wish you a rocking 014

20 12 2013

Sibylle Baier "Colour Green" (2006) (Full Album)

Sibylle Baier "Colour Green" (2006) (Full Album) (by melramos2)

"Colour Green" is the name of the beautiful only one album of Sibylle Baier - a german singer-songwriter and actress, known by acting and being friends with Wim Wenders. The songs were originally home recorded between 1970 and 1973, but only released in a record in 2006. I’m very happy to share it, although these tunes are already posted separately on youtube. Sibylle is so talent and most of people doesn’t know her songs and, of course, cannot recognise her art. This post is an attempt to provide it. It’s interesting to know about Sibylle’s life and work, which you can find on her official website here:http://www.sibyllebaier.com/home.html

1 - Tonight
2 - I Lost Something In The Hills
3 - The End
4 - Softly
5 - Remember The Day
6 - Forget About
7 - William
8 - Says Elliott
9 - Colour Green
10 - Driving
11 - Girl
12 - Wim
13 - Forgett
14 - Give Me A Smile

18 12 2013

SUNN O))) "LA REH 012" LP & Digital preorder


We are pleased to offer a second installment in SUNN O)))'s demo series of limited LPs.

LA REH 012


L (moog) R

Rec: Los Angeles 012 Mix: Paris 013




DIGITAL "REH DEMO 012" is available now for preorder here: http://sunn.bandcamp.com/album/la-reh-2012
PHYSICAL "REH DEMO 012" LP will go on preorder 26 December 2013 on http://sunn.southernlord.com/products/view/la-reh-012

The preorders will be released sometime in January 2014.

This is available only via mailorder & live concerts, SLR Europe should also be offering copies via their forthcoming mailorder service. There will be a tshirt in coordination with this: "Ever breathed a frequency?" As per the first in the series, this LP is also limited to 1500 machine numbered copies and a split label release by Ideologic Organ & Southern Lord.

Thank you for your interest.

18 12 2013

KHANATE "Capture & Release" LP repress, tshirts etc now available





LP AVAILABLE HERE: http://hydrahead.merchtable.com/music-vinyl/khanate-capture-and-release-repress-vinyl-lp

HYDRAHEAD TEXT: "BLACK VINYL. Back on vinyl again eight years after its original release, Khanate's Capture & Release is hereby presented for mass consumption once again. After introductory releases on Southern Lord and Load, Khanate delivered this sprawling two track, 40 minute monster as their debut for Hydra Head Records. *PRE-ORDER CUSTOMERS: Orders are expected to begin shipping the week of December 10th, 2013. Orders are not promised to be in hand by the release date. Any items purchased with this pre-order will not ship until the week of December 10th, 2013 as well. If you place multiple pre-orders in one order they will ship together, on the date of the latest shipping pre-order. All items shown are mock ups and final product may vary slightly."

TSHIRT AVAILABLE HERE: http://hydrahead.merchtable.com/shirts-mens/khanate-capture-and-release-t-shirt

HOODIE AVAILABLE HERE: http://hydrahead.merchtable.com/hoodies/khanate-capture-and-release-zip-hoodie

Thank you for your interest in this album; the reaction was polar for the release of this sociapathological discordant and lost black jewel of an LP in 2005. IT STANDS THE TEST OF TIME, FUCK OFF WHINERS.

PITCHFORK's Brandon Stosuy in 2005 review upon initial release: "The mighty Khanate's been kicking around for five years, with previous albums on Southern Lord and Load plus a remix 12" and a live CD and DVD. The NYC quartet's third and best full-length, Capture & Release, generally picks up where others left off, but in an extended, grimier fashion, pairing the 18-minute "Capture" with the 25-minute "Release". It's like a doom-metal opera; the Melvins possessed by Die Kreuzen. Capture & Release's most immediate hook is Alan Dubin's bewitched growl. On stage, the vocalist crouches and grips his microphone like a weapon (arms extended), face hidden behind his long hair. On record, filtered through headphones, he pounces and gnarls with taunts and warnings and disses-- "You are blood/ Nothing more," etc. Dubin's backed by the guitar of Stephen O'Malley (Sunn 0))), Lotus Eaters), the bass and synthesized laptop effects (wind, gurgles) of James Plotkin (ex-Atomsmasher), and the heavily glacial Codeine drums of Tim Wyskida, who whacks toms as though willing arms to unhinge. The conductor, Wyskida's cymbal crashes function as dissolves into Dubin's next monologue; on stage, all the players watch him, and when they land at the same time, the room literally shakes. Because Dubin chants his libretto with vocal effects, it can be easy to misunderstand him. He opens "Capture" by shouting "Who says I can't have?," but for a long time, I swore he was nodding to AC/DC and screaming "Hell's Bells." Which is better? Getting the lyrics right adds to the experience, but Dubin's scowl is so ominous you don't need to grasp each syllable to generate chills. The main storyline seems to be luring someone into a basement, strapping and tying them to something, and repeatedly letting them know that "this is my house" and they're "one step closer to nowhere." Moments where the drums pickup a bit (well, it's the speed of a log-jam) and the bass/guitar/vocals/and atmospheres collide in mid air that'll make just about anyone commence half-speed headbanging. "Release" opens with three minutes of dank dungeon atmospherics during which Dubin whispers, "I've got a bone to pick/ Maybe it's yours." Here death is the sole escape, so when Dubin continues "I won't let go" over cymbal sheer and clean guitar strums, he's promising an eternity of torture. For the final movement of the album, hell breaks loose: More guitar distortion, incrementally faster drums, choirs of feedback, chomping synth noise. Live, this is when Dubin pumps his fist in the air and the audience pisses their pants. A few nights ago I tried explaining Khanate to a friend, who said she didn't really get "experimental metal" or the way certain bands test their audience. I disagreed with the idea that Khanate (or other bands) are testing. Dubin and company aren't aiming for easiness, but they offer patient listeners the chance to burrow into a seductive cocoon, into a sound as chilling and ominous as a pool of black icebergs. After a healthy brainstorm-- the Cure and Current 93's ouevres included-- I can't think of a three-minute pop song offering a similiar effect."

RELEASE (lyrics by Dubin): I've got a bone to pick Maybe it's yours Someone said If you worked hard enough Ran fast enough Learned enough You would amount to something Fail Trying is not enough I'll hold you way too long It's cold when I touch you A release And everything you are is on the ground Broken open and spilling Leaves soak they drink You are blood That's all Fail Trying is not enough I'll hold you way too long It's cold when I'm near you A release And everything you are is on the ground You are blood That's all Blood Fail Trying is not enough I'll hold you way too long It's cold when you're down Release And everything you are is on the ground Broken, opened and spilling Leaves soak they drink You are blood That's all Fail Trying is not enough I dragged you too far down It's cold when I release blood A release And everything you are is on the ground Broken open and spilling Leaves soak they drink Blood Fail Trying is not enough I held you way too long It's cold when I'm near you A release And everything you are is on the ground And everything you are is broken Opened and spoiled the body Fail Trying is not enough And there I am above you I won't let go It's cold when you are down It's cold when I touch you And there I am above you Opened and spoiled You were blood nothing more Leaves were soaked You were blood that's all Opened and spoiled the body You are blood nothing more It's cold when I release blood It's cold when you're down I'll hold you way too long I won't let go It's cold when birds fall from the sky It's cold when I'm near you Fail Trying is not enough 

18 12 2013

ULVER February/April/May 2014 tour poster


Don't miss them... apparently their set will be a selection from all of their albums, early days to present, in rock format lineup.

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