20 09 2013

RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi (1927-2013)


Hiroshi Yamauchi, former president of Nintendo, died in Japan this morning. Yamauchi, who succeeded his grandfather, Sekiryo Kaneda (Yamauchi), was the last of the Yamauchi family to helm the gaming giant. He was 85.

Yamauchi was born in 1927 in Kyoto. Raised by his mother and grandparents, his career and studies were put on hold by World War II. Although he was too young to fight, he began working at a factory to help the war effort. After the war, he attended Waseda University, but dropped out after his grandfather had a stroke and was unable to lead their family playing-card business, Yamauchi Nintendo Ltd.

Nintendo was founded in 1889 by Yamauchi’s great-grandfather Fusajiro Yamauchi, as a hanafuda playing-card manufacturer that specialized in a Japanese-style playing card that circumvented the Japanese embargo on western goods. Hanafuda became a popular step-in for poker sets in gambling dens in Japan, and Nintendo continued to produce these cards from their native Kyoto for many years.

Ten years into Hiroshi Yamauchi’s presidency at Nintendo, he struck a licensing deal with Walt Disney to create cards based on his characters. This was good for business as the characters and cards became very popular. On a business trip to scout potential partners in the west, Yamauchi came to Cincinnati to visit the US Playing Card Company, famous for their Bee, Bicycle 808, and Aviator brands. After seeing the relatively small scale of the offices and printing press that the largest card company operated, Yamauchi returned to Japan convinced to expand Nintendo’s business.

In the 60s, Nintendo began designing and producing electronic toys, love hotels, and dehydrated noodle packets, but it wasn’t until the 70s that they began working on videogames. After several derivative products, like the Magnavox Odyssey-esque Color TV Game 6, the company set out to enter the US market by creating arcade cabinets. While very successful in Japan, none of the early Nintendo cabinets gained much traction overseas. After the failure of RadarScope, a game that had already gone through manufacturing, Nintendo suddenly found themselves with hundreds of cabinets sitting in the Nintendo of America warehouse in Redmond, Washington, and a game people wouldn’t play.

Yamauchi turned to Shigeru Miyamoto, at the time an artist at the company, to design a game using the same components of RadarScope and that could be easily swapped out for more popular software. Miyamoto and his team created Donkey Kong, which became very popular and led the way for Nintendo’s name becoming synonymous with videogames for the next thirty years. He also became the first foreign owner of a US baseball team, buying the Seattle Mariners. He eventually sold the team to Nintendo of America in 2004.

Yamauchi led Nintendo through the early 2000s with the launch of the GameCube, before retiring in 2002 and passing the reigns on to Satoru Iwata, an artist and producer and former president of HAL Laboratories, a second-party Nintendo studio that made Balloon Fight, EarthBound/Mother, and the Kirby games.

With a slow ease out of office, Yamauchi was active at Nintendo until 2005, when he left the board of directors. He donated 7.5 billion yen to build a cancer treatment center in Kyoto. He watched Nintendo go on to great success with the Nintendo Wii, a product Nintendo would not have released had Yamauchi not expanded the business some 60 years ago. He is largely responsible for Nintendo’s gigantic business, its indelible mark on popular culture, and bringing on the people who are more recognizable Nintendo names today. As of April 2013, Yamauchi was estimated to be the thirteenth richest man in Japan, and the 491st richest in the world with a networth of $2.1 billion USD.

He was said to be a tough, but sensitive man, with a raspy voice. Despite owning a baseball team, he was a man with very little interest in the sport. He had been married for over 60 years to his wife, Michiko, with whom he raised three children. He passed away from complications of pneumonia, and is survived by his wife and three children.

18 09 2013

Richard Serra - Talks with Charlie Rose 2007 and 2001

"My work is: Mouvement through space." Very inspiring, great talk during the retrospective of Richard Serras work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York 2007.

18 09 2013

20th September Trieste solo concert CANCELLED

"Due to an unforeseen and serious medical situation with someone very close to me I have to cancel my trip to Trieste and the concert this Friday. I apologize to the fans, Mike and THE SECRET and GRIME. I hope you understand that while I was really looking forward to this but life demands I take this decision. Hope to have another opportunity to play Trieste very soon. Kind regards SOMA"

18 09 2013

Web Eye Candy finds week 38




































One day, Mahler was climbing the banks of a mountain stream with another musician. His friend, in a lugubrious mood, lamented that no more great music was being written. After Beethoven, Wagner, Bruckner and Mahler, nothing new of significance could be expected.Suddenly, Mahler stood rooted to the ground in an attitude of mock alarm. He gestured in consternation to the stream and cried, “Great God, look there !”

“What is it ?” asked his anxious friend.

“The last wave,” was Mahler’s reply.




One day, two men were walking on a bridge that crossed a small stream. One man represented the musical past, while the other represented the future, the radical, unpredictable future. The two men were discussing the disconcerting or conversely promising direction of new music. One was deeply pessimistic, envisioning a gloomy future for great music. The other was naively hopeful, youthfully candid. The two men were Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler. Brahms was the old, grumpy master, the great classicist; Mahler was the young, fervid modernist. While the old master was ranting at everything new, declaring that all the great works in music have already been composed, Mahler mischievously pointed to a ripple in the water on the stream below and uttered, “Look, there goes the last wave!” What was stated with a sense of sarcasm actually illustrates an important, and often forgotten point. Music, as Brahms reluctantly admitted, has no beginning or end.

11 09 2013

EMILIE DING "The Walk" exhibition, Galerie Samy Abraham PAris


The Walk
12.09 - 02.11.2013

La galerie est très heureuse de vous convier au vernissage de l'exposition de Emilie Ding le jeudi 12 septembre à partir de 17h.
The gallery is very pleased to invite you to the opening of Emilie Ding's solo exhibition on Thursday 12 September from 5 pm.

Toutes les galeries de Belleville vernissent le même soir!
All the Belleville galleries open the same evening!


Galerie Samy Abraham
43 rue Ramponeau
75020 Paris
+33 1 43 58 04 16

Ouverture du mercredi au samedi 11h / 19h et sur rendez-vous
Open from Wednesday till Saturday 11am / 7pm or by appointment

11 09 2013






11 09 2013

Antisolar ∞ endless loop cassette series



From: http://www.kasseljaeger.com/antisolar-series/

Antisolar ∞ series is a small-run endless loop cassettes label.

The artists invited present a piece specially designed for this format.



These cassettes are handmade one by one. It's a lo-fi product. These type of cassette may not work on every cassette deck since they have no sprocket/teeth. (it should work fine on a vintage two-head design cassette deck. But, for example, it doesn't work on Nakamichi LX-3 or Tascam 122 mkIII). The cassette is meant to last around 10,000 cycles = 500 hours. But you never know. A tape is a tape.

10 copies is not much. But it takes a lot of time to build them.

The cassettes will be available exclusively here.
Only one copy per person.
The release date will be only announced here.

Antisolar ∞ 1 Kassel Jaeger "Endorheism"
Antisolar ∞ 2 Stephen O'Malley "Escalade"
Antisolar ∞ 3 Discipline "Telex #2"
Antisolar ∞ 4 TBA
Antisolar ∞ 5 TBA
Antisolar ∞ 6 TBA
Antisolar ∞ 7 TBA


09 09 2013

AUTUMN 2013 TOUR DATES (SUNN O))), KTL, Gisèle Vienne, solo, collaborations, etc)





Have been fortunate to have many offers this autumn and will (likely) have 28 performances before the end of the year. 
Please come out and see, listen and feel some heavy psychedelics! Thank you for the support!

14.09 – Stephen O’Malley (solo) / Yoni Silver and guests / Lovers Ritual / Valerinne
Control Club, Bucharest, Romania
15.09 – Iancu Dumitrescu (conducted by Ilan Volkov w/ Hyperion Ensemble & Stephen O’Malley)
Sala “Mihail Jora” a Societăţii Române de Radiodifuziune / Enescu Festival, Bucharest, Romania
20.09 – Stephen O’Malley (solo) / The Secret / Grime
Etnoblog, Trieste, Italy
03.10 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Festival Actoral, Marseille, France
04.10 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Festival Actoral, Marseille, France
05.10 – THIS IS HOW YOU WILL DISAPPEAR (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
10.10 – KTL
Splendid Palace Cinema / Skaņu Mežs, Riga, Latvia
16.10 – "Sounds like a Movie" with Stephen O'Malley, Julian Sartorius, Camilla Sparksss, Field Studies, Al Comet
Carte blanche au Bad Bonn / Centre Cultural Suisse, Paris, France
18.10 – Stephen O’Malley (solo) / Thurston Moore / Maja Ratkje
Carte blanche au Bad Bonn / Centre Cultural Suisse, Paris, France
21.10 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Festival Météor / BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway
22.10 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Festival Météor / BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway
25.10 – Stephen O’Malley (solo) as part of Gast Bouschet and Nadien Hilbert's TEMPESTARII film/exhibition
A Touch Of Noir Festival / CCR Opderschmelz, Dudelange, Luxembourg
27.10 – Alvin Lucier “Criss Cross” (electric guitar duo w/ Oren Ambarchi & Stephen O’Malley)
Musée du Louvre, Paris, France
*29.10 – Richard Pinhas, Oren Ambarchi & Stephen O’Malley Trio
Instants Chavires, Montreuil, France (TBC)
*7.11  Stephen O’Malley (solo) / John Duncan / Bill Orcutt
Nefertiti, Gothernburg, Sweden (TBC)
*8.11  Stephen O’Malley (solo) / John Duncan / Mats Gustafsson
Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden (TBC)
14.11 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Dansen Hus, Stockholm, Sweden
15.11 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Dansen Hus, Stockholm, Sweden
20.11 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Festival NEXT / La Rose des Vents, Villeneuve d’Asq, France
21.11 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Festival NEXT / La Rose des Vents, Villeneuve d’Asq, France
23.11 – Stephen O’Malley (solo) / JK Flesh / Monarch
Le confort moderne / Association L’Oreille est Hardie, Potiers, France
3.12 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Automne en Normandie, Le Cadran, Evreux France
*6.12  Stephen O’Malley (solo) 
Sao Paulo, Brazil (TBC)
*7.12  Stephen O’Malley (solo) 
Novas Frequências 2013. / Oi Futuro Ipanema Theater, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (TBC)
*12.12 – SUNN O)))
Belgium (TBC)
13.12 – SUNN O)))
State-X New Forms, Den Haag, Netherlands
13.12 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne) Stephen O'Malley will not perform live at this presentation
Kaaitheatre, Bruxelles, Belgium
14.12 – THE PYRE (directed by Gisèle Vienne)
Kaaitheatre, Bruxelles, Belgium
09 09 2013

«A l’est de l’enfer» by Matthieu Canaguier screenings at this weeks l’Étrange Festival, Paris.


Aluk Todolo bassist Matthieu Canaguier's film about black metal in Indonesia screens twice this week in Paris at L'etrange festival.


Avec Tony (RitualOrchestra), Erik (Dry), Andung (Sacrifice), Surabaya BlackMetalDivision, Hellvete , Blasphemer , Sekar Mayat, Rajam , Wisik 
Documentaire l France l vosta l 2013
45 min l Couleur

Surabaya, Indonésie, labyrinthe de fer et de béton. Au cœur du chaos urbain, toute une jeune génération se rassemble et réinvente le Black Metal, mêlant les codes occidentaux aux croyances magiques. À travers le parcours de trois membres de cette scène, nous découvrons une musique vivante, cathartique, à la fois blasphématoire et sacrée. Réalisateur issu de la formation documentaire de Lussas, Matthieu Canaguier est également bassiste du groupe d’“occult rock” Aluk Todolo et participe à des projets musicaux mêlant Black Metal et expérimentations bruitistes (Diamatregon,Obscure). À l’Est de l’Enfer est son premier film.
09 09 2013

SUNN O))) Spotting


Kim Thayil i Soundgarden in OSLO 8th Sept 2013. Foto: Tom Øverlie, NRK P3


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