10 08 2013

GQ: "Papa" BY SEAN FLYNN James Brown sex and postmortem


"Papa" BY SEAN FLYNN: reat article from 2008 GQ mag about Godfather James Brown's sex life, and his postmortem financial legacy/mess


"And those five women are like grains of sand on a very wide beach. Mr. Brown had an insatiable appetite for women that was at least as pathological as it was sexual. "You'd have to grow up in a whorehouse to understand how James Brown felt about women," one of his confidants says, which is apt because Mr. Brown did, in fact, grow up in a whorehouse. His mother walked out on his father when he was 4, and two years later, he was sent to live in his aunt Honey's brothel in Augusta. He shined shoes for the soldiers from Fort Gordon, danced for nickels and pennies they'd flip at his feet, watched them shamble into Aunt Honey's to fuck the women, watched them shuffle back out.

When Mr. Brown grew up, when he was a famous performer touring the world forty, fifty weeks a year, he fucked a lot of women. That is a deliberate term, fucked, because Mr. Brown was not a man who made love or even had sex. Mr. Brown fucked. "He did not know about the soft," a longtime friend says. A lot of times, he'd let one of his cronies deal with the preliminaries, make small talk with a girl, get her a drink, keep her company. "She ready?" he'd ask. "I ain't got no time now. Make sure she ready." He'd hop on, roll off. Straight missionary, straight to the point. He never saw a reason for much else. "Why's a white man eat a woman?" he once asked a white friend. "What's he get outta that?" Hell, the man was in his sixties before he discovered doggy style on the Playboy Channel. He called up Roosevelt Johnson at three in the morning to tell him about it. "You sittin' down, Mr. Johnson?" he asked, which is what he always said when he had an astonishing new fact to report. "Black man don't know nothing. Black man don't know a damned thing. A white man, he get up in his woman from behind." Johnson pretended to be surprised by that. ("You had to go there with him," he says, "because you didn't know anything Mr. Brown didn't know.")"

Read the full article here:


And this great 1988 CNN interview:

10 08 2013

I love my records



08 08 2013

New designs/releases on IDEOLOGIC ORGAN: SOMA003 Iancu Dumitrescu LP & SOMA017 Ai Aso LP



Looking forward to the next 2 releases later this year on my Ideologic Organ imprint (via Editions Mego), and here are their sleeves...

SOMA003 Iancu Dumitrescu "Pierres Sacrées / Hazard and Tectonics" LP (October 2013) 
SOMA017 Ai Aso "Live over again" LP (December 2013)

We've just released SOMA016 Ákos Rózmann "Images of the Dream and Death" 3LP this week, and SOMA012 Okkyung Lee "Ghil" LP (recently released in June) has been receiving a great reception!

You can order both of those titles and a few of the remaining pieces of the rest of the catalogue, and find more information on Ideologic Organ here:


Thank you very much for your attention and support with this endeavor.

08 08 2013

New designs for REGRM (Bayle 3LP) & Black Truffle (Ambarchi & Tilbury LP)



Been blessed with sole great summer design commissions and I'm proud to be able to work on these sleeves for these incredible composers. Thank you REGRM and BLACK TRUFFLE.

Cover photo on BT010 by Shunichiro Okada.

07 08 2013

Joshua Carro's 2013 arr. of BIG CHURCH by Sunn O​)​)​) for electric guitar and full orchestra.

Joshua Carro's statement:

This was part of a project I did while finishing my Masters at CalArts in 2012. This is for Stephen O'Malley, Greg Anderson, and Attila Csihar


from New Transcriptions and Arrangments, released 31 July 2013
composed by Sunn O)))

transcribed and arranged by joshua carro
conducted by Andreas Levisianos
performed by Marcus Rubio (electric guitar) Max Kutner (guitar) and the CalArts Orchestra

01 08 2013

SUNN spotting: DICTATORS @ CBGB sometime between 77-79


Thanks to DJ TEETH for the tip who says "I believe that's Ross the Boss from Manowar far right.Pretty sure that's Mark "The Animal" Mendoza (from Twisted Sister) on bass."

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