16 04 2013

That's what I'm talking about... Thai backline. So good. ขุนนรินทร์พิณซิ่ง8.mp4


สนจัยติดต่อได้ที่ 0875257883 คุณพ่อริน ล่มสัก หรือ http://www.facebook.com/pages/ขุนนริทร์ศิลป์พิณประยุกต์/268450113232690

15 04 2013

BURZUM tshirt model


A friend sent me this amusing and nostalgic scan from Misanthropy Records Newsletter/mailorder catalogue 1997. Just had arrived fresh and youthful in Hadlegh, Suffolk, eager to work as art director for the label. First professional job of any substance which led to many things.

This one goes out to all of the close minded and idiotic "anti-fascists" who have me on their god-damn nazi internet blacklists. Have been insulted by you too many times... without one drop of actual conversation over the years. You are some of the most narrow minded. Fuck off and die, morons!

14 04 2013

GRAVETEMPLE & RUSSELL HASWELL photos from Oto 13th April 013



photos by Cal Beaney

14 04 2013

Correct Sound Tube Beta Hybrid custom guitar preamplifier unit








This combines the preamplifier section of a SUNN O))) Model T with the preamplifier section of a SUNN O))) BETA BASS. They can be run in series or independently. Made by Correct Sound, Russia.

12 04 2013
12 04 2013

GRAVETEMPLE "Cosmic Urn" Orgone Studio London recording session shots






Great last few days in Orgone Studios in London recording with GRAVETEMPLE... Jaime Gomez Arellano 
as engineer (and pictured) fucking slays!!!! www.orgonestudios.com

Playing 2 sets in OTO this weekend, then 4AD / Diksmiude, SONIC PROTEST FESTIVAL in Paris and ROADBURN.

Prepare to GLAVE.

09 04 2013

T2 - album of my last few months




This album getting a lot of play around these parts when home the few times last months. 1970 gem.

(plus Japanese bonus image: SABBATH announce 2013 tour... killer poster)

09 04 2013

KTL loves Alsace


... to those celebrating today in Kenya & UK

Photo: Le badass Jérôme Tuncer

08 04 2013

New SOMA interviews published April 2013



ATTN:Magazine interview by Jack Cuter 
MUSIQUE MACHINE interview by Russell Cuzner

Thanks to the press folks who have given me time the last month to promote the ENSEMBLE PEARL record and the IDEOLOGIC ORGAN label... and generally allowed me to yammer... on and on, blah blah blah, yadda yadda.

The support is much appreciated, and we are pleased that the music is gaining the attentions.

Photo: Randall Dunn

08 04 2013

ENSEMBLE PEARL reviewed in New York Times




The new, self-titled album from Ensemble Pearl (from left, Stephen O’Malley, Atsuo, Michio Kurihara and William Herzog) features members of the Japanese bands Boris and Ghost. It is graceful and sometimes more uncompromisingly static than its predecessor.

Published: April 5, 2013


Here’s what you do with the slow, beguiling, long-game album byEnsemble Pearl (Drag City), which has no discernible leader and no singer, and seems less like a band or a recording project than an orchestrated celestial episode, or at least a planetarium show waiting to happen. Get it in your headphones; gain entry to the highest rooftop or elevated land mass in your area. Begin Track 1. Extend both arms over your head and turn your receptors on fully. You are a spire, receiver and radiator. Make a significant gesture with your hands and hold it.

The album is a set of pieces for drum set, gongs, electric guitar and electric bass, violin and viola, and in one case the single note of a piano. You hear composed notes and chords and durations, but more important and scary, you hear atmosphere, dark and precise and blown out, arranged by the band and produced by Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))). This music is philosophical, leading you directly toward metaphor; it’s also ambient, head-clearing music. It’s about acoustic weight and echo and cycles of vibrating sound: often two lines of guitar hum and feedback, fat and thin, cresting and dipping together or sometimes carefully crisscrossing in opposite tonal arcs, shaped with pitch-bending and volume pedals; drums, played by Atsuo, of the Japanese band Boris, with soft and even finality; and ambient deep-background drips of keyboard. The guitarists are Mr. O’Malley and Michio Kurihara, the great soloist from the Japanese band Ghost, and their difference indicates the breadth of tone on this record: Mr. O’Malley’s broad, bottom-end, center-of-the-earth guitar sound offsets Mr. Kurihara’s trebly, pointed and occasionally screamy one. If you’ve responded positively to Sunn O))), you’ll most likely feel good about this record, though it is a different experience — often more graceful and regular in rhythm, and sometimes more uncompromisingly static. (If you like Tangerine Dream’s 1972 album, “Zeit,” and the earliest and slowest Black Sabbath, and maybe even sounds of weather and fire, you might find something useful here too.) Set aside a full hour. Prepare yourself with the knowledge that everything in the world subsides, and nothing adds up.


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