30 12 2012

SOMA end of 2012 playlist/viewlist

I love the great indoors in winter.
Mayumi Miyata "Sho Cosmos" CD
Tamami Tono "Ryuichi Sakamoto presents: sonority of Japan Breathing Media" 2CD
Aki Onda "South of The Border" CD
Toru Takemitsu "Arc & Green" CD
alva noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto "revep" CD
Hojokaidan "Zouroko No Kibyou (30th anniversary edition" 2CD
Anthony Taillard "Music for trees #1 Abstract figuration" CD 
Luc Ferrari "Presque Rien" 2LP
Edgar Varèse "Early Works" LP
Annette Peacock "I'm the one" 2LP
Heldon "Èlectronique Guerilla" LP +7"
Syd Barrett "The Madcap Laughs" LP
Om "Advaitic Songs" 2LP
Diminished Men "Capnomancy" LP
Head Of The Demon LP
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa "Góda Nótt" LP
"The Game" David Fincher
"Heaven's Gate" Michael Cimino
"Possession" Andrzej Zulawski
"The Adjuster" Atom Egoyan
"Onibaba" Kaneto Shindo
"Pigs Pimps & Prostitutes" box ("Pigs And Battleships", "Intentions Of Murder", "The INsect Woman") Shohei Imamura
"Altered States" Ken Russell
... and... and...
30 12 2012

Clive Hicks-Jenkins "maquettes"


"I've developed a technique of making three-dimensional, articulated paper maquettes as part of my preparation for painting at the easel. These fragile little works are pieced together quickly from thin card, cut and then worked in frottage, monoprint, conté crayon and acrylic. The puppets are held together with hidden, brass paper fasteners. They're my way of 'playing' before I start the serious work of painting. After the maquette stage, come the drawings, of which I make many, then the painted studies, and finally, if the subject matter survives the process, the paintings. My studio is usually full of maquettes. I find them to be essential to the process of preparation. Sometimes they swarm across the walls, changing daily as I add and subtract elements. Any visitor might be misled into believing that I'm an animator rather than a painter. 

Clive Hicks-Jenkins. 2008"

30 12 2012

Masami Teraoka

Sarah and Dream Octopus (New Wave Series, 1992, watercolor on paper 20" x 30")
Sarah and Writhing Octopus (New Wave Series, 1992, watercolor on paper 22.75" x 30")
Eight Condom Fantasy (New Wave Series, 1992, watercolor on paper 22.5" x 30")


"My McDonald's Hamburgers Invading Japan and 31 Flavors Invading Japan Series in the 1970's and AIDS Series in the 1980's reflect my cultural heritage from Japan. The Ukiyo-e or wood block print tradition represents my cultural identity. Geisha and samurai images I use are a way to depict traditional-thinking Japanese people.

After the 1980's financial bubble burst, decades of Japanese affluence took a nosedive. In the early 1990's, Japanese culture declined along with the economy. It was as if the country lost all of her momentum. This became a major impetus for me to shift my focus from Japan to the United States. I realized that Japanese were going back to their rigid traditional molds- such as young girls serving tea at the office- rather than the blossoming I'd seen where young women were able to work freelance jobs to support traveling around the world on vacation. 

This was also a time when I marked having lived longer in the United States than in my birth country of Japan, I felt that my departure time from Japanese themes in Ukiyo-e style had arrived. I looked for a new challenge. I shifted my focus from Japan to the United States, towards Europe and the world. This new set of sociopolitical and cultural issues demanded a more painterly and rich textural surface than the transparent watercolor I had been using. I felt my media had to be something more expressive in order to bring out the complexity of volatile national and international issues.

- Masami Teraoka with Lynda Hess"



30 12 2012

SUNMACHINE - Sonic Devices, Allemagne


Came across this botique effects creator from Berlin recently. 

Much homage to the O))). Love the look of the zombie pedals!

Havent tried these out myself, or even heard them. One description...

"FUZZ O))): A while ago a customer asked for a device that would bring him close to the monolithic Sound of drone legend SUNN O))). I suggested some pedals and we agreed on a dark meathead. After some minor changes to the original circuit, the implementation of a low pass filter and three switchable input caps (dark and deluxe specs + ultra evil) which increase the amount of low end let through the circuit, I found the outcome to be quite convincing. At least it does sound like a southern-lord-in-a-box ..."


Guess this is a disclosure moment; my secret O))) formula: TB1000S (.74 string on bottom, drop A tuning) + TUNER via phase wizard + Keeley Mod Rats + NOS TOS APPROVED TUBES (in vintage O))) Model Ts) + 30w speakers in custom 412 cabinets (x3) (+1 Ameg SVT VR amp & 810 sidecar).

Thanks to all gear nerds out there.

30 12 2012
29 12 2012

design for new PAUL CORLEY album

hvalur15 PAUL CORLEY "Disquiet" CD/LP

With such great imagery to work with (cast by Max Goodman and photos by Alexander Gehring) it was pretty hard to fuck this design up. Bedroom Community was a real pleasure to work with. Thank you.


29 12 2012

design for new AKRON / FAMILY album

DOC078 AKRON / FAMILY "Sub Verses" 2LP/CD

Thanks to AKRON people, it was a pleasure to work on this with you.


29 12 2012

2 new designs for Oren Ambarchi's BLACK TRUFFLE imprint

BT08 Merzbow & Oren Ambarchi "Cat's Squirrel" LP 2013
BT09 Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke & Oren Ambarchi "now     while it's still warm     let us pour in     all the mystery" LP 2013

Great to collaborate with Shun Okada and his photography on this and the other recent BT titles!


25 12 2012

GRAVETEMPLE 2013 bio, tourdates, photos, etc

GRAVETEMPLE was formed in 2006 as a side-project of the band SUNN O))) by Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O'Malley and Attila Csihar. The group formed initially to be able to tour in Israel summer 2006, creating several recordings which eventually became "The Holy Down" album, which released on Southern Lord recordings in 2007. At the time of the Israel tour, the 2006 Lebanon War started and was in action. In Summer 2008 the trio reformed together with Australian drummer Matt "Skitz" Sanders for a short European tour culminating at a headlining performance at Supersonic Festival in Birmingham. In late 2009 the original trio reconvened for a special one-off concert at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts. April 2013 marks the first set of live action since that period, and a new chapter in the ongoing system of the related network. GRAVETEMPLE clearly adapted the aspects more abstract and experimental related to SUNN O))) and has continued from that point, with continued ongoing focus on metaphysical construction of free music and will.

The Holy Down (Southern Lord, CD 2007) 
Ambient/Ruin (self released demo, CDR 2008) 
Le Vampire de Paris (self released CD 2009)
Ambient/Ruin (Ideologic Organ, 2LP 2013)

Cosmic Urn 2013
April 13th Cafe Oto, London
April 14th Cafe Oto, London
April 16th 4AD, Diksmuide
April 17th Sonic Protest festival @ La Dynamo, Paris/Pantin
April 18th Roadburn Festival @ 013 , Tilburg

Photo credits: GRAVETEMPLE/ICA by Tom Madwell
Booking: ODYSSEY BOOKING/Vincent Royers (avail throughout 2013)



25 12 2012
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