23 07 2012

v/a HANS TRAPP 7" (art alert)


Hans Trapp / Bugaboo Rcds

41 bands on an orange 7 inch.
Each band had 10 seconds to express themselves.
Curated by Guillaume Siffert, Nine Yamamoto-Masson & Christian Gfeller.
The record comes in a 2 colours silkscreen fold-out poster.
Limited to 320 ex, numbered.

Bands:  Stephen O'Malley, Lucky Dragons, Xper Xr, Erin Budd, Aids Wolf, Jean-Louis Costes, Charles Edward Cheese Band, Valentina Vuksic, Troller, Stellar Om Source, Pierre Belouin, Gtuk, Government, Alpha, Skadden, Pataphisics, Arnaud Rivière, Night Music, Adan de la Garza, Martin Ain, M oha!, Lasse Marhaug, Evol, M.E.S.H, William Strangeland, Vom Grillll, Torturing Nurse, Buke & Gass, Mr Marcaille, Ruben Patino, Antoine Chessex, NHKyx, Mick Barr, Lot Lizard, Der Tapeman, Slugbug, Dubknowdub, Hecate, The Feeling of Love, Marcel Du Swamp, Justice Yeldham & L'Ocelle Mare.

Price: 11 € - incl. shipping in Europe !
13,45 € incl. World Wide shipping


23 07 2012

Woody Guthrie's fan-letter to John Cage



21 07 2012

NIRVANA live January 23rd, 1988 (full set) w/ Dale Crover on drums

January 23rd, 1988
Tacoma, WA
@ Community World Theater
Total run time: 49:59
Recorded by: unknown

19 07 2012

Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan in Concert in NYC! SUNDAY JULY 22, 5PM & WEDNESDAY AUGUST 1, 8PM


If you are in NYC on Sunday do yourself a favor and DO NOT MISS THIS CONCERT. It will move you in ways you really need to be moved.

Sunday, July 22nd, 5:00pm
Wednesday, August 1st, 8:00pm

The Music Room

2 Hindustani Vocal Concerts by
Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan

Nitin Mitta - Tabla
Mahdu Vora - Harmonium
Kedar Naphade - Harmonium

Residence - 312 West 104 Street, NYC 10025
Tickets: $70, $50, $45, $30

17 07 2012

Jazz crossing the Hudson. Hendrix stack action and old SUNN PA.





14 07 2012

Russian handmade - Nataly Vladimirskaya recovered owls of participants SUNN O)))


У меня даже дроун-дум-метал мимими получается. Леша, я за них могу полцарства попросить. Подумай, готов ли ты!

12 07 2012

宮田まゆみ (Mayumi Miyata) 星の輪 宮田まゆみ笙の世界 (Sho Cosmos)


Entranced by this work around the sho.
"Music for sho and harp" 16:26 a particular favorite

宮田まゆみ (Mayumi Miyata)
星の輪 宮田まゆみ笙の世界 (Sho Cosmos)
CBS/Sony Japan CD, 1986

Otherworldly avant-garde and traditional pieces for the Gagaku mouth organ instrument the sho, played by the modern virtuoso of the instrument, Mayumi Miyata. My 320 rip and scans.


—Root Strata blog January 25 2012

09 07 2012

I wish this was real


Sadly, Steve Moore seems to be missing from this amusing concept.


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