31 05 2012

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30 05 2012



Pete Cosey, largely known for playing guitar with Miles Davis between 1973 and 1975, died today at age 68. Before joining Davis’ band he was a session guitarist with Chess Records, playing on records by Etta James, Rotary Connection, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters.



Chicago Reader OBIT

Chicago guitar genius Pete Cosey dead at 68
Posted by Peter Margasak today at 12.26 PM

Guitar fans have had a rough couple of days. Yesterday brilliant folk and country guitarist Doc Watson died at age 89. This morning, according to the private Facebook page of fellow guitarist and collaborator Vernon Reid, Chicago's own Pete Cosey died at 68. Obituaries and remembrances for Watson have already appeared all over, and deservedly so—few instrumentalists so completely absorbed America's folk and country traditions, and fewer still brought such quiet virtuosity to them. Watson was a key catalyst in the folk revival after his discovery by producer Ralph Rinzler in 1960.

Pete Cosey, on the other hand, was a classic musician's musician; he's not especially well-known, though he played on tons of classic records. As such, word of his passing is traveling rather more slowly.

Cosey was a key session musician at Chess Records in the 60s, appearing on sides by Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, the Rotary Connection, and Etta James, and he worked with the great Phil Cohran in the latter's Artistic Heritage Ensemble. He's probably most famous, though (to the extent that he's famous at all), for his mind-melting work with Miles Davis in the early 70s: he played on the trumpeter's heaviest, most electric albums, includingAgharta, Pangaea, and Get Up With It. After Davis broke up the band in 1975 and went into semi-retirement, Cosey was never able to build the solo career he so richly deserved. He used his guitar like an abstract expressionist painter, creating thick, richly textured solos with fierce rhythmic power, dazzling colors, and nonchalant violence. He continued to appear on records here and there, including Herbie Hancock's Future Shock and an album with Japanese saxophonist Akira Sakata, but he always seemed to be planning his own next project, which never quite materialized.

I've written two columns about Cosey during my tenure at the Reader, one in 1997 and one in 2003, and the interviews I had with him over the years were some of the most enjoyable, cordial, and informative I've ever conducted. Cosey had remarkable recall, peppering every talk we had with fascinating, hilarious anecdotes. Below you can check out a clip of him with Davis in 1973—he's the seated guy with the large beard and cool shades. When his playing (on a 12-string!) kicks in at the five-minute mark, prepare to be blown away.

29 05 2012

Glenn Jones: Tiny Desk Concert: NPR


Beautiful playing. Click below to watch the 20 minute set


27 05 2012

"The House is Black" (1963) by Forough Farrokhzad

The House is Black is an acclaimed Iranian documentary short film directed by Forough Farrokhzad.
The film is a look at life and suffering in a leper colony and focuses on the human condition and the beauty of creation. It is spliced with Farrokhzad's narration of quotes from the Old Testament, the Koran and her own poetry. It was the only film she directed before her death in 1967. During the shooting she became attached to a child of two lepers, whom she later adopted.

Although the film attracted little attention outside Iran when released, it has since been recognised as a landmark in Iranian film. Reviewer Eric Henderson described the film; "One of the prototypal essay films, The House is Black paved the way for the Iranian New Wave.

25 05 2012

Vintage ventriloquism portraits







More here:


So, we are in Lofoten because Gisèle is showing "Jerk" at Stamsund Festival here.
Yes, puppeteers are strange. 

25 05 2012

SUNN O))) Hoboken Fort8 flyer



25 05 2012

Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang live at The Stone in NYC 29th May


"Sanjaya the Sceptic" for Robert Jenkins

Jessika Kenney vocal Eyvind Kang viola
5/29 Tuesday 8 p.m.
the Stone, NYC
corner of ave C and 2nd street

24 05 2012

Pardon pour nos péchés, French Catholics against SUNN O))) (and other bands') performance at Hellfest


This is a first... according to these well-informed and open minded "anti-Hellfest" people we are performing a "black mass" are propogating The Church of Satan, Hitler and Crowley with our music. Usual first-stage extreme music smear tactics. Not sure of the authors but seems to be the far-right and anti-cultural French political party (mention of dipping into the taxpayers pockets, etc) who themselves propogate racism, anti-immigration, destruction of cultural bodies, etc.



Sainte Vierge Marie,

Pardon pour nos péchés,

En ce monde où votre Fils est sans cesse sacrifié sur l’autel de la rentabilité économique, de la démagogie et du relativisme,
Alors que le prince de ce monde se montre de plus en plus puissant au point d’aveugler s’il était possible les fils de la lumière,
Nous venons implorer votre maternelle protection pour nous et pour tous ceux qui croient en Jésus qui est le chemin, la vérité, et la vie.
Nous vous prions aussi pour ceux qui, aveuglés par l’appât du gain ou attirés par le pouvoir maléfique de l’enfer, ne sont plus capables de discerner la vérité du mensonge, le beau du laid, le bien du mal.
Nous vous en supplions portez à votre Fils nos prières et supplications à cause de tout le mal qui sera fait pendant les 3 jours du festival de l’enfer. Avec nous, redites-Lui les paroles qu’Il a lui-même prononcées sur la croix : « Père, pardonnez-leur, ils ne savent pas ce qu’ils font »

Vierge puissante, priez pour nous.

Je vous salue Marie (ter)

Saint Michel Archange, défendez-nous dans le combat ; soyez notre secours contre la malice et les embûches du démon. Que Dieu lui fasse sentir son empire, nous vous en supplions. Et vous, Prince de la milice céleste, repoussez en enfer, par la force divine, Satan et les autres esprits mauvais qui rôdent dans le monde en vue de perdre les âmes. Ainsi soit-il.

24 05 2012

Lofoten night 1 & day 2: Moskenesøya and Vestvågøy







Pics: Gisèle Vienne

24 05 2012

KTL & Pussy Riot in Czech newspaper



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