30 04 2012

Another summer release on IDEOLOGIC ORGAN: SOMA009 / Keiji Haino / Stephen O'Malley / Oren Ambarchi NAZORANAI // なぞらない 2LP

SOMA009 /  Keiji Haino / Stephen O'Malley / Oren Ambarchi
NAZORANAI // なぞらない

中心の決意が 自分の中で 何度も何度も何度も 砕け散る事に 限りない歓びを 覚えよ
feel the ultimate joy towards the resolve of pillar being shattered within you again and again and again

近づくのが 歓びではなく 聖なる狂気と 呼ばれてしまうものも やっと現れてきた 
not a joy to come closer but so-called a sacred insanity has finally appeared

少しだけ くぐもってきた
君の その挑戦状を 新たに 磨き直して 何かに捧げよう 
getting a bit blurry
brush up your cartel and devote it to something

自分の 外で輝いている光に 全てを託すのではなく 自分の中に 在り続けている「どうしたい?」という祈りに気づき
それを光として 自分の外に 導きださなければ もっと悪くなってしまうよ 
not to leave everything to the light outside of you but to be aware of the prayer \'what do i want to do?\'
that exists inside of you, and let that go out of you as a light, or things might get worse, no?

Keiji Haino (guitar, vocals & synth), Stephen O’Malley (bass guitar) & Oren Ambarchi (battery).

Recorded by Chris Fullard at Gâité Lyrique, Paris 8th November 2011.
Edited by Oren Ambarchi in Sydney January 2012.
Mixed by Joe Talia & Oren Ambarchi at Chinatown, Melbourne 8th February 2012.
Mastered by Joe Talia at Chinatown, Melbourne 17th April 2012.
Vinyl cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin April 2012.

Artwork: Lars Teichmann “Bathing Girls” & “Nymphos” (detail, 2010, photos by Annette Apel), “Fever” (2010, photo by Martino Gerosa).

28 04 2012

Technical rider 2011

(courtesy of Massimo/Zu)



1)    If the gig happens in winter, please DO NOT use any heating at the
       club or in the sleeping place.
        If its in the summer, do your best to warm it up as much as possible.
2)    Beers should be kept warm and food should always be served cold.
3)    Beers will be exclusively by Heineken.
4)    We like to sleep next to big full ashtrays , each near a pillow, thanks.
5)    Please DO NOT change sheets and blankets from the punk band before
       in the dorm.
6)    The db limit must be strictly below 90 db
7)    Before and after the concert we would love to have a rock DJ
       playing records exclusively by Rage Against The Machine. For the DJ, db
       limits will not apply of course, he should be louder than the band.
8)    We prefer NOT to have hotels, but if it must be, then at least no
       single rooms please.
9)    We prefer to sleep at student houses that will be throwing the aftershow party.
10)  If there are other bands on the bill we‘d like to choose a young
       caucasian guitarist reader of The wire with hundreds of pedal effects
       in loop.
11)  Please try to be grumpy, do not smile at the band or try to start
       any conversation with us.
12)  The dressing room should be covered with band stickers and cock
       drawings. Everyone is allowed in the dressing room. Expecially drunks.
       No-privacy-policy. No keys please.
13)  We only eat Kebab.
14)  Opening bands MUST always use our drums and amps.
15)  The mic on the bassdrum must be a Shure 57 or an equivalent.
16)  The mixing desk and all music gear has to be by Behringer
17)  If it’s possible we really appreciate a strong flanger effect on
       the FOH master .
18)  If we ask for  backline, the drums must be all wobbly and shaky
       and have very used skins.
19)  If we ask for backline, the bass amp must have at least one
       broken speaker , should overheat as soon as possible, and be a combo.
20)  The monitor guy should be grumpy, he must hate us and our music
       and look very bored during our set and NEVER look at us.
21)  We like to have only full-on strobe lighting and a fog machine, both
       running all the time.
22)  The sleeping place should be at maximum distance from the venue,
       preferably in another city.
23)  After load-in, we should be unable park in front of the
       venue, parking should be at least 5 km away.
24)  We should always be announced as "free-jazz" so that attractive
       girls are kept away from the gig.
25)  We prefer NOT to be paid after a concert and welcome comments such as "Monday is always a bad night for shows" OR "There was another (better) gig in (a bigger, better venue) in town tonight" OR "Sorry, the show wasn't really advertised".....
26)  Where possible we prefer it if venue staff instruct us on how and where to set up our equipment. We also respect the NO LEFT HANDED DRUMMER venue policy when applicable. (We all know repatching the stagebox is a drag).
27)  Vegetarians in the band need only be fed bread and/or cheese for sustenance.
28)  All monitors MUST be linked ensuring the drummer gets the same mix as the singers/ horn players/ bassist.
29)  If you are unable to take a percentage of our merch sales we would prefer to set our stand up somewhere outside the main hall, optimising the chance of having items stolen.
30)  When arriving outside the venue at the alotted time after a 14 hour drive we'd appreciate it if the venue was CLOSED as we enjoy wandering the bleak industrial outskirts of towns and cities worldwide.

27 04 2012

2 new titles from IDEOLOGIC ORGAN: Sir Richard Bishop & Mats Lindström LPs

Pleased to announce 2 new LPs on Ideologic Organ, SOMA010 Sir Richard Bishop "Intermezzo" LP and SOMA006 Mats Lindström "МИГ" LP. Both will be available early July. More information and preorders here: Ideologic Organ.

27 04 2012


I'm pleased to annoucne the second in a series of concerts curated by myself at Cafe OTO, London under the Ideologic Organ moniker. MORE INFORMATION/TICKETS


Saturday 9 June 2012
Door Times : 8pm
Tickets : £12 advance / £14 on the door

For the first event in Stephen O'Malley's Ideologic Organ series at Cafe OTO Elodie played the quietest set we've ever hosted as the snow fell outside and Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney took us on a trip through the resonant possibilities of ancient harmony. Properly magical! 

The second concert in the series promises something very special, too. This time we're bringing over Phurpa from Russia to present their own slowed-down, extra-heavy take on the rgyud-skad tradition of Tantric overtone chanting alongside a rare solo performance by Colin Potter of Nurse with Wound and the bass heavy organ pedal/synth/guitar drone of Slomo (Chris McGrail / Howard Marsden). 

Phurpa were responsible for the now sold out first issue on O'Malley's Editions Mego facilitated imprint, the stunning 2LP set 'Trowo Phurnag Ceremony'. 


This voyage began in the middle of the 1990's in Moscow, when a group of artists and musicians led by Alexei Tegin and based at the legendary Fabrique of Cardinal Art commenced their studies of traditional ritual music, drifting away from the field of contemporary electroacoustic and industrial music with the intent to delve deeper into the ancient musical cultures of the ancient Egypt, Iran and Tibet. 

The original 2003 lineup of the project that emerged as a result was dubbed Phurpa (one of the five tutelary deities of the Father Tantra in Bon tradition), and all the members have carried on with their research in the field of Bon and Buddhist liturgies up to the present day. 

Before Buddhism reached Tibet, local people had practiced involved shamanic rites derived from various ancestral cults. Later on, circa the VI-IX century AD, a conflict between the local tradition, namely, the pre-Buddhist religion of Bon (which originates from Central Asia) and Tantric Buddhism (hailing from the North of India) gave birth to a unique cultural phenomenon known as Tibetan Buddhism, which combines an extensive metaphysical corpus and an advanced philosophical system with pristine ceremonial practices that reach down through many centuries. In the X-XI century AD the monastic ensemble came into being. It has got a lot in common with the Chinese court ensembles of the Tang dynasty; nevertheless, the Tibetan ceremonial ensemble has preserved its authenticity and kept a large number of primordial elements stemming from the ancient Tibeto-Burmanese music intact to this day. A typical ensemble usually includes a pair of nga drums, several rolmo cymbals and a pair of gyaling oboes, as well as telescopic dunchen horns, dunkar shells and short wandun horns. One of the unique features of the Tibetan monastic choir is a specific kind of overtone chanting, called "rgyud-skad", or the Tantric voice, which is based on the principle of the singer's transmogrification during the so-called "chanting meditation". 

Colin Potter is a sound engineer and musician. He has been involved in the field of electronic and experimental music for over thirty years. Based at his own IC studio, he has recorded, produced and distributed a wide array of projects. He has gained a reputation for innovative mixing and sound processing, working with artists such as Current 93, Fovea Hex, Ora, Organum, Monos, Andrew Chalk, Jonathan Coleclough and, most notably, with Steven Stapleton on many albums by the renowned Nurse With Wound. Several solo works have been released, as well as many collaborations.

In the late Nineties, a desire to return to live performance has led to appearances at the Beyond Music festival in Los Angeles, 7Hz in San Francisco, the Liverpool Biennial, the Termite festival in Leeds, the Earational festival in Holland, the Donau festival in Austria, Brainwaves in Boston, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Ether festival at London South Bank, Villette Sonique in Paris, Resonator festival in Preston, REC festival in Reggio Emilia, Radar festival in Mexico City, Settembre Musica in Turin, the AvantGarde festival in Hamburg and numerous concerts in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Moscow, Berlin, Munster, Warsaw, Wroclav, Kracow, Gdansk, Paris, Venice, Ghent, Brno, Vienna, Porto, Barcelona, Brighton, Bristol, Nottingham, Edinburgh and London. 


Slomo is the duo of Chris 'Holy' McGrail on Moog Taurus II, Sunn Mustang and 'Clatter' and Howard Marsden on Korg MS10 & MS20 and 'Hiss'. Together they create a brooding wasteland of subsonic bass and desolate drone. Their two releases 'The Bog' and 'The Creep' are available from Important Records. 

"If the doom metal of Khanate is the ideal soundtrack to the 21st Century Odinists' hanging upon the tree of Yggdrasil, then the vegetal music of Slomo is the unfolding, nurturing, ever-becoming ur-ooze that titanically irrigates the roots of that sacred tree. Slomo restores our timeless beginnings and fulfills the Ginnungagap -- motherfuckers." Julian Cope
26 04 2012

Bill Herzog (The Sweet Hereafter, Nightcaps, SUNN O))), Altar, Citizen's Utilities, etc) fine upholstery blog

Our comrade Bill Herzog recently started a blog about his advintures in vintage furniture and reupholsterey. The man is also known and loved as "The Mayor of Seattle", here's another reason why:


Bill plays bass on the ENSEMBLE PEARL record alongside myself, Michio Kurahara, Atsuo and a few guests (Eyvind Kang, Timba Harris). Album was recorded in Tokyo at FLASH studios late 2009 and finished/mixed with Randall Dunn at AVAST! in Seattle this March. Currently in trust with Bob Weston for mastering. That album should hopefully be released later this year, on a yet unspecified/undecided label. In fact we havent played it for any labels yet! One step at a time...

26 04 2012

IMPETUS FESTIVAL Lausanne 29th April

Hi Folks. I had the wrong date listed for my solo at IMPETUS Lausanne this weekend. The concert is on Sunday the 29th, not the 28th. Godflesh play on Saturday!!!!!!

Thanks for reading

24 04 2012


Loving this LP. Released when I was 12 years old, just heard it today for the first time.

24 04 2012
24 04 2012

Light Bringer

Reissued Jimmy Page "Lucifer Rising" soundtrack sounds amazing.
All blackhearts out there deserve to treat themselves.

(below is the bootleg I've had since the early 90s. JP with ARP2500)

23 04 2012

"Heavy Metal Parking Lot" (1986) is on youtube

There should be an appendix to this film with the Godflesh parking lot interview from "Hard & Heavy 14" (1991), when some cromagnon drives by playing "South of Heaven". 

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