10 12 2011

Rare 17th-Century Indian Paintings That Look Like 20th-Century Western Art









(From brainpickings.org thanks to Randall Dunn for the tip on this)

Tantra Song: Rare 17th-Century Indian Paintings That Look Like 20th-Century Western Art
by Maria Popova

We’ve previously explored some fragments of the spectrum of art inspired by the Hindu tradition, from beautiful artisanal artwork based on Indian mythology to Meena women’s Mandana public art to a Pixar animator’s playfully stylized, Westernizedtakes on Hindu deities. Now, from the fine folks at Siglio, who brought us the lovelyEverything Sings, comes Tantra Song: Tantric Painting from Rajasthan — a striking collection of rare, abstract Tantric paintings based on 17th-century illustrations from Indian religious texts that bridge Eastern spirituality with Western 20th-century art in their haunting reminiscence of the likes of Paul Klee, Agnes Martin, and Daniel Buren.

The images were discovered by French poet Franck André Jamme in 1970 while rummaging through the catalogs of a Parisian art gallery. He became so transfixed by these esoteric artworks that in the 1980s, he traveled to India to find their origins. In 1985, his quest nearly killed him in a bus accident whilst on the Tantric trail across the deserts of Rajasthan. He suffered a series of comas, spent three weeks in a Parisian hospital and six months at home in a hospital bed, and found his mind as broken as his body, unable to live with the memory of what he considered a painful failure. After a long and painful recovery, his obsession with the artworks led him back to India, where he earned the trust oftantrikas — the authentic practitioners of the Tantric tradition — and set out to better understand their meditative art form.

Jamme reflects on why these images spoke to him so powerfully : "It was strange that such modern, occidental-looking patterns already existed in India during the 17th century, and they were so simple, so powerful, so quietly and naturally abstract, so near, as well, to my own field, which was already something like poetry. Poetry is so often like that, isn’t it? Playing with words, using words in such a natural abstract way.”
The stunning images abstract key symbols of Tantric metaphysics and cosmogony, from the bindu, a dot symbolizing the undifferentiated absolute, to the negative space of the shunya, the absolute void of the supreme deity. But what makes these works extraordinary is the poetic contrast between the seeming simplicity of their minimalist geometric forms and the complex, textured humanity of their handmade paper, water stains, and imperfect text — two opposing currents, which ebb and flow in a delicate osmotic balance that could never be achieved digitally, on a sterile screen. Lawrence Rinder observes in the introduction: "It’s not just a desire for the antique or a nostalgic patina that makes the incidental marks so important, it’s precisely that ideal forms — forms plumbed from the depths of the mind, of the soul — need to co-exist with randomness and the emptiness of chance.”
Aesthetically breathtaking and framed in a powerful story about curiosity, creative restlessness, and obsession, Tantra Song is a singular convergence of East and West, bound to mesmerize.

Tantra Song: Tantric Painting from Rajasthan
Franck Andre Jamme, Lawrence Rinder, Michael Tweed
Siglio Press
ISBN-13: 978-0979956270
08 12 2011

Metal genres in SLAYER vocabulary

This is very amusing! Swiped from Talkbass forum:

Since some of us old guys remember Slayer, I'll use them to explain the Metal Genres:

Progressive: Slayer takes some Jazz lessons

Avant Garde: Slayer takes Jazz lessons with Sun Ra

Black Metal: Slayer repackaged for teens

Christian Metal: Slayer with lyrics from Hillsong

Death Metal: Slayer with Cookie Monster on vocals

Technical Death Metal: Slayer with Cookie Monster on vocals, and Yngwie on guitar

Doom Metal: Slayer with a hangover doing Black Sabbath covers

Drone Metal: Slayer in the special ed classroom

Stoner Metal: Slayer with Jimi Hendrix on LSD

Glam Metal: Slayer with eye shadow and lipstick

Gothic Metal: European Slayer

Groove Metal: Slayer with a backbeat

Industrial Metal: Samples of Slayer played over a dance beat

Neo-Classical Metal: Slayer hanging out at Starbucks

Nu Metal: Slayer hanging out at the Mall

Symphonic Metal: Slayer meets the Boston Pops

Thrash Metal: Slayer

Viking Metal: Slayer meets Thor

Folk Metal: Slayer meets Lilith Faire

Funk Metal: Slayer with slap bass

Grindcore: Slayer with the vocals slowed down, and everything else sped up

Metalcore: Slayer with a breakdown in the middle

Melodic Death Metal: Slayer learns a major scale

Nintendocore: Slayer joins the A/V club

Post Metal: Slayer Muzak

Rap Metal: Slayer goes to the hood, but then goes back to the burbs
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06 12 2011

Sunn "Void-rip" shirt proof...


This beauty will be available from Southern Lord soon, alongside the forthcoming SUNN O))) "ØØVOID" 2LP gatefold version. Thanks to Bubba!

03 12 2011

Another O))) victim


From: Kyle Bachman <pocketks@yahoo.com>
Date: December 2, 2011 12:57:32 PM PST
To: "info@southernlord.com" <info@southernlord.com>
Subject: Sunn0)))
Reply-To: Kyle Bachman <pocketks@yahoo.com>

I know it doesn't really have much to do with the website, but I just wanted to show you guys my appreciation. Here is my new tattoo of the 0))) symbol. It is on my knee. it hurt a great deal.

01 12 2011

Daystrom Weston CA-1630 Electron Tube Analyzer


A thing of beauty.

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