31 10 2011

Los Angeles


Gisèle Vienne, Stephen O’Malley, Florian-Ayala Fauna, and Dennis Cooper

28.10.2011 Getty Center

photo by Joel Westendorf


(Happy Hell-O)))-Ween folks!)

31 10 2011

Simon Fowler posters for sale



Oversized A2 (710mm x 555mm) two colour hand pulled screen-print on 225gsm manilla card (100% acid free, archival quality)
Signed and numbered from an edition of 120
Illustrated by Simon Fowler 
Limited T-shirts also available in two colour versions. 


23 10 2011

Criterion Collection Blu-ray version of "The Phantom Carriage" (w/ KTL soundtrack) reviewed in FANGORIA & MONDO DIGITAL!



"Criterion has supplied two score options: First up is revered Swedish composer Matti Bye’s chamber music, commissioned by Svensk Filmindustri to accompany THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE in 1999, presented in DTS-HD 3.0 Master Audio. The second is a composition by the experimental duo KTL, comprised of Editions Mego founder Peter Rehberg and Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) fame; it’s an eclectic work of electronic, ambient and guitar elements, presented in LPCM 2.0. Between the two, the KTL music is the more interesting and, for those able to mentally disassociate how old the film is with how old its music should be, will probably be favored. Bye’s score is no slouch, though, and for those with a more traditional ear when it comes to silent film, it will be the obvious score of choice. A commentary track by Danish film historian Casper Tyberg is educational and informative for those wanting to delve more into various aspects of the film, its creation and its reception."


"Two music accompaniments are included, a traditional chamber performance by Swedish composer Matti Bye (probably the one most viewers will opt for first, in DTS-HD) and a muchmore experimental and bizarre score by KTL (in 2.0 PCM), including some repetitive and unnerving percussion that pushes this film much closer to full-on horror than one might anticipate."

Three firsts:

1) First Blu-ray release
2) First release on Criterion Collection (the Deathlike Silence Productions of film)
3) First review in Fangoria Magazine (the WIRE magazine of gore) 

17 10 2011

Lemmy and Philthy show Ann Storm the ropes


Lemmy and Philthy show Ann Storm the ropes



17 10 2011

Æthenor (sadly sans Garm) Italia photo with organizer of Pescara concert


Look for a new Æ album coming in 2012

17 10 2011

Worship at the altar



14 10 2011
10 10 2011
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