22 09 2011
22 09 2011

SUNN O))) interview for La Republica Italy



<<Answered by e-mail this evening>>
1. Your gig in Turin is inscribed in the context of a festival about
"spirituality". And which way can we
consider your music "spiritual" in? Is it for your monks like costumes
and ritualistic movements on stage?
Music is the grail of spirituality.

2. You will play in an old building that was the main prison in Turin.
Does this particular location inspire you in some way?
I wonder which corrupt politicians lived there.

3. Which is Sunn O)))'s line up for this italian tour? Will Attila
Csihar be with the band? And which part of your repertoire will you
Indeed he will, as will the mystic TOS from Amsterdam.

4. Is it true that festival direction's asked you to state that you're
not "satanists"?
Did you vote for Burlesconi?
I didnt vote for Bush, Bush Jr, Sarkozy or Obama. Thank god.

5. You're renowned for the huge volume of live performances. Which
reason do you play so loud for?
Physical experience and crossing of senses.

6. Some years ago, a New York Times' columnist called your music
"heady metal". Is it a definition that you accept and/or approve?
The media is always cheap and fast.

7. Are you working on new material these days? Is there a new Sunn
O)))'s album on the horizon?
There are many unfinished works but no clarity about a new album at this time.


21 09 2011

KTL @ GRM Acousmonium / Kontraste



Spent the last 2 days with Rehberg at GRM Acousmonium studio in Radio France. Preparing a set for the Kontraste Krems - Imaginary Landscapes festival in Austria next month...

16 09 2011

SUNN O))) Dresden poster


Designed & screened by Lars P. Krause <douze@gmx.de>

16 09 2011

SUNN O))) Letraset





I lost the name of the guy who sent me these... get in touch if you read this.

15 09 2011




on eBay at the moment... thanks to TOP FIVE / Mattias Andersson for showing me this.

Tyler printed this in his garage in about 24 copies I think. Maybe in 1995?

At some point we will scan all the issues we printed (5 in total between 1994-1999) and have them online somewhere. The reviews are especially brutal! More zines/websites need to be as harsh these days. Calling it like it is!


15 09 2011

HR Giger gallery show (concert) flyer


I am humbled to have been invited to perform a small solo set at HARD-HAT Gallery in Geneva, in conjunction with their show of HR GIGER'S prints from "Biomechanoid 1969".

The show runs September 15 - October 29, 2011.
The concert is on October 12th.

HR Giger
Biomechanoid, 1969 

Opening: September 15 2011; 6 – 9 pm

Hard Hat is proud to presents two historical series by HR Giger.

Biomechanoid, eight plates from 1969, brings into focus for the first time many of the themes and formal tropes that will define the Swiss artist’s works in the following decades: a fusion between flesh and machine brewing in the concrete entrails of a future necropolis. Infused with a chilling eroticism, each plate repeats, permutes and transforms a series of motifs, accounting for the successive states of the gestation of some incredible creature. 

Passagen, four photographic silkscreens from 1971, repeat a single motif, printed each time in a different two-color scheme. This nightmarish image – a detail of a garbage truck – stands halfway between a vaginal orifice and the entrance of a forbidding mechanical world.

Made at a time when HR Giger’s work was predominantly shown within the mainstream field of contemporary art, these neo-Symbolist works display an acute Pop sensibility. Both series were published by Bruno Bischofberger, who, since 1965, had exhibited artists such as Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann and Roy Lichtenstein in his Zurich gallery. Known today as one of the living masters of the more specialized field of Fantasy Art, Giger’s influence continues to be felt on the whole spectrum of contemporary visual culture.

 Opening: September 15 2011; 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition: September 16 – October 16 2011

For sales please contact us.

39, rue des Bains
CH-1205 Genève


B. Lovay : +41 78 789 60 29
F. Stroun : +41 78 775 96 90
Office : +41 22 320 37 20


15 09 2011

IRON MAN by Tony Iommi


To be essential reading 'round these parts.

14 09 2011

IDEOLOGIC ORGAN 2011 releases flyer



Indicating 2011 releases

PHURPA "Trowo Phurnag Ceremmony" 2LP SOMA001 (June 2011)
JESSIKA KENNEY & EYVIND KANG "Aestuarium" LP SOMA002 (July 2011)
EYVIND KANG "With Visible Breath (I am Walking)" LP SOMA004 (December 2011)
SUNN O))) meets NURSE WITH WOUND "The Iron Soul Of Nothing" 2LP SOMA005 (November 2011)

For more information and to order by mail: editionsmego.com 

14 09 2011

SUNN O))) 0911-1011 EU tour merchandise preview





OMEGA tshirt

COWL hoodie

Will be available on the upcoming tourdates, along with a selection of vinyl including the "AGHARTHI 09-10" LP+7" release. 

Remaining (if any) shirts will be available via our partners dayafterprints following the tour.

Thank you for your support.

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