28 02 2011

Ausstellung Laibach Kunst


Ausstellung Laibach Kunst
Perspectives 1980-2011
24 February–17 April 2011

UGM l Maribor Art Gallery
Strossmayerjeva 6
Maribor, Slovenia

Curated by: Simona Vidmar, Claudia Richter and Laibach The internationally renowned multidisciplinary collective and performance group Laibach are returning to the exhibition space! After 30 years of provocative activities and 'performances', Umetnostna galerija Maribor / Maribor Art Gallery presents a review of Laibach's visual artwork. Since their formation in the early 1980s, Laibach have been engaged in an obsessive dialogue with the totalitarian ideologies of modernity and their relation to art. Far from being solely intelligible in the cultural context of 1980s Yugoslavia, their work still offers critical perspectives to a globalised world which continues to be affected by modernity's conceptions of the state, the individual, mass culture, art, and politics. Exhibition at UGM opens new perspectives on Laibach by highlighting their original beginnings as an'arts' collective. Although Laibach have repeatedly rejected this designation, their self-fashioning as 'engineers of the human soul' is telling of the degree to which all of Laibach's performances have sought to ironize and collapse clear-cut categories such as 'art', 'politics', and 'popular culture'. Despite their influence on established artists, theorists and wider audiences, Laibach occupy an unframed position in the national and international art scene today. Their explorations into the world of popular music have gained them international renown. However, all of their performances have been radically self-reflexive in a way that responds to the functions ascribed to 'political art' in contemporary society, rather than to the consumerist and escapist nature of popular music. With their performances on diverse stages such as galleries, concert halls, opera houses, TV, internet, video, theatre, industrial power plants and shopping malls, Laibach represent a unique challenge to the categories established by Western art criticism. The exhibition comprises twelve rooms presenting key stages of Laibach's work from the first decade of their career in the 1980s up to the present. The works on display include multi-media installations, oil paintings, photographs, graphic works, and film. A new installation created especially for this exhibition, titled Artist Perspective, will be on view. This is the biggest Laibach exhibition in Slovenia to date. The exhibition is dedicated to the Slovene painter Janez Knez (1931−2011). The exhibition supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia. YOU ARE KINDLY INVITED!

23 02 2011

2 new concerts with Dumitrescu & Avram in Paris March 2011




After 2 exciting collaborations with Dumitrescu and Avram in Israel January 2011 (and a fantastic ensemble) I am honored to be invited to perform their compositions with them again in my adopted hometown of Paris!

Concert 24 mars 2011
Les Rendez-vous Contemporains de Saint-Merri
Ensemble "Le Balcon" (France), Ensemble Hyperion (Roumanie)
soliste Stephen O'Malley
Direction: Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram

Ana-Maria Avram: Nouvel archae pour vois assistées par ordinateur  (14")
Avram: "Axe epsylon pour violoncelle solo" (11")
Iancu Dumitrescu: Galaxy (VIII) : pour guitarre basse (O'Malley) et sons assistés par ordinateur (9")
le reste du programme le choix du Balcon

Concert 25 Mars 2011
Les Rendez-vous Contemporains de Saint-Merri
Ensemble "Le Balcon" (France), Ensemble Hyperion (Roumanie)
soliste Stephen O'Malley
Direction: Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram

Dumitrescu: Meteors & Pulsars (III) pour guitarre basse et sons assistés par ordinateur Soliste Stephen O'Malley. (v 14")

Avram: Textures Liminales (créaton mondiale) pour ensemble variable et sons assistés par ordinateur (12") 2-3 cordes, flute,clarinette (et basse), trombone, percussion, guitare basse (Stephen O'Malley) (score created in Israel)

Dumitrescu : Etude Granulaire ( delta) ( création mondiale) pour ensemble  et sons assistés par ordinateur`(11") flute, clarinette ( et basse), basson, trombone, et cor (ou 2 trombones sans cor), piano (AMA) percussions et cordes (alto, violoncelle(s) et contrebasse)

Avram: Winds of the desert ( création mondiale)   (15"): Stephen O'Malley solo, +  flute, clarinette ( et basse), basson, trombone et cor -ou 2 trombones sans cor, percussion, cordes (partition demain matin)

Dumitrescu: "Eruption in the sky" ( création mondiale) pour sons assistés par ordinateur, guitarre basse  et  ensemble:flute, clarinette (et basse), basson, trombone, et cor (ou 2 trombones sans cor), piano (AMA) percussions (2) et cordes (alto, violoncelle(s) et contrebasse)(12") (partition demain matin)



Eglise Saint-Merry
76, rue de la Verrerie
75004 Paris
Métro Hôtel de Ville ou Châtelet

Photos of January 011 performances in Hateiva, Jaffa, and Levontin 17, Tel Aviv, Israel

22 02 2011

Electrical Guitar


The newest mare in the stable.

Kevin at Electrical built this BEAUTY for us recently... highly recommended.


22 02 2011


The 12-foot tall Octobass plays so low, it's lowest string when played fully open is barely in the human hearing registry. To play it, a musician must stand on a stool and use leavers to fret the notes. It resides at the new Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the only one in North America.

I shot this with the Canon 5dmkii to run as a multimedia piece to go with stories we are running in The Arizona Republic about a new musical instrument museum in Phoenix. Photog Pete Scholz of KPNX helped me edit.

17 02 2011



This is a pairing of le bizarre!!!


our la première fois en France : 


Lugubrum + Aluk Todolo : samedi 19 février 2011

au Pixi - Bagnolet - Paris - France


LE PIXI  : 82 avenue de la République - 93170 Bagnolet

métro: GALLIENI (ligne 3) ou ROBESPIERRE (ligne 9)

bus: 102 & 318 (arret "Republique-Robespierre" face au bar)

voiture: Porte de Bagnolet à 300m (direction Montreuil centre)


Capacité très limitée, prévente conseillée !


14 02 2011

Victor Sjöström's "Körklaren" ("La Charrette fantôme") @ Louvre Paris w/ soundtrack by KTL


In case you are interested: Louvre is projecting a version of Victor Sjöström's 1921 classic "Körklaren" ("La Charrette fantôme" or "The Phantom Carriage") with a soundtrack that KTL (Peter Rehberg and I) Completed on a commission from Tartan Films in 2007.

KTL will not be performing live at this projection of the film (as we did with FW Murnau's "L'aurore" in December 010), but our score will be played back through their fantastic system.



13 02 2011
12 02 2011



Excerpt from a great interview with Wino from :



You keep going anyway. It doesn’t seem to hold you back.

It affects you, of course, but I’m gonna keep going. This is all I do. 50 now, It’s not like I’m gonna learn a trade or something. That’s one thing about it. Sometimes when I’m home, I see people walking around in the middle of the day and I catch myself thinking, “Man, wouldn’t it be nice to have a regular, stable nine to five?” but man, within seconds, I’m like, “Agh, this is what I do.” I enjoy it. I really enjoy it, but you’ve got to sacrifice a lot for sure. It’s a tradeoff. The thing about my situation, my karma or whatever, is you can bet your ass that the best gig, the best tour I’ll be offered, will be right on my wife’s birthday, or my son’s birthday, graduation, or something really super fucking important. It happens every time. Every fucking time. I’m gonna miss my daughter’s birthday in March on the Vitus tour. I missed my son’s birthday in October on the Vitus tour. I did a lot of touring in Europe. September all the way past the New Year. But like I say, I guess you’ve got to be willing to make those sacrifices. Most people are sane, and not willing to make those sacrifices, but you gotta carry the torch, I guess. It’s what I do, and that’s pretty much it.

12 02 2011

Ideologic v2


After a few months of work, the new Ideologic has been finished. Although it may be the most mundane thing to update a website these days, we havent really done anything major to ours since the first posts back in 2003. Well, a few bits but not much. 

v2 allows searching from external engines like google, etc. Theres also a new store page in progress... the words section is much more organized and the discography has been linked to discogs.com. There are a massive amount of albums which Im listed in the credits, so bear with me while that section becomes more organized and edited.

This site can now be viewed on other devices, like phones, tablets etc... and a bunch of other features. And, theres no longer any flash.

Thanks to d[esign]Void for the great work.

And thanks for reading...



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