21 09 2010

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"When Christian Wallumrød and I started the recording of "Merriwinkle" in 2002, we had never played together before. We had listened to each other´s music for many years - and had talked a lot about music in general - so we were pretty well updated on each other´s musical orientation. We also knew that we both wanted to work with free improvisation.

For the past 15 years I have worked with improvisation in many forms. It has been an intergral part of my last 5 releases: as a basis for developing new material - as an equal element paired with written material - and as a means for discovering and developing new aspects of the voice. So "Merriwinkle" is a continuation and a "coming together" of many roads I’ve been down musically. Although "Merriwinkle" is completely improvised (i.e. : you´ll never hear these exact songs again!) - and is void of any lyrics (comprehensible ones, anyway!) – I’m always looking for the clear structure and the "song" within. Sidsel Endresen March 2004


20 09 2010

Dio's house for sale

"You're Invited"


20 09 2010

in i-D magazine

as photographed by Nick Knight

16 09 2010


TUESDAY OCTOBER 26, 2010. doors from 8.00pm
$20.00 + $2.90 BF = $22.90 online presales

The only Aussie show from this punishing psychedelic trio featuring Stephen O'Malley of Sunn 0))/Khanate and Aussies Oren Ambarchi & Matt 'Skitz' Sanders will be held at The Toff on Tuesday October 26. Expect a total attack helicopter of experimental improvised death drones with zero posturing. Opening the evening will be guitar/electronics noise signor Marco Fusinato with his patented inferno of mangled guitar spit. This is an event not to be missed & O'Malley's only Aussie appearance in 2010!

Tickets on sale from Moshtix - phone: 1300 GET TIX (438 849), on-line: buy here or Moshtix outlets including Polyester (Fitzroy & City).


10 09 2010

SLEEP @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple 8th Sept 2011

Was super fortunate to witness the mighty SLEEP twice in the past week, after all of these years (being a fan since 20 years). They frankly satisfied & brought a huge grin and sore neck to this old disciple. Greg and I were laughing about the numerous approaches and riffs we've inquired from them over the years. They are the missing link to Sabbath for our generation. Hail!

10 09 2010

HAINO KEIJI & PAN SONIC double vinyl

THIS IS AN AMAZING ALBUM! Highly recommended. I know Im severely biased towards both of these artists but this is a véritable joyau noir.


"Synergy between mercy and self-annihilation overturned" 2LP
PTYT 043

Recorded only days after their performance together in Berlin that resulted in the powerful and haunting live album “ Shall I download a black hole and offer it to you?”.
“In The Studio” is a more controlled, even tense, affair. Where the participants circle each of like gladiators at the Colosseum.
Deluxe artwork by Stephen O’Malley
No more need be said I think than is contained within the fabulous track titles as offered forth by the mysterious Mr H:

Side A.
1. So many things I still have yet to say (6.32)
2. If I could incarnate this feeling would you consider it a creation (1.15)
3. Imperious doppelganger of tears, playing catch with objectivity that evades ultimate responsibility (7.11).
4. I wonder if we have become wiser than Gods by making worse what already is. (2.32)
Side B.
5. This trembling, no longer seems to be the axis at the centre (4.59)
6. As far as the left goes, it is starting to look red.What about the right, I wonder what colour it will be? (4.59)
7. In the hollow created between the eyebrows, what offering would be most appropriate (7.03)

Side C.
8. "Without doubt", an attestation written from that
time, will no longer have effect, because the wound has widened so much (4.20)
9. I have embedded it approximately 2 minutes and 7 seconds into the 4th song, in order to return here whenever I wish (8.56)

Side D.
10. Perhaps there is no need to return (6.51)
11. Preparation is unnecessary from this point on…, leave me. (6.12)

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