03 07 2010




Blå Lys

We have spilled into the latter half MMV with new crystal plumage. Our invisible orchestra (that is the quartet of myself, Daniel O'Sullivan, Kristoffer Rygg and Steve Noble) have completed our residency at Blå in Oslo. Three performances recorded, reassembled and resurfacing in the form of a new record later in the year.

Oslo adventures continue as we perform at Øyafestivalen accompanying three Maya Deren films in August. December will bring us to Italy for five or six apparitions culminating in a recording session at Morricone's studio in Rome. Viva Pazuzu!

Highly recommend Jean-Claude Eloy "Gako-No-Michi" 2CD on Creel Pone, and Parson Sounds 3LP on Subliminal Sounds... yummm.

03 07 2010

KTL @ Bavarian State Opera Pavillion


Cristina (sound) & PITA in front of the Bayerische Staatsoper Pavillion, designed by Austrian architecture firm Himmelb(l)au. KTL performed live soundtrack to a screening of "Körkarlen" ("The Phantom Carriage").

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