17 05 2010

Ronnie James Dio

10 July 1942 - 16 May 2010

One of the greatest frontmen to have ever lived. Dio was revered and respected around these parts and across the metal scene. He was a true lifer who gave inspiration, hope to most of us. Being able to witness both the "Angry Machines" tour and Heaven & Hell was an utmost pleasure. RJD's presence was unmistakable and highly inspiring. One of the core spirits of Heavy Metal music. You will be missed!

13 05 2010


Kevin Drumm: Necro Acoustic

Pica019. 5CD BOX SET.

CD1. Lights Out
New album of necro acoustic material recorded 2006-2008.

CD2. Malaise
Reissue of the limited edition double cassette previously released on Hospital Productions in 2009.

CD3. Decrepit
Previously unreleased material from 1998-1999 and 2008 + reissue of Drumm's tracks from split LP with 2673 on Kitty Play Records (2005) + the limited edition LP on Dilemma Records (2008).

CD4. No Edit
New album of prepared guitar material recorded in 2009.

CD5. Organ
First full lenght release of this classic track heard in edited form on the "Comedy" album. This is the full 55 minute version as recorded by Jim O'Rourke in 1996. Believed to have been lost for years, but recently discovered.

Packaged as a solid box with gold print, individual CD-wallets and 24 page booklet.

Price per box $45 + postage.
Ppd within Europe: $52
Ppd rest of the World: $57

Make payment to paypal: mail [at] lassemarhaug [dot] no

13 05 2010

Pola X

Normally horrible with film recommendations, but this one floored me. Everything a great film should be... to start with: Leo Carax directing and Scott Walker soundtrack.


13 05 2010

THORR`S HAMMER - Roadburn 2010

A few remaining shirts from the Roadburn concert are available from our Czech friends Dayafter.... http://www.dayafterprints.com/shop/detail/62

07 05 2010

Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar

Z. M. Dagar Discography:

Compact Discs:
Todi, Ahir Lalit, Panchamkauns. Raga-219
Marwa, Bageshree. Raga-222
Pancham Kosh, Malkauns (Manik Munde pakhawaj). Auvidis A 6131
Yaman. Nimbus NI 5276 · Shuddha Todi. Nimbus NI 5402

January 2002:
The Swedish label Amigo has brought out an 'alternate take of a raga previously released (and mistitled) as "Raga Mangeyabushan", Disques Alvarès LD 114. Recorded in Chembur, Mumbai, January 31 1968.' This is Amigo AMCD 906.

Amigo has also re-released the LP listed below as "Bhairavi. Musikntet Waxholm MNW2F" as Mishra Bhairavi, Amigo AMCD 907. (ZMD plays sitar, not bin, on this Mishra Bhairavi recording)

Ahir Bhairav, Malkauns (Arjun Shejwal pakhawaj). CBS-India 489
Yaman Kalyan (Shrikant Mishra pakhawaj). Mozes en Aäron Kerk MA 8508
Todi, Malkauns, Nandebshwari, Vedic chant. Amarnad AN-I-253

LP Records:
Mangeyabushan. Disques Alvarès LD 114
Bhairavi. (ZMD plays sitar, not bin). Musiknätet Waxholm MNW2F
Chandrakauns, Jog (Pagal Das mridang). EMI-India ECSD 2736
Chandrakauns (Arjun Shejwal pakhawaj). All-India Radio. EMI-India PLMP 3039

Todi, Pooriya. 45T7EPE1312

05 05 2010


Marco Fusinato
7 May - 5 June, 2010
Opening Friday 7 May, 6-8pm

Sarah Cottier Gallery
3 Neild Avenue
Paddington NSW 2021
+612 93563305

04 05 2010

Absolutego & Amplifier Worship vinyl designs

The 2 classic records by our old friends BORIS are finally seeing the light of day on vinyl. Here below are the sleeve designs I had the pleasure of putting together.

04 05 2010

Timo Ketola "Ololiuhqui Resonation" Lithographs, edition of 80

Ketola created an edition of 80 lithographs of the "Ololiuhqui Resonation" motif. These beautiful prints will be hand coloured, signed and numbered and available from the artist soon. Watch this space for more information.

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