26 02 2010

SOMA vs Left Hand Path

Interview with one of the most outspoken negative critics of SUNN O))) and longstanding positive believers of KHANATE, Stewart Voegtlin, For The Left Hand Path website. One of the best Ive done in ages.

Read here.

23 02 2010

Yet another...

Gabor Balogh – trve fan. Free concert entry.

22 02 2010

SUNN O))) vs Paris 0210

Pics: Michael Colovos

22 02 2010

Another sufferer

Durell Smith... you have free entry to any SUNN O))) concert. Tattoo policy.

19 02 2010

New blue music

Had a cursed haul at WALL OF SOUND in Seattle today... thanks to Michael and Rob. If you're visiting Seattle please check out this absolute gem of a record store: www.wosound.com

They even ave a STRATVM TERROR Cd on the wall.

19 02 2010

Burning Ambulance

Stephen -

I've started a new zine called Burning Ambulance. It's an experiment -
there are no physical copies being distributed; the whole thing is
print-on-demand, like my last book. There's also a blog at

It's a quarterly, and the first issue was "released" last night.
Here's the link:


Articles featured within:

- Phil Freeman on Matthew Shipp
- Stephen Haynes' studio diary from the recording sessions for Bill
Dixon's "Tapestries for Small Orchestra"
- Kurt Gottschalk on Henry Threadgill
- Matt Cibula on the Spanish jazz/metal trio Orthodox
- Phil Freeman reviewing several books on punk and metal
- Phil Nugent on Christian pop culture of the '70s and '80s

—Phil Freeman

19 02 2010
16 02 2010

SUNN/SOMA vs Rolling Stone Italy

Here's an article which came out in December, about SUNN but focusing on some of my other work too. The interviewer was a Italian artist I worked with, Nico Vascellari.

16 02 2010
15 02 2010
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