02 01 2010

Southern Lord best label of the decade:: Chunklet

Record Label Of The Decade: Southern Lord. Even though plenty of their roster just ain’t my bag. I’m speaking from an operational POV. (love me some Boris, Earth, *Sunn & Weedeater tho!) Starting in late ’98-99, the folks there consistently release the best polyvinyl product one could lay eyes on. And they do so with great care, attention to detail, and all for a very, very, reasonable price. They “get it”. From Greg, Stephen, Eddie and the whole crew – these people W-O-R-K their asses off. An indie label grew & grew for an entire decade, all while producing verynon-commercial music. There's the proof for your pudding right there. Hydra Head can blow me. (It’s a limited edition of only 29 copies, in 14 different colors, pre-order now! Even though they’re “all gone”. Riiiiiight.) But you'll get a download card for 56 Coalesce B-sides!
*The closing song on SUNN’s “Monoliths & Dimensions” entitled “Alice” was the most astonishing piece of music I heard in 2009.


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