21 01 2010

Sindre Skancke


21 01 2010

4AM Oslo playlist



A pair of true masterpieces

17 01 2010

Burning Witch


Dawn Smithson just sent this stuff over

From the live tv broadcast of Burning Witch's appearance on 29 Live ep #56, 2/6/1997.

A DVD containing this full set will be included in the forthcoming BURNING WITCH vinyl box, on SLR.

Graffitti is on the wall in the back ground level spot at the miserable Institution rehearsal studios in Seattle, cant believe thats still there! Edgy sprayed that in 1995-6. We got kicked out of that room by the way, either because we were too loud or because I kicked a hole in the wall. Cant recall. Good times.

17 01 2010

Rudolf Eb.er's 'How to Mix Colour' DVD trailer

Lesson 1 : How to Mix Colour
A workshop by Rudolf Eb.er with Mai Sau
filmed by moju at Vanilla Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo 2009.05.04
Limited edition DVD released by Tochnit Aleph 12.2009

17 01 2010



Bad ass.

15 01 2010

Cameron Jamie



Cameron Jamie's newest film, "Massage The History" will world premiere at the 2010 International Film Festival in Rotterdam on Sunday, January 31st, 19.30 at Pathe 2, with a second screening on Monday, February 1st at 11.45, at the Lantaren 1 theatre. Jamie's new film has also been selected as one of 30 films to compete for the film festival's Tiger Award for short films.

Cameron Jamie’s latest documentary film "Massage The History" is a mesmerizing vision into a private and hallucinatory world of urban folk dance in rural America. Massage the History documents a group of young male adults living in the suburbs of Alabama who film themselves privately using their body language to post their fantastically uncanny dances on the internet. Their dances exist only in the virtual world and are never seen live, only through their own documentation which they post on various websites. The film was documented over the course of a two-year period as we witness the dancers expressively using their bodies to simulate copulation movements which they have invented as their unique form of dance expression. Within their choreography, they reach a trance and voodoo induced state of possession as their bodies move freely reacting within the physical arena of the domestic living room space. Interiors of the domestic living room becomes the imaginary theater stage for the unimaginable. The haunting and dreamlike soundtrack music of the film is by the New York music group Sonic Youth.


15 01 2010

Revolving Realities



Installation: Interpalazzo
Sound: Marcus Schmickler

January 18th – 24th 2010
Daily, 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Vernissage January 19th, 7 p.m.

Meiré und Meiré, Cologne FACTORY
Lichtstraße 26–28, 50825 Köln, Germany

Dornbracht Edges 2010
Curated by Mike Meire

Passagen / IMM International Furniture Fair 2010, Cologne

‘Revolving Realities’ is an autoreactive installation, one that plays with our sense of reality by continually causing us to perceive and experience a place and an object in new ways. Its surfaces projected with different images, textures and animations, the object becomes a mirror of changing realities. As a result, a kind of real virtuality arises to confront virtual reality. A modular light installation issuing from the sculptural object reworks the space. Cords of light pass through the 600 m2 of surrounding space, intertwining the surrounding area with the centre. Ideas are seized upon and returned; the space is transformed into a sound box that enters into a reflexive dialogue with the sculpture. The object, the space and the beholder form a communicative unit.

The installation is the latest instalment in the Dornbracht Edges series featuring projects in which architecture, design and art intersect. Curated by Mike Meiré, the installation is the work of the group Interpalazzo. For 'Revolving Realities', Interpalazzo (Martin Hesselmeier, Andreas Muxel und Carsten Goertz) has teamed up with composer Marcus Schmickler, who is creating a sound composition specifically for the project.

14 01 2010

SOMA: NYC art trolling results Jan 2009






We have been wandering around NY all week looking at things. Here are the results of our interests, and recommendations.

The White Ribbon (Hanecke early 20th century moralistic, disturbing and beautiful mystery)
Sweetgrass (Montana shepherd documentary, madness and noise in paradise. Nice cut up editing on the sound)

Exquisite Costume
Hospital Productions
Santa Maria Novella
Ceci Cela Cafe
Omen (graci Rosie)
Forbidden Planet/Strand (Alan Moore restock)
Bess (How much can a studded item cost?)
Heathers (20 minute DJCVMNSKL, sorry about that, fuck you Apple. Good times)
various vegetarian dumplings sub-Canal

Xenakis at Drawing Center Wooster/Grand (Mindbending and essential, invigorating, amusing)
Anthony McCall at Sean Kelly W29th (Beautiful, entertaining "solid light" w/ D. Grubbs audio)
1960s-70s California Minimalism groupshow at David Zwirner W19th (Never enough molded obelisques)
Jeffrey Vallance at Bonakdar W21st (Best piece descriptions, great stories and obsessive presentation of null)
Roni Horn at Whitney (Back of head bird portraits, more molded/cast large objects, delicate/collages and meticulously diagrammed waves)

Great stuff, NY!

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