07 12 2009
06 12 2009

Funny Jack Rose stories from Slimm


"Saw this other funny show during the spring with Glenn Jones and David Daniell at this pretty nice theatre type place in Philly. The show got this write up in the paper and was promoted well.. had a real good turn out with some older folks there that I’ve never seen at shows in Philly before to see Jack play ragtime type stuff I’d assume.. so the whole vibe was sort of weird and a tiny bit uptight.. Jack and Glenn were playing a duo song and Jacks yacking “this next song we just wrote together and doesn’t have a title yet blah blah blah..” they toss out back and forth a few sample titles and then Jacks blurts out “how about Glenn gives good head” made me totally laugh… awesome guy.."

"pulled out that recording I sent you of Jack playing at the bookstore with the washboard player and Harmonica Dan.. cool to hear him talk and stomp his foot keeping in time to the music. Thinking about a funny story of Jack getting into a fight with a player at an open mic night at a local bar who played past his 15mins and the dude not knowing who Jack was challenging him to do better if thought he could, and he promptly did to shut him the fuck up. I probably fucked up that story in my recollection but I remember him telling it to me in front of his wife who was still embarrassed by it, I loved it of course. Also remember Jack fighting with a guy at the bookstore for $5 for a show when he was collecting money for the artists.. the guy who was actually a musician, Ilya Monosov, who responded “I’m here to read books not listen to music” Jack was livid insisting he pay the $5 making a big ugly confrontation. Classic Jack!! Man had balls. Always willing to fight over music, what you liked what you should like, why you were wrong.. He did a DJ thing like 2 weeks ago in Philly he was playing all these old ragtime tunes and blues cuts and I went over and was yelling at him “Dopethrone mother fucker.. electric wizard” he didn’t know the stuff, Harmonica Dan and I both endorsed it and I promised to buy him a copy to add to his DJ stack. Beyond his music being beautiful and powerful I’m going to miss the character that Jack was CHESTERFIELDS to you DR!!!

06 12 2009
05 12 2009

RIP Jack Rose


We are sad to report the news that great Philadelphian guitarist, Dr. Ragtime aka Jack Rose has passed away of an apparent heart attack, at the age of 38.

Was happy to have met the Dr. several times, exchange good and humorous words, have a lot of drinks together and furthermore get to witness his beautiful playing most of all. The live music will be sorely missed. Rag/Raga was a fundamental idea we shared.

Ive read that he did complete another record recently, supposedly the answer to Kensington Blues, one of his classics. Hope to be able to hear that in the world in his ghost.

My condolences go out to the Rose family and friends.


04 12 2009

Kindertotenlieder @ Orleans info, in case you have any interest...



Rare shows this year. It continues to progress... a truly weird piece of work.

Kindertotenlieder ( production 2007 )
Gisèle Vienne / Dennis Cooper / Peter Rehberg & Stephen O'Malley (KTL) / piece for 5 performers
December 16 & 17, 2009 / Centre Dramatique National d’Orléans (FR)


04 12 2009

Simona Barbera



03 12 2009
02 12 2009

SUNN O))) vs MOJO 1209






I'm not generally a scorekeeper on stuff like this (ideologic is an archive) but this makes us smile. "Monoliths & Dimensions" breaks MOJO's top 20 of 2009, and earns their #1 Underground Album Of The Year. Also a nice feature in the December issue. Thank you very much sirs!

02 12 2009

O))) Sacrare Son shirt (for ATP & London)


Close up... thanks to IRIS once again...

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