08 09 2009

D.A.C.M. from Yokohama



Production in progress for the yet-untitled 2010 piece by Gisèle Vienne. This month: Yokohama stage rehearsals and Tokyo music recordings. Watch this space!

08 09 2009



06 09 2009

Lotus Eaters


the lotus eaters album "mind control for infants" (originally released by neurot recordings in 2002) is finally going to see release on the vinyl format. the vinyl version features revamped artwork, alternate mixes of the orginal album tracks and a bonus track (an alternate mix of a track originally released on the infernal proteus comp [ajna offensive]). the release is coming out via the fantastic taiga records label some time this fall/early winter, though no definitive date has been set at this point. lotus eaters were and are: james plotkin, aaron turner and stephen o'malley." —from Aaron's blog

04 09 2009

Thorr's Hammer live


pic: Georg Gatsas

03 09 2009

Fuck the hype, fuck the haters

Aluk Todolo next shows :

sept. 4 Paris, France @ le Pixi (Bagnolet) w/Habsyll
sept.20 Tilburg, The Netherlands @ Little Devil - Incubate ZXZW festival

sept.27 Brooklyn @ Secret Project Robot w/Baron von Wüste w/White Hills
sept.28 Philadelphia @ TBA
sept.29 Richmond @ Nara Sushi w/Lussuria
sept.30 Baltimore @ The Golden West Café w/Lussuria w/Darsombra
oct. 1 Brooklyn @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (WFMU event) w/Faust
oct. 2 New York @ Fortune Cookie w/Lussuria w/Sentient w/Curandera
oct. 3 New York @ Lit Lounge w/The Psychic Paramount
oct. 4 Brooklyn @ Union Pool w/Castevet w/Woe w/Malkuth

02 09 2009

creatures of corpse paint


Thanks to O.B.E.Y. / Igor

02 09 2009

Høvikodden LIVE 09

Stephen O´Malley with his commissioned work: Petite Geante at Henie Onstad Art Centre, as part of the opening: Høvikodden LIVE 09: TO BE HEARD IS TO BE SEEN

Musicians: OMalley,
Michael Duch (Dog And Sky, Lemur, Tony Conrad and John Tilbury)
Per Zanussi (Zanussi Five and MZN3)
Hildur Gudnadóttir (Pan Sonic, Throbbing Gristle, Animal Collective and Múm)
Daniel OSullivan (Guapo, Sunn0))), Æthenor adn Mothlite)

02 09 2009

sunn100 M&D vinyl assembly instructional photos 1






The Lord created these to instruct our pressing plant on the correct assembly method
Its finally emerging! Should be available via mailorder and tour soon (East coast 0909 merch table).


02 09 2009

sunn100 M&D vinyl assembly instructional photos 2






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