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Thorrs’ Hammer was the first time that Stephen O’Malley (sunn, KTL, Khanate, Burning Witch) and Greg Anderson (sunn, Ascend, Goatsnake) ever played music together. We formed in 1995 played 2 shows, recorded one demo and then disbanded. 15 years later (!!!) we reconvene with original vocalist: Runhild Gammelsaeter, and drummer Jamie “Boggy” Sykes! We are honored to have Guy Pinhas (Goatsnake, Obsessed) handling BASS duties. We hope you will join us in the re-invocation of grimm subharmonic Nordic hymns!

7/25 @ the Custard Factory. Birmingham, UK
w/Corrupted, The Accused (and many other killer acts)

7/26 @ Scala. London, UK
w/Corrupted, The Accused

Read a interview with Ruhnhild about the upcoming shows here:

Submitted by JamMin on Thu, 09/07/2009 - 17:29

Unless you've been living under a rock, or find anything slower than Agoraphobic Nosebleed "a bit dull and uninteresting", you've probably heard that legendary doom troupe Thorr's Hammer (the Thorr's Hammer that gave us drone daddys Stephen O'Malley and Gregg Anderson) have reunited to play this year's Supersonic Festival. Sufficed to say we were a bit excited, so naturally we bombarded the University Of Oslo with phone calls and emails until we got hold of Dr Runhild Gammelsæter to get the lowdown on the whys, whens and hows from the vocalist extraordinaire.

People often have a quite cynical view of bands getting back together (and rightly so), so why was now the right time to do this?
“We didn't want to do a reunion previously because we thought it sort of cynical, not 'cult' and not 'true' as we say in metal. All members of TH are old friends, I still call Steve when I have a broken heart. I love those guys to death. But we are getting old, people are having babies, careers, living all over the world, rarely seeing each other. We loved the idea of having an opportunity to fly everyone in, spend time together and experiencing the vibe between us again. It may be the last opportunity we have to do that.”

How were you occupying your time between Thorr's Hammer and Khlyst? Were you still engaged with music? Have you been working on any other projects more recently?
“When I left the states and TH disbanded, I studied for ten years at different universities getting my PhD. Khlyst came out in 2006, but James and I had been working on that for a year or so before the release. I worked minimally with music while I studied, spending all of my times with books and in the lab. Played some guitar at home, singing Nirvana and Gram Parsons, which perhaps prepared me for my solo record released last year.”

In terms of lifespan versus influence/impact, Thorr's Hammer are probably one of the most significant bands of the past two decades. How does it feeling knowing you were part of it at that time, at that age? Did you consider staying in the US longer to continue with the band?
“It is very surprising to me that TH would earn such a reputation and becoming such a cult phenomenon. I was seventeen, we played dive bars in Seattle released a demo on cassette and were not known at all. When I left, I never thought the band would have such an impact, and certainly not that we would still be selling records fifteen years later! I am naturally thrilled and awed to have been part of that. Receiving positive attention for something I did as a young girl has definitely affected my life in ways I could never have imagined.
“It's mind baffling, and very flattering. In fact, I never thought we would release it as a CD on a good label. In retrospect I see that we had something different, that few have followed our trail. And listening to the record again, I humbly admit that I sometimes think: damn, that is a good record! I'm very proud to have been a part of that. Makes me happy to see people appreciate what we made.”

What inspired you to revisit Thorr's Hammer after all this time? Is it something that's been on the cards for a while?
"We have spoken of it many times and have had numerous offers for reunion shows throughout the years. All members of the band are old school, and we really didn't believe in reunions. For many years we agreed that TH should be left in peace and remembered for what it was. But because of the success of Sunn O))) and the increased acceptance and exposure of doom and underground music, we have gotten more and more attention as the years went by. We are getting 'old', and we are all still great friends, and consider TH as one of the best and most fun periods of our lives. So we are doing it to all meet up, have a party and revisit that music we made together. Also, a ton of our old friends and fans are coming to see us, it is sure to be a blast."

I assume you’ve had rehearsals ahead of the Supersonic show, so just how strange is it playing these songs again after all this time?
"We are all rehearsing separately now, and meet up ahead of the shows to rehearse together. Listening to the record again is a strange experience. And my lyrics! I have good laughs at myself for those. And why did I write such long lyrics! Why didnt I go for the three verses and chorus? Relearning those is a project in itself... I will have to write things down on my arm or something, my memory has gotten so bad."

Are you nervous about playing Supersonic? It’s an obvious question but Thorr’s Hammer weren’t exactly road-tested for the short time you were active.
"Yes, I am terrified. It is quite a strain for my voice to do long shows and physically demanding as well. We are rehearsing and playing many days in a row, and I have not done this for many years. I can still do a decent growl though, and hope the vocal chords will hold through the mayhem of it. Perhaps my vocals will never recover, getting a rasped voice like Marianne Faithfull. But I dont care, I aim to do my very best and hope that the shows will be amazing for the audience"

Obligatory gender based question, apologies. What was your experience as a young female in the 'business' during the '90s?
"I got a lot of attention, of course. But I didn't experience sexism at all. I felt respected, and that much of the focus was on my vocal performance, which was seen as good compared to vocalists of both genders. Rather than a 'female vocalist', I was a doom vocalist, part of the boys club. And I always enjoyed the company of the guys and always have had a lot of male friends. I like the way men communicate - straight talk. When I had parties, there was a keg in the bathtub and fights outside whiIe I was trying to give people hugs, Steve and Greg (self declared big brothers) protecting me from unwanted male attention. I consider myself a feminine woman, and never took up the metal image or dressed or acted like the boys though. Communicating with though guys back then has been very useful in my current job. Going into the boardroom with men in suits is not very different that rehearsing with long haired men with attitude. Also, metalheads are not stupid or unsophisticated. Most of the long haired men in black clothes back then were revolutionaries, creative geniuses and very intelligent."

What are your thoughts on how the doom/drone scene has developed courtesy of Greg and Stephen's activities as a certain popular band?
"It's wonderful! I have been a fan of this type of music since I was a teen. I enjoy the whole experience of doom. It's more than just sound, it's physical. It leaves room for reflection and feeling the music shake the body. When I was young, people were afraid of this music, and I always thought it was a pity they didnt sit down and give it a chance. Now people wearing suits show up to Sunn0 ))) shows and lie down in front of the stage. That thrills me. Doom has no religious or political affiliations, it's not aimed at a certain audience. Doom is for everyone."

…and here is how it went down 15 years ago at a Chinese Restaraunt in Ballard Washington!

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We are pleased to announce the east coast leg of SUNN O)))'s Monoliths & Dimensions tour. Support comes from Eagle Twin.

Monoliths & Dimensions
East Coast 0909

Thu Sep 17 Pittsburgh PA Mr Small's
Sat Sep 19 Providence RI AS220 Broad Street
Sun Sep 20 Philadelphia PA First Unitarian Church
Tue Sep 22 Brooklyn NY Brooklyn Masonic Temple (w/ Earth, Pelican)
Wed Sep 23 Baltimore MD Sonar
Thu Sep 24 Knoxville TN Bijou Theatre
Fri Sep 25 Asheville, NC The Orange Peel (w/ FAUST!!!)
Sat Sep 26 Atlanta GA Legends
Sun Sep 27 Athens GA Seney-Stovall Chapel
Mon Sep 28 Athens GA Seney-Stovall Chapel
Wed Sep 30 Nashville TN Mercy Lounge

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HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST Photo History Book Announced






HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST Photo History Book Announced

Former HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST mainman Tom Gabriel Fischer and Bazillion Points Books have announced November 2009 as the publication date for 'Only Death Is Real: An Illustrated History of Hellhammer and Early Celtic Frost." Authored by Fischer with cooperation from HELLHAMMER/FROST partner Martin Eric Ain, the deluxe large-format 288pp hardcover will feature over 300 astonishing high-quality photos by Csaba Kézér, Martin Kyburz, and Andreas Schwarber documenting the very dawn of death metal and black metal.

Five years in the making, this extraordinary artifact sets an audacious new historical standard in heavy metal literature. Further information and sample photos are available at THIS LOCATION:


HELLHAMMER's adolescent hardships were played out in dramatic and sometimes violent episodes set in small villages around Zurich, Switzerland, during 1983 and 1984. The ultimate insider document of the earliest era of death metal and black metal, 'Only Death Is Real' documents this unique and cataclysmic moment in modern music history with hundreds of never-seen vintage images, classic artwork reprinted by kind permission of HR Giger, a full visual reference to HELLHAMMER promotional material, flyers, and memorabilia documenting the birth and evolution of extreme metal—all supported by sharp-tongued oral accounts direct from Tom G. Fischer, Martin Ain, Stephen Priestly, Steve Warrior, and other survivors of the HELLHAMMER inner circle.

* * *

[please see above bazillionpoints.com link above for photos - drag out of viewer to capture]

CONTACT: bazillion@bazillionpoints.com, (718) 383-7122

Thank you!

Bazillion Points

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death, tea and opium


Just discover this genius:
"Walter Potter and His Museum of Curious Taxidermy"

you'll find more lovely stuff on:

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Esoteric Book Conference



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Greven returns






From Dagbladet.no via google translate (sorry!)

"Greven" regrets nothing

Varg Vikernes (36) visste hvem som tente på kirkene. Varg Vikernes (36) knew who fired on the churches. — Er du rasist? - Are you racist? — Ja, men jeg hater ingen. - Yes, but I hate no one.

In pure spite said we pretty much always the opposite of the other said, no matter what they said, only to mark distance. Det var slik vi endte opp med å kalle oss satanister, til tross for at vi slett ikke var det. It was so we ended up calling us satanister, despite the fact that we were not there. Det var faktisk ikke en eneste satanist i hele black metal-miljøet i Norge i 1991 — 92. It was not a single satanist in the whole black metal scene in Norway in 1991 - 92. Vi kalte oss satanister fordi death metalmusikerne som regel var svært så samfunnsengasjerte og svært negative til satanisme. We called us satanister because death metal musicians often were so very socially responsible and highly negative to Satanism.

Jeg understreket til retten at jeg slett ikke var, at jeg aldri hadde vært og at jeg aldri kom til å bli satanist, men dette var naturligvis ikke detaljer journalistene ønsket å videreformidle til det norske folk. I emphasized to the Court that I was not, that I had never been and I never came to be satanist, but this was of course no details reporters wanted to disclose to the Norwegian people. De ville at jeg skulle være satanist, og dermed framstilte de meg som en satanist. They wanted that I would be a satanist, and thus they produced me as a satanist. Miljøet ble rett og slett satanisk på grunn av medias fokus på satanisme. The environment was simply SATA because of the media's focus on Satanism.

Fra Varg Vikernes' upubliserte bok. From Varg Vikernes' unpublished book.

Telemark, juni 2009: Vi kjører gjennom tett skog med bratte fjell og daler på hver side. Telemark, June 2009: We drive through the dense forest, with steep mountains and valleys on each side. Sola skinner fra en skyfri himmel, det er klamt og varmt. Sun shining from a clear sky, it is muggy and hot. Vi passerer en bensinstasjon idet mobiltelefonen piper. We pass a petrol station as the mobile phone beeps. Det er Varg Vikernes, også kalt «Greven». It is Varg Vikernes, also known as "Count". Han lurer på om vi er på rett vei. He wonders if we are on track.

20 minutter seinere svinger vi bilen inn på en holdeplass. 20 minutes later we turn the car into a stop. Foran oss står en høy, lys, skjeggete og blid bergenser iført joggebukse, treningsgenser og joggesko. In front of us is a high, light, sweet skjeggete and native wearing joggebukse, training sweater and sneakers. Vi setter kurs for hans nye hjem. We set course for his new home.

Småbruket, som ble kjøpt av et familiemedlem for noen år siden, ligger idyllisk til med naturen som nærmeste nabo. Farm, which was bought by a family for a few years ago, is idyllically situated with nature as its nearest neighbor. Her kan hans franske kone — som venter parets andre barn — og deres felles sønn (1 ½) boltre seg på flere mål dyrket mark. Here, his French wife - waiting family's other children - and their common son (1 ½) frolic on multiple targets farming.

— Det er helt tilfeldig at vi kjøpte her. - It is completely random that we bought here. Vi ønsket oss et stille og fredelig sted med flott natur utenfor byen. We wanted a quiet and peaceful place with beautiful scenery outside the city. Det er så nydelig her oppe. It is so beautiful up here. Her kan vi være for oss selv. Here we can be for ourselves. Men det er mye jobb som må til for å vedlikeholde alt av bygninger, plen og hage. But there is much work that needed to maintain all of the buildings, lawn and garden. Jeg liker å snekre og har alltid likt å bruke kroppen. I like to snekre and have always liked to use the body. Det er ikke noe problem å få tida til å gå, sier Vikernes. There is no problem to get time to go, "said Vikernes.

Det er bare noen uker siden mannen, som på 90-tallet var en av Norges mest fryktede menn, ble sluppet ut — etter å ha tilbrakt nesten halvparten av sitt 36-årige liv bak murene. There are only a few weeks ago the man, who on 90-century was one of the most feared men, was released - after having spent almost half of its 36-year-old lives behind walls.

Han var bare 21 år gammel da han 16. He was only 21 years old when he 16. mai 1994 ble idømt Norges strengeste straff — fengsel i 21 år for overlagt drap på musikerkollegaen Øystein Aarseth (25), tre kirkebranner, en brannstiftelse og flere tyverier. May 1994 was sentenced Norway strictest punishment - 21 years in prison for premeditated murder of a musician colleague Øystein Aarseth (25), three church fires, an arson and several burglaries.

Dommen, publisiteten og skriveriene gjorde sitt til at unggutten fra Bergen fikk en nærmest mytisk status, både i Norge og i utlandet. Dommen, publicity and did their skriveriene that teen from Bergen had an almost mythical status, both in Norway and abroad.

Dagbladets Magasinet har fått tilgang til Varg Vikernes' upubliserte bok. Dagbladets magazine has gained access to Varg Vikernes' unpublished book. Boka, som Vikernes har skrevet under sitt nesten 16 år lange fengselsopphold, er hans egen versjon av hva som skjedde i åra fra black metal-miljøet ble dannet i Norge i 1991 og fram til han ble dømt for drap og kirkebranner tre år seinere. The book, which Vikernes has written during his nearly 16-year prison stay, his own version of what happened in the years from the black metal community was formed in Norway in 1991 and until he was convicted for murder and church fires, three years later.

I passasjen under beskriver Vikernes hva som skjedde da han ble løslatt etter seks uker i varetekt med brev- og besøksforbud i 1993 — mistenkt for å stå bak flere av kirkebrannene han seinere ble dømt for: In the passage below describes Vikernes what happened when he was released after six weeks in custody with the letter and besøksforbud in 1993 - suspected to be behind a number of church fires, he later was convicted for:

Selv ble jeg svært overrasket da jeg kom ut av fengselet og fikk se det bildet media hadde malt av situasjonen. Although I was very surprised when I came out of prison and got to see the picture the media had painted of the situation. Det var side opp og side ned om «Greven», et økenavn journalistene hadde fra Øystein, som kalte meg det fordi jeg hadde brukt pseudonymet «Count Grishnack» på debutplata, og jeg kunne lese intervjuer med alt fra psykiatriske pasienter til selvutnevnte eksperter på satanisme. It was page after page about the "Count", a nickname from the journalists had Øystein, who called me that because I had used the pseudonym "Count Grishnack" on the debut album, and I could see everything from interviews with psychiatric patients to self-appointed experts on Satanism . Selv hadde jeg bare brukt begrepet satanisme for å provosere eller i betydningen «motstander av kristendommen», siden «Satan» tross alt var et ord som ble oversatt med «motstanderen». Although I had only used the term Satanism to provoke or to mean "against Christianity", as "Satan" after all, was a word that was translated "adversary". Den satanismen jeg kunne lese om i media hadde slett ingenting med denne forståelsen eller meg å gjøre, eller med noen av de andre i miljøet å gjøre for den saks skyld . The satan-semitism I could read about in the media had nothing with this clear understanding, or me to do, or with any of the others in the community to do for that matter.

— Jeg er ikke den «Greven» som er blitt framstilt i media. - I am not the "Count" that has been presented in the media. Det er bare trist. It is just sad. De som har kjent meg lenge kjenner seg ikke igjen i det som ble skrevet om meg. Those who have known me a long time know not again in what was written about me. Men jeg har delvis skyld i at vi ble presentert slik. But I have partial blame in that we were presented as such. Det er årsaken til at jeg har skrevet denne boka, som jeg håper å utgi på et forlag. That's why I have written this book, which I hope to publish on a publisher. Jeg vil bli ferdig med denne saken, og legge det som skjedde bak meg. I will be finished with this issue, and put what happened behind me. Jeg vil begynne en ny fase i livet, sier 36-åringen. I will begin a new phase in life, "says 36-year-old.

Vi sitter under tomtas største tre. We sit under the site's largest tree. På bordet står en kanne med kaffe og to store skåler med hjemmebakte pikekyss. On the table is a pot of coffee and two large bowls with home baked pike wink.

— Jeg er veldig glad i dette treet og denne plassen. - I love this tree and this place. Jeg liker å sitte her og slappe av. I like to sit here and relax. Det er stille og fredelig. It is quiet and peaceful.

Det er kona som forsørger den lille familien. It is the wife who provides the small family.

— Jeg har aldri bedt om hjelp. - I never asked for help. Ikke fått det, heller, sier Vikernes. Not been there, either, "said Vikernes.

Den lyse sommerdagen Varg Vikernes slapp ut, hadde han fire avslag på søknaden om prøveløslatelse bak seg. The bright summer Varg Vikernes got out, he had four rejection of the application for parole behind them. Kriminalomsorgen begrunnet avslagene med at han ikke var klar for samfunnet. Kriminal care reasoned rejection of that he was not ready for society. Nå har han — som prøveløslatt — meldeplikt hver fjortende dag de tre første månedene, deretter én gang i måneden de neste ni månedene. Now he has - as on parole - the duty to report every fourteenth day the first three months, then once a month for the next nine months. Dersom han begår et lovbrudd er det rett inn i fengsel igjen. If he commits a crime, it is straight into the prison again.

— Selvsagt var det godt å komme ut av fengselet og hjem til familien. - Of course, it was good to get out of prison and home to the family. Det er deilig at vi endelig kan være sammen hver dag. It is wonderful that we finally can be together every day.

Han drar hånda gjennom den lyse manken. He takes my hand through the light mane.

— Jeg trykket på pauseknappen da jeg kom i fengsel, og slo den på igjen da jeg slapp ut. - I pressed the pause button when I was in prison, and beat it on again when I got out. Mennesker er tilpasningsdyktige. People are adaptable. Jeg tenkte ikke på hva som skjedde i fengselet, jeg levde i framtida. I thought not on what happened in prison, I lived in the future. Jeg skrev, trente, spiste sunt og taklet livet i fengsel veldig bra. I wrote, practiced, ate healthy and responded to life in prison very well.

— Men jeg har ikke noe pent å si om det norske fengselsvesenet. - But I do not have anything nice to say about the Norwegian prison system. Det finnes ikke rettssikkerhet i norske fengsler. There is no rule of law in Norwegian prisons.

— Jeg blir bare provosert av Knut Storberget, som sier at de tar rusproblemene på alvor. - I will only be provoked by Knut Storberget, who says that they take the drug problems seriously. Det er bare tøv. It is just rot. Selv har jeg aldri rørt alkohol eller medikamenter. Although I have never touched alcohol or drugs.

Hvem er egentlig denne mannen vi kaller «Greven»? Who is this really the man we call "Count"?

Han ble født i Bergen og vokste opp der. He was born in Bergen and grew up there. Som liten var han som barn flest — aktiv, nysgjerrig og munter. As small as a child, he was the most - active, curious and cheerful. I tillegg var han veldig kreativ, glad i å lese, skoleflink og han hadde en evne til å fordype seg i ting. In addition, he was very creative, love to read, skoleflink and he had an ability to specialize in things. Han var medlem av et skytterlag, aktiv i friidrett og kampsport — og ble tidlig glad i musikk. He was a member of a skytterlag, active in athletics and martial arts - and was an early love of music. Spesielt klassisk og visesang, men han hørte aldri på pop. In particular, classical and visesanger, but he never heard in pop.

14 år gammel fikk han en gitar. 14 years old he got a guitar. Det skulle bli starten på hans musikalske karriere. It would be the start of his musical career.

Det er ganske ironisk å tenke på at jeg aldri drømte om noen form for berømmelse eller beryktelse. It is quite ironic to think that I never dreamed about any kind of fame or notorious. Da jeg startet opp mitt enmannsband ønsket jeg tvert imot å være anonym. When I started my one-man band on the contrary, I wanted to remain anonymous. Jeg brukte et pseudonym på platen, brukte et bilde hvor ingen kunne kjenne meg igjen og ønsket verken å spille konserter eller vise meg offentlig i sammenheng med musikk. I used a pseudonym on the disc, used a picture where no one could recognize me again, and neither wanted to play concerts or show me the public in connection with music.

Vikernes var aktiv i flere band, og bare 17 år gammel ble han medlem av gruppa Old Funeral — et death metalband fra Os utenfor Bergen. Vikernes was active in several bands, and only 17 years old he was member of the group Old Funeral - a death metalband from Os outside Bergen. Året etter startet han enmannsbandet Burzum — som i dag betraktes som et av opphavene til black metal, og som fortsatt er et av de mest kjente bandene innenfor sjangeren. The following year, he started one-man band Burzum - which today are considered one of the origins of black metal, and which remains one of the most famous bands in the genre.

Antallet solgte skiver er ukjent, men trolig dreier det seg om hundretusener, ifølge beregninger gjort av musikkeksperter. The number of washers sold are unknown, but probably we are talking about hundreds, according to estimates by the music experts.

— Burzum var et friskt pust på 80-tallet, som var preget av intensitet og aggresjon. - Burzum was a fresh breath of air in 80-century, which was characterized by intensity and aggression. Burzum åpnet for en inderlig monotoni, som mangler sidestykke i musikkhistorien, sier frontfigur og vokalist i et av verdens største black metal-band, Gylve Nagell i norske Darkthrone. Burzum opened an intense monotonicity, which is missing page piece in music history, says frontfigur and vocalist in one of the world's largest black-metal band, Gylver Nagell in Norwegian Dark Throne.

Vikernes har allerede skrevet ferdig ni låter til et nytt Burzum-album, som han håper å utgi på nyåret. Vikernes has already finished writing nine songs to a new Burzum album, which he hopes to publish next year. Han forteller at flere plateselskaper er interessert i å gi ut det første albumet på elleve år. He says that several record labels interested in releasing the first album in eleven years.

— Jeg vil bruke god tid, slik at jeg får det slik jeg liker det. - I want a good time, so I can get it the way I like it. Det blir metal, og fansen kan vente seg ekte Burzum, sier han. There are metal, and fans can expect a real Burzum, "he said.

6. 6. juni 1992 våkner Norge til nyheten om at en av Bergens mest populære turistattraksjoner, Fantoft stavkirke, er totalskadet i brann. June 1992 Norway wake up to news that one of Bergen's most popular tourist attractions, Fantoft cult, is the total damaged in a fire. I løpet av seks måneder brenner enda tre norske stavkirker ned til grunnen. In the course of six months will burn even three Norwegian stave churches to the ground. Politiet setter inn store ressurser i jakten på brannårsaken, men det skal gå hele åtte måneder før politiet går til aksjon mot Varg Vikernes. The police put large resources in the hunt for the cause of fire, but it will be eight months before going to the police action against Varg Vikernes.

Da Fantoft kirke brant ned i juni 1992 fikk Øystein det for seg at det var jeg som sto bak, fordi vi noen uker eller måneder tidligere hadde snakket om å brenne kirker, etter at en kirke hadde brent ned på grunn av lynnedslag. Da Fantoft church burned down in June 1992 Øystein got it for him that it was I who stood behind, because we have a few weeks or months earlier had talked about burning churches, after a church was burned down because of lightning. Han var mest opptatt av å bruke dette for å promotere norsk black metal, og skremme bort «trendy drittunger i lyse joggebukser» og andre svake personligheter. He was most eager to use this to promote Norwegian black metal, and scare away "trendy shit kids in bright joggebukser" and other weak personalities. Han fortalte i øst og vest at jeg hadde brent ned Fantoft stavkirke, og det ble etter hvert allmennkunnskap i undergrunnen. He said the east and west that I had burned down Fantoft cult, and it was eventually allmennkunnskap in the subsurface. Alle «visste» at jeg hadde brent Fantoft stavkirke, trodde de, fordi Øystein hadde spredd dette ryktet. All "knew" that I had burned Fantoft cult, they believed, because Øystein had spread this rumor. De brydde seg ikke engang om å spørre meg om det var sant når vi møttes. They did not even have to ask me if it was true when we met. Jeg brydde meg dessuten ikke om å forsøke å avkrefte ryktet. I bothered me not to try to debunk rumors. Ikke tok jeg det særlig seriøst og heller ikke syntes jeg det gjorde noe. No I took it particularly seriously, nor I thought it did anything. Det er påfallende at ingen i noen av de bandene som ble sett på som «true» (sanne, ekte — red.anm.) noensinne ble siktet eller tiltalt for å stå bak kirkebranner, med unntak av undertegnede selvfølgelig. It is striking that no one in any of the bands that were seen as "true" (true, true - editor.) Was ever indicted or prosecuted for standing behind the church fires, with the exception of yours truly of course. Hvorfor skulle vi brenne kirker eller gjøre noe annet ekstremt, når vi allerede ble sett på som «true»? Why would we burn churches or do anything extreme, when we already were seen as "true"? Det var andre, som regel yngre individer, som sto bak kirkebrannene, og de brente dem først og fremst for å bli akseptert og respektert av Øystein og oss andre. There were other, usually younger individuals, who were behind the church fires, and they burned them first and foremost to be accepted and respected by Øystein us and others.

— Vet du hvem som tente på kirkene? - Do you know who fired on the churches?

— Jeg visste det, men hadde ingen interesse av å tyste. - I knew it, but had no interest in silence. De klarte utmerket godt å få seg selv dømt uten min hjelp. They did exceptional well to get himself convicted without my help. Jeg snakket ikke med politiet i det hele tatt, fordi jeg ikke hadde noe tillit til dem. I spoke not with the police at all, because I had no confidence in them. De hadde ingen interesse av å få fram sannheten, bare å få meg dømt. They had no interest to reveal the truth, just to get me convicted.

Vikernes ble tiltalt for fem kirkebranner, Eidsivating lagmannsrett dømte ham for tre: Holmenkollen kapell i Oslo, Skjold kirke i Vindafjord og Åsane kirke i Bergen. Vikernes was prosecuted for five church fires, Eidsivating Court sentenced him to three: Holmenkollen Chapel in Oslo, Skjold Church in the world and Åsane church in Bergen. I tillegg ble han dømt for å ha tent på Storetveit kirkes klokketårn i Bergen. In addition, he was sentenced to be lit on Storetveit bell tower in Bergen. Vikernes ble felt på grunnlag av vitneutsagn fra personer i black metal-miljøet. Vikernes was felt on the basis of witness accounts from people in black metal circles. Flere av dem ble også dømt til medvirkning i noen av brannene. Several of them were also convicted of complicity in some of the fires.

Han beskriver denne tida slik i boka si: He describes this time as in the book:

Da muligheten til å gi et intervju til en stor norsk avis dukket opp i januar 1993, grep vi sjansen. When the opportunity to give an interview to a major American newspaper appeared in January 1993, we seized the opportunity. Øystein og jeg ble enige om at jeg skulle gi et intervju hvor jeg skulle skremme vettet av folk og promotere black metal. Øystein and I agreed that I should give an interview where I would scare mind of people and promote black metal. Det ville skape blest om «Helvete» (Øystein Aarseths platebutikk i Oslo som solgte black metal, red.anm.), tenkte vi, og dermed ville han få flere kunder. It would Promote on "Hell" (Øystein Aarseth platebutikk in Oslo that sold black metal, editor.), We thought, and thus he would get more customers. Med masse teater og skuespill møtte jeg en kristen journalist, og som avtalt med Øystein fortalte jeg om satanister som sto bak kirkebranner og den fiktive organisasjonen som sto bak. With lots of theater and the plays I met a Christian journalist, and as agreed with Øystein told I satanister about who were behind the church fires, and the fictitious organization that was behind.

Jeg forklarte politiet at jeg ikke hadde brent en eneste kirke, og da de spurte meg om jeg visste hvem som hadde gjort det, sa jeg at ja, det visste jeg muligens, men jeg hadde ingen planer om å fortelle det til dem. I explained to the police that I had not burned a single church, and when they asked me if I knew who had done it, I said that yes, what did I possibly, but I had no plans to tell it to them. Som naiv og godtroende 19-åring ble jeg både skuffet, oppgitt og skremt av møtet med politiet. As naive and gullible 19-year old I was both disappointed, entered and frightened of the meeting with the police. De løy under avhør, diktet opp vitner som plasserte meg på steder jeg aldri hadde vært, og presterte sågar å si at de hadde meg på film utenfor en av de brennende kirkene. They lied under questioning, the poem up witnesses who placed me in places I had never been, and even managed to say that they had me in a film outside of the burning churches. Politiet brukte dessuten media bevisst i et forsøk på å forhåndsdømme meg. The police also used the media deliberately in an attempt to pre-judge me.

— Jeg sto i retten og presiserte at jeg ikke hadde noe med kirkebrannene å gjøre, men jeg ble dømt. - I stood in the Court and precise kid that I had something with the church fires to make, but I was doomed. Jeg snakket bare om kirkebrenning på den tida for å skremme. I talked about the church burning at the time to scare. Det var fordi en i pressen gikk til politiet og anga meg, at politiet fikk snusen i meg, hevder Vikernes. It was because the press went to the police and entered me, that the police had Snusen in me, "said Vikernes.

— Angrer du på valgene dine? - Undoes you on your options?

— Nei! - No!

— Hvem er du i dag? - Who are you today?

— Jeg er fremdeles ikke den personen mannen i gata tror de vet noe om. - I'm still not the person the man in the street think they know something about.

De totale gjenoppbyggingskostnadene av kirkene ble den gang anslått til 45 millioner kroner. The total reconstruction cost of the churches was the time estimated at 45 million. Forsikringskravet mot Vikernes var 19 millioner kroner, men han sier at han aldri har sett noe til det. Insurance requirement for Vikernes was 19 million, but he says he has never seen anything to it. Men han skylder Oslo kommune 23 millioner kroner etter nedbrenningen av Holmenkollen kapell. But he owes Oslo kommune 23 million after the burning of Holmenkollen chapel. Han sier han flere ganger de siste åra har fått brev om å betale inn flere millioner kroner på kort varsel. He said he several times in recent years has received a letter to pay several million dollars on short notice.

— Jeg har null i inntekt og kommer aldri til å kunne tilbakebetale det jeg skylder. - I have zero in income and will never be able to repay what I owe. Eneste utvei er gjeldssanering. The only way out is debt. Da kan jeg kanskje tjene egne penger om fem år. Then I can perhaps earn their own money in five years.

— Hvilke tanker har du om kirkebrenning i dag? - What thoughts have you about the church burning today?

— Ikke noe spesielt. - Nothing special. Jeg har ikke ofret det så mye som en tanke på mange, mange år. I have not sacrificed so much as a thought for many, many years.

Under ransakinger hjemme hos Vikernes i Bergen i 1993 fant politiet 150 kilo eksplosiver og rundt 3000 skudd av forskjellige kaliber. Under the warrants at the home of Vikernes in Bergen in 1993, police found 150 kilograms of explosives and about 3000 shots of different caliber. Mediene spekulerte den gang i om han planla å sprenge Nidarosdomen. The media speculate it started in if he planned to blow Nidarosdomen.

— Tull og tøys. - Tull and the bull. Jeg hadde skaffet meg dette for å kunne forsvare Norge hvis vi ble angrepet noen gang. I was getting this in order to defend Norway if we were attacked any time. Under den kalde krigen var det USA og Sovjetunionen som kunne finne på å angripe oss. During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union that could come up with to attack us. Vi har ingen grunn til å stole på verken regjering, kongefamilien eller Forsvaret på grunn av det som skjedde sist gang vi ble angrepet. We have no reason to trust neither the government, the royal family or the military because of what happened last time we were attacked. Vi er overlatt til oss selv, sier han. We are left to ourselves, "he said.

Vikernes myser mot den stekende sola og spiser et pikekyss. Vikernes myser against the blazing sun and eating a girl kiss. Det er sommerstille på gården, i det fjerne putrer en bil. It is quiet summer on the farm, in the distance, simmer a car. Bortenfor faren står sønnen og leker med biler. Bortenfor father's son and play with cars. Ved siden av ham sitter hans høygravide franske kone, som han traff mens han satt inne. Beside him sits his høygravide French wife, whom he met while he was sitting inside. I fjor giftet de seg i Skien, de hadde en liten, privat seremoni. Last year they got married in Skien, they had a small, private ceremony. Det er bare noen uker igjen til de blir foreldre igjen. There are only a few weeks left to become parents again.

— Det er veldig morsomt med barn. - It is very fun with the children. Vi gleder oss, sier tobarnsfaren, og klapper minstemann kjærlig over hodet. We look forward, "says tobarns father, and slapping at least loving man over the head.

— Kommer du til å fortelle barna dine om fortida di? - Are you to tell your kids about your past?

— Selvsagt. - Of course. På skolen til dattera mi (17), som studerer musikk i Bergen, vet alle det. At school your daughter mi (17), studying music in Bergen, everyone knows it. Det har aldri vært noe problem, sier han. It has never been a problem, "he said.

— Det gikk bra med meg da Varg satt inne, men selvsagt var det tøft. - It went well with me when Varg set in, but of course it was tough. Det var mye ansvar å bo på et småbruk alene med en liten baby. There was a lot of responsibility to live on a small farm alone with a small baby. Nå er vi lykkelige, sier Vikernes' franske kone på klingende norsk. Now we're happy, "said Vikernes' wife of French-accented English.

Seinsommeren 1993 er forholdet mellom Øystein Aarseth og Vikernes blitt anstrengt. Late summer of 1993 is the relationship between Øystein Aarseth and Vikernes been strained. Ifølge Vikernes hadde Aarseth falmet som leder, og la skylda for dette på Vikernes, som for øyeblikket fikk mer oppmerksomhet. According to Vikernes Aarseth had faded as the head, and laid the blame for this on Vikernes, who currently received more attention.

8. 8. august dette året skjer følgende, ifølge Vikernes: Hjemme i leiligheten i Bergen får Vikernes lytte til en telefonsamtale mellom en jevnaldrende kamerat og Øystein Aarseth. August this year takes place the following, according to Vikernes: home in my apartment in Bergen Vikernes will listen to a telephone conversation between a peer buddy and Øystein Aarseth. Vikernes får høre at Aarseth har konkrete planer om å drepe ham. Vikernes is told that Aarseth has concrete plans to kill him. Dette til tross for at Aarseth og Vikernes hadde ferdigforhandlet en platekontrakt på Aarseths undergrunnsselskap, «Deathlike Silence Production». This despite the fact that Vikernes and Aarseth had finished negotiating a record deal on Aarseth underground company, "Death Like Silence Production."

Han ville kvitte seg med meg, jeg måtte bort. He would get rid of me, I had lost. Han ville bruke en elektrosjokkpistol til å slå meg ut med. He would use a stun gun to hit me with. Deretter skulle han binde meg, kaste meg i bagasjerommet på en bil og kjøre meg ut i skogen, hvor han skulle binde meg til et tre og torturere meg til døde. Then he would tie me, throw me in the trunk of a car and run me out of the woods, where he would tie me to a tree and torture me to death.

Vikernes skriver i boka at han dagen etter denne telefonsamtalen mottar et brev, som politiet seinere beslaglegger, fra Aarseth. Vikernes writes in the book that he was the day after this phone call will receive a letter, which police later seized post, from Aarseth. Her ber sistnevnte om at Vikernes kommer til Oslo, slik at de kan signere kontraktene. You ask the latter that Vikernes come to Oslo, so they can sign contracts. Samme kveld bestemmer Vikernes seg for å reise til Oslo — etter eget utsagn for å underskrive. The same evening determines Vikernes is to travel to Oslo - by their own statement to sign. Sammen med kameraten tar han den lange turen over fjellet. Together with his pal, he takes the long trip over the mountains. De bytter på å kjøre og sove natta gjennom. They take turns driving and sleeping through the night.

Jeg ville levere kontraktene til ham med en gang, slik at han ikke lenger hadde noen grunn til å ta kontakt. I would deliver the contracts to him right away, so that he no longer had any reason to contact. Vi hadde ingenting med hverandre å gjøre ellers lenger, og det var bare disse kontraktene som kunne gi ham et påskudd til å komme nær meg igjen. We had nothing to do with each other or longer, and it was only those contracts that could give him a pretext to get near me again.

Ifølge Vikernes parkerer de bilen i tre-fire-tida på natta utenfor Tøyengata i Oslo, hvor Aarseth bor. According to Vikernes park the car in three to four-time at night outside Tøyengata in Oslo, where Aarseth lives. Vikernes ringer på. Vikernes rings.

Her er et utdrag fra den dramatiske natta Vikernes blir drapsmann, slik det framkommer i boka: Here is an excerpt from the dramatic night Vikernes is killer, as it emerges in the book:

På grunn av telefonsamtalen og det falske brevet var jeg sint på Øystein, og da jeg kom opp må han ha sett det på meg, for han virket svært redd. Because of the phone call and the false letter, I was angry at Øystein, and when I got up, he must have seen it on me, for he seemed very afraid. Enten det, eller så tenkte han på sine egne planer om å ta livet av meg, og følte ubehag ved at jeg plutselig var der. Either that, or so he thought of his own plans to take the life of me, and felt discomfort in that I suddenly was there. Han kunne bare reist dit pepperen gror og trengte aldri mer å så mye som skrive et brev til meg. He could only be raised there pepperen grow and never needed to as much as writing a letter to me. Jeg ville ikke ha noe med ham å gjøre mer. I would not have anything with him to do more. Mens jeg snakket tok jeg et steg framover, og virket da sikkert svært truende på Øystein. While I spoke I took a step forward, and seemed as likely a very threatening for Øystein. Han må ha fått panikk, for plutselig sparket han meg i brystet, men traff brystbeinet slik at sparket ikke hadde noen effekt. He must have been panic, for suddenly he kicked me in the chest, but struck the breast bone so that the fire had no effect. Jeg grep tak i foten hans og kastet ham i bakken. I pulled in his foot and threw him to the ground. Han så mot kjøkkenet. He looks toward the kitchen. Jeg hadde vært i leiligheten hans tidligere, og visste at han hadde en kjøkkenkniv liggende framme der, og jeg så at det var den han så mot. I had been in his apartment earlier, and knew he had a kjøkkenkniv liggende arrived there, and I saw that it was he so against. Han reiste seg plutselig så fort han kunne og satte av sted mot den åpne kjøkkendøra. He got up suddenly as soon as he could and set the place on the open kitchen door. Samtidig hoppet jeg fram foran ham. At the same time I jumped up in front of him. Jeg fisket opp en liten kniv jeg hadde i den ene lommen. I caught a small knife I had in one pocket. Det var egentlig en støvelkniv, med et omtrent ti centimeter langt blad. It was actually a boot knife, by about ten centimeters long blade. Kniven var ikke skarp, men relativt spiss, og jeg hogg ham i ansiktet. The knife was not sharp, but rather pointed, and I struck him in the face. Det var første gang jeg stakk noen med kniv, og det ble et rimelig halvhjertet angrep. It was the first time I did some with knife, and it was a reasonable half the heart attack. Det føltes veldig unaturlig og feil å stikke et annet menneske med kniv. It felt very unnatural and wrong to stab another man with a knife.

All aversjon mot å stikke et annet menneske forsvant med første hogget. All aversion to sticking another man disappeared with the first Hogget. Barrieren var brutt. The barrier was broken. Jeg hadde å gjøre med en person som planla å torturere meg til døde, og som uten tvil ville forsøke å gjennomføre planen sin. I had to do with a person who planned to torture me to death, and that no doubt would try to implement his plan. Øystein ropte på hjelp og stoppet for å slåss. Øystein shouted for help and stopped to fight. Jeg parerte slagene hans med kniven, slik at hvert slag ble et knivstikk i hans arm eller kropp. I parry the blows with his knife, so that each kind was a knivstikk in his arm or body.

Aarseth ble seinere funnet drept flere etasjer nedenfor sin egen leilighet. Aarseth was later found killed several floors below his own apartment. Med 23 knivstikk. With 23 knivstikk. Vikernes sa seg skyldig i forsettlig drap, men ble dømt for overlagt drap. Vikernes told him guilty of intentional murder, but was convicted of premeditated murder. Den jevnaldrende kameraten som hadde blitt med til Oslo ble dømt til åtte års fengsel for medvirkning, til tross for at Vikernes sa at han var uskyldig. The same age who had been to Oslo was sentenced to eight years in prison for complicity, despite the fact that Vikernes said that he was innocent. Ifølge Vikernes oppholdt kameraten seg hele tida utenfor leiligheten. According to Vikernes buddy stayed up all the time outside the apartment.

Mens jeg satt isolert på cellen, prosederte politiet saken i media, godt hjulpet av pressekorpset. While I was isolated in the cell, the police issue proceedings in the media, assisted by the press corps. De framstilte saken som om jeg hadde myrdet Øystein helt uten videre, og at det lenge hadde eksistert en maktkamp oss imellom, som handlet om ledelsen av metallmiljøet. They produced the matter as if I had murdered Øystein without further, and that it had long existed a power struggle between us, which was about the management of the metal environment. Man fikk inntrykk av at det handlet om en slags hierarkisk oppbygget satanisk organisasjon, som hadde vært ledet av Øystein, og så prøvde jeg å ta over ledelsen ved å myrde ham. Monday got the impression that it is about a kind of hierarchical organized SATA organization, which had been led by Øystein, and so I tried to take over the leadership to murder him. Jeg hadde ingen interesse av å være lederfigur i dette miljøet. I had no interest in being the leader figure in this environment. Musikk var for meg noe jeg holdt på med fordi jeg var desillusjonert etter den kalde krigens slutt og ikke visste hva jeg ville i livet. Music for me was something I was because I was desillusjonert after the Cold War's end and did not know what I wanted in life. Å bli en lederfigur i dette miljøet var det siste jeg ønsket. To be a leader figure in this environment was the last thing I wanted. Hadde man i Norge på det tidspunktet hatt for vane å brenne hekser på bålet ville jeg garantert ha blitt brent levende, uten dom og uten rettssak, der og da. Had been in Norway at that time had the habit of burning witches at the stake, I would have been guaranteed burned alive, without conviction and without trial, where and when. I stedet måtte de foreløpig nøye seg med medias gapestokk. Instead, they had to so far just with the media gapestokk. De forhåndsdømte meg så til de grader og pisket opp så sterke følelser mot meg at til og med de engang så «tøffe» og «beinharde» black metal-musikerne nærmest sto i kø utenfor politikamrene rundt om i landet for å angi meg, og legge skylden for alt som hadde skjedd på meg. They pre-judged me as to the degrees and stirred up such strong feelings toward me that even the once so "tough" and "bone hard" black-metal musicians almost queued outside politikamrene around the country to set me, and add the blame for everything that had happened to me. Det er klart de gjorde det; jeg hadde jo myrdet deres idol i en kamp om ledervervet i Øysteins fiktive maktorganisasjon. It is clear they did it, I had the murdered their idol in a battle for leadership in Øysteins fictitious force organization.

— Angrer du på at du drepte? - Undoes you that you killed?

— Jeg kan ikke angre på at jeg tok livet av en som skulle drepe meg. - I can not regret that I took the life of one who would kill me. Jeg var truet av hans planer, men det var aldri min plan å drepe. I was threatened by his plans, but it was never my plan to kill.

— Kan du drepe igjen? - Can you kill again?

— Alle mennesker kan drepe. - All people can kill. Men det er mindre sjanse for at jeg vil drepe igjen, fordi jeg har vært i den situasjonen før, og vet derfor bedre hvordan jeg skal takle det. But there is less chance that I will kill again, because I've been in that situation before, and so we know better how to tackle it. Det går ikke an å vite hvordan man oppfører seg i truende situasjoner før man selv havner i en slik situasjon. It is not possible to know how to behave in threatening situations before you even end up in such a situation. Hadde jeg vært i samme situasjon i dag, hadde jeg kontaktet politiet først. Had I been in the same situation today, I had contacted the police first. Man gjør enkle valg i ung alder. Monday make simple choices at a young age. Det var en spesiell tone i miljøet jeg vanket. There was a certain tone in the environment I hung around. Det er ikke bra å være likegyldig, da blir man farlig. It is not good to be indifferent, then, is dangerous.

Vikernes sonet straffen i Oslo, Ringerike, Trondheim og Tromsø, hvor han de siste par åra har vært på såkalt åpen soning. Vikernes sentence served in Oslo, Ringerike, Trondheim and Tromsø, where he is the last couple years has been the so-called open prison.
I løpet av disse åra har han blitt koblet til nynazistiske og rasistiske miljøer. During these years he has been linked to neo-Nazi and racist environments.

— Jeg har aldri stiftet eller vært medlem av slike organisasjoner. - I have never founded or been a member of such organizations. Eneste organisasjonen jeg er medlem av, er Riksmålsforbundet. The only organization I am member of, is Riksmålsforbundet.

Under sitt opphold i Oslo kretsfengsel skriver Vikernes om sjokket som møtte ham: During their stay in Oslo kretsfengsel Vikernes writes about the shock that met him:

Av 36 menn på avdelingen var det utenom meg bare to andre nordmenn. Of 36 men in the department, it was outside of me only two other Norwegians. Av de 33 andre var det en polakk og en tysker, og resten afrikanere, pakistanere og arabere. Of the 33 others had a Poles and a German, and the rest Africans, Pakistanis and Arabs. På den andre avdelingen var situasjonen omtrent den samme. On the other department, the situation was about the same. Enkelte av pakistanerne kunne ikke engelsk engang, men snakket bare urdu, og hele fengselet stinket basar. Some of pakistan buyers could not even English, but spoke only urdu, and the entire prison stinks basar. Var dette virkelig Norge? Is this really Norway? Var dette Oslo? Is this London?

I 2003 ble Vikernes dømt til 14 måneders tilleggsstraff etter at han ikke kom tilbake fra permisjon fra Tønsberg fengsel. In 2003, Vikernes was sentenced to 14 months of additional imprisonment after he did not come back from leave of absence from Tønsberg prison. Da politiet pågrep ham, fant de blant annet et AG-3 automatgevær, et antall mindre våpen og rundt 700 skudd i bilen. When police arrested him, they found, among other things, an AG-3 automatic rifle, a number of small arms and around 700 shots in the car.

— Jeg har aldri vært nazist, og er det heller ikke nå. - I've never been a Nazi, and it is not now. Det er bare tull at jeg har startet rasistiske propagandagrupper. It is crazy that I have started the racist propaganda groups. Blir du motarbeidet av fengselsvesenet kan du bli frustrert, aggressiv og lett påvirkelig fra andre miljøer. Are you opposed by the prison, you can become frustrated, aggressive and susceptible from other communities. Det jeg gjorde var et opprør mot dem jeg føler har behandlet meg dårlig. What I did was a rebellion against them I feel has treated me badly. Det var bare dumt, men der og da føltes det riktig. It was just stupid, but where and when it felt right. Man kan bli ganske utafor hvis man sitter isolert og hele tida blir motarbeidet. They can be quite outside if you sit in isolation and all the time opposed.

Han fortsetter: He continues:

— Men jeg har mine klare holdninger. - But I have my positions clear. Jeg ser at det går til helvete med dette landet — og jeg prøver å ikke bli dratt med. I see that it goes to hell with this country - and I try not to be gone with. Dette er ikke lenger Norge. This is not Norway. Vi er i ferd med å bli erstattet av fremmede, både kulturelt, religiøst og genetisk sett. We are about to be replaced by strangers, both culturally, religiously and genetically set. Ta en titt på befolkningen vår i dag, og sammenlikn den med den vi hadde for 50 år siden. Take a look at our population today, and compare it with that we had 50 years ago.

— Er du rasist? - Are you racist?

— Ja. - Yes. Men jeg hater ingen. But I hate no one. Hat er irrasjonelt. Hat is irrational. Selv er jeg en rasjonell person. Although I am a rational person.

— Er du stolt av den du er blitt? - Are you proud that you have been?

— Ja! - Yes!

— Skjønner du at folk er redd for deg? - Understand that people are afraid of you?

— Jeg forstår det ut ifra framstillingen i media. - I understand the basis of representation in the media.

Vi rusler over tunet , som er dekket med blomster og gress, og tråkker inn i huset og «arbeidsrommet». We walk over the farm, which is covered with flowers and grass, and stepped into the house and the "work space". Her lager Vikernes musikk og skriver bøker. Her stock Vikernes music and write books. Han har planer om å skrive både fantasy- og science fiction-bok, i tillegg jobber han med et rollespill. He plans to write both fantasy and science fiction-book, in addition, he is a role-playing game. Tidligere har han utgitt to bøker, som blant annet er blitt oversatt til russisk. Previously, he has published two books, which, among other things, has been translated into Russian.

Familien er blitt tatt godt imot i nærmiljøet. The family is being well received in the community.

— Her har vi fått alt vi ønsket oss. - Here we have everything we wanted. Familien og jeg trives. The family and I enjoy.

Han roser bygdefolket, kaller dem omtenksomme. He made shoes people, call them thought.

— Jeg har ikke lenger noen venner. - I no longer have any friends. I fengselet saboterte de meg aktivt. In prison, they sabotage me active. Uansett hva jeg gjorde, og i alle de åra jeg satt der. No matter what I did, and in all the years I sat there. Det er det de kaller rehabilitering. That is what they call rehabilitation.

— Hvordan klarer du deg uten venner? - How can you without friends?

— Det går helt greit. - It's okay. Jeg har et bra forhold til familien. I have a good relationship with the family.

Magasinet har vært i kontakt med Øystein Aarseths familie for å orientere om Vikernes' påstander og nye opplysninger som framkommer i boka. The magazine has been in contact with Øystein Aarseth family to brief about Vikernes' allegations, and new information that emerges in the book. Aarseths familie ønsker ikke å kommentere saken . Aarseth family does not want to comment on the matter.

Statsadvokat Bjørn Soknes tar avstand mot påstandene fra Vikernes om at han ble forhåndsdømt, at politiet drev utpressing mot vitner og fabrikkerte bevis. State Bjørn pastor takes distance from Vikernes against allegations that he was pre-judged, that the police ran extortion against witnesses and fabricated evidence.

— Tøv, sier Soknes, som var aktor i rettssaken. - Rot, "says pastor, who was prosecutor in the trial.

— Var fenomenet «Greven» medieskapt? - Is the phenomenon of "Greven" media created?

— Selvfølgelig ikke. - Of course not. Han hadde et ønske om å bli nasjonalt kjent. He had a desire to become nationally known.

Fungerende avdelingsdirektør i Kriminalomsorgens sentrale forvaltning, Elisabeth Barsett, svarer følgende på Vikernes' påstander om at han skulle ha blitt sabotert av fengselet: Acting Deputy Kriminalomsorg in the central administration, Elisabeth Barsett, answer the following for Vikernes' claims that he should have been altered by the prison:

— Jeg ønsker ikke å kommentere den saken spesielt. - I do not want to comment on the case specifically.

Anja Hegg dekket rettssaken mot Vikernes som krimreporter i Dagbladet. Anja Hegg covered the trial of Vikernes as krim reporter in Dagbladet.

— Var fenomenet «Greven» medieskapt? - Is the phenomenon of "Greven" media created?

— Nei. - No. Men i ettertid kan man sikkert si at det hadde gjort seg med et mer nyansert bilde. But in retrospect, one can safely say that it had done with a more nuanced picture.

— Ble han forhåndsdømt? - Was he pre-judged?

— Det synes jeg ikke. - It seems I do not. Vi prøvde å få fram et mer nyansert bilde gjennom intervjuer med forsvarer Tor Erling Staff, Vikernes, miljøet og hans omgangskrets, uten å lykkes. We tried to get a more nuanced picture through interviews with defender Tor Erling Staff, Vikernes, the environment and his half circle, without success.


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