13 05 2009

thorr hammer VS afghan whigs



Just saw the artwork for the TH lps. Seems familiar : back in 96 i was an absolute fan of the Afghan whigs.
Sadly i lost the booklet of my favorite bootleg CD the week i bought it, so i decided to make my own out of some random (?) picture found in a magazine.
For years, i was wondering who was this dracula girl... Now i know !!



13 05 2009

sunn1 gatefold LP


This will emerge for the July action...

12 05 2009

Æld BURNING WTCH interview



Courtesy: PIT

12 05 2009



11 05 2009



11 05 2009

19th century...


11 05 2009





Pics courtesy of Shaun K. Thanks!!!

09 05 2009

CIRCLE. Why is a band so fucking great?




Just encountered the sound of these Finns again, after a couple of years break, but now continuing something like a 12 year affair! I guess they are on a hiatus now, hopefully temporarily. Hollywood, Rakennus (live) and especially Telescope. Amazing, tremendous, killer, invigorations! www.ektrorecords.com

09 05 2009



SUNN O)))s M&D opus is birthed. sunn100. You can now order the album via Southern Lord on CD format (vinyl release TBA, probably late summer). Also available are some tshirts & hoodies featuring qlipothic art via Timo Ketola (also present on the CD layout), all art directed by yours truly. Please note that all CD & vinyl versions of the album contain the same tracklist & mixes, there are no bonus audio materials for this album. The SLR jewelcase CD version is a great package and tactile experience with vellum stocks & ocard. Japanese edition, again by Daymare, is beautifully and elaborately packaged in a mini-gatefold LP package with oversized vellum obi, 4 "art cards" and a poster. The bonus material on the Japanese version this time is "bonus artwork".

We are preparing tours as a 4 and 5 piece in support of this opus. Attila Csihar and Steve Moore will be in the ranks as well as a yet undecided 5th member for some shows. Randall Dunn will be on the big guns.

SUNN O))) "Monoliths & Dimensions" tours 2009

Midwest USA July 2-12
West coast USA August 5-11
East coast/Southeast USA September 18-30
Middle & East Europe/Scandinavia October 17 - Nov 1st

There should also be UK and Japan jaunts following those pieces. We are working on it, more to come.

We are also considering and contemplating a few special event concerts with an expanded acoustic ensemble lineup. This is a whole different ballgame but may be in the cards and we have a few loyal partners in Europe on board to help manifest if/when the time is correct.

We're proud of the huge accomplishments and results of this intensively ambitious, challenging and difficult album. I think that all we have done with our music to date has led up to this piece of work, its a great evocation of the spirit and essence of what SUNN O))) is/was/shall be over the years. The living music. And its really a gift to the real deep listeners. Enjoy.

Thanks in advance for the interest and support! To old & new fans, diehards and curious newcomers alike! Old and new collaborators, this album is for all of you!

Stephen O'Malley & SUNN O)))

08 05 2009

Estelle again


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