28 09 2008

Until the Light Takes Us


Until the Light Takes Us, the long awaited documentary film about Norwegian black metal featuring Varg Vikernes, Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell and Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg, is making its world premiere at the AFI International Film Festival in Los Angeles on Halloween.

The film will premiere in the Documentary Competition section of the 2008 AFI International Film Festival L.A. on October 31, 2008 at 7:45 pm at ArcLight Theater 13 in Hollywood

Additional Screening TBA

Passes are on sale now and individual film and event tickets go on sale to the public on October 10. To order passes and tickets and to get more information, visit AFI.com or call 1.866.AFI.FEST.




28 09 2008


Rare 8mm footage of Japanese 70's psychedelic rock group "Flower Travellin' Band" playing their last show at Maruyama in Kyoto, Japan.

25 09 2008



The long lost 4th KHANATE album "Clean Hands Go Foul" will finally emerge later this year. This was recorded directly after the Capture & Release album at Bisi Studio Brooklyn February 2005.

LP Hydra Head December 2008
Picture LP Trust No One December 2008
Japanese papersleeve CD Daymare January 2009
Digipak CD with bonus Capture & Release live DVD Hydra Head February 2009
digital download Hydra Head February 2009

Unearthed shot of the Guitar rig used on the recordings. Funny thinking about the legacy of amplifiers. that 2000S is the "bass" amp in the Kindertotenlieder production now and appears on the first 2 KTL albums. The two Model Ts have been used extensively live by Boris and OM the past few years. The white Model T was given to me by Dave Catching from Queens of The Stone Age in 2000. Hail the mighty amplifier! The Travis Bean was sold to me by one of the Godspeed! You Black Emperor guitarists in 2000 also.

24 09 2008





1993 demo.

24 09 2008



NOCTURNUS (A.D.) on Tour in October

Occult Death Metal legend Mike Browning returns with his band AFTER DEATH to perform as NOCTURNUS and offer the classic "The Key" album live for the loyal fans plus some very special songs from one of his other old bands.

Don't miss your chance to catch one of the true pioneers of Underground Death Metal live on stage!
See you at the Chapels of Ghouls around Europe.


Tue. 14.10. Kopenhagen (Dk) – The Rock
We. 15.10. Hamburg (Ger) – Hafenklang
Thu. 16.10. Hengelo (Nl) – Metropol
Fr. 17.10. Rotterdam (Nl) – Baroeg
Sa. 18.10. London (Uk) – Electrowerkz
Su. 19.10. Birmingham (Uk) – The Asylum
Mo. 20.10. tba
Tue. 21.10. Wermelskirchen (Ger) – AJZ Bahndamm
We. 22.10. Pratteln (Ch) – Z 7
Thu. 23.10. Vienna (A) – Viper Room
Fr. 24.10. Milano (Italy) Zoe Club
Sa. 25.10. Giebelstadt (Ger) – I – Park (Bringer Of Death – Festival)
Su. 26.10. Berlin (Ger) – K 17

24 09 2008

John Wiese live


Friday October 3rd @ The Bemis Underground (Atrium)

9:30 Doors /////// 10pm SHOW!!! $5
Also performing:

FATHR^ - guest musician for this performance is Dapose
(myspace.com/thefaint //// myspace.com/vverevvolfgrehv)
Brainworlds - amazing, amazing, amazing, (myspace.com/brainworlds)

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
12th & Leavenworth St
Omaha, Ne 68102
United States

24 09 2008

Incapacitants in Yokohama 14th Sep 08

FIlmed on my w880i Sony Ericsson phone

23 09 2008

Metallica is not "good" again, dont believe the hype. Stop fooling yourselves. Listen to 3/4 Had Been Eliminated.

Correspondence regarding my anti-Metallica hype comments: "
Man I just gotta say that I had to endure the new metallica album at work the other day, and all I can really say is that it is the most inorganic compressed piece of 2 million dollar paper weight,coaster bullshit I've ever heard. When Cliff died that was it we all know it! Its such a goddamn joke these days. I saw Metallica open up for Armored Saint and Wasp back in the day and they were the shit! That dipshit Lars and that other guy with the goofy hot topic tattoos Hetfield need to cut Kirk a break and let him go. Then they need to take a look at the rest of their brethren who continue to kick out kick ass albums. People like Testament or Exodus when they are on their game.
Honestly though Motorhead still kicks the shit out of all those bands on a nightly basis! Cheers man and thanks for keeping it interesting! —Dr. War Diabolus " hahahah!

23 09 2008



Correspondence from Nix Mollerhaug: "Magnar the choir director who supported SUNN O)))'s Bergen Cathedral concert, which became the "Dømkirke" 2LP recently sacked by the Church! He turns 70 recently and he's kicked out of the church, away from his beloved organ.. Really bad. And he's really happy about the double levels of the title of the record... You see a lot of folks in the church system hate him because of his belief in non-commercial music. He's been refusing a lifetime to have dumb gospel in the Cathedral... Church of judgement indeed."

Translation of excerpt of below article:

"Award-winning. Magnar Mangersnes is one of the most recognized church musicians. He has been domkantor in Bergen since 1971, has received a number of honor are for his church's musical efforts and is a knight of 1 Class Order of St. Olav."


Til kamp for 70-åringene
Av Jarle Kallestad

Seniorsaken kaster all sin tyngde inn i kampen for at Magnar Mangersnes (69) får fortsette som domkantor i Bergen.
Av Jarle Kallestad
Publisert 15.09.2008 - 09:56 Oppdatert 15.09.2008 - 13:08
Tips en venn om denne saken
Skriv ut denne siden

Interessorganisasjonme med kamp mot aldersdiskriminering i arbeidslivet som en av sine hjertesaker, har løftet Mangersnes-saken opp som en nasjonal prinsippsak, hvor de vil teste ut Arbeidsmiljølovens paragraf 13-1 og det denne paragrafen sier om forbud mot diskrimering på grunn av alder.

Snart 70. Forbudet mot blant annet aldersdiskriminering kom inn i loven som følge av et EU-direktiv i 2000.

Kirken i Bergen mener derimot Mangersnes bør forlate orgelkrakken og legge fra seg dirigentstokken når han neste måned fyller 70 år.

Sjokk. Mangernes selv sier til Vårt Land at han hverken er bitter eller sint, men oppgitt. 30. april - et halvt år før sin 70-årsdag - mottok han det han opplever som et oppsigelsesbrev fra sin arbeidsgiver, Bergen kirkelige fellesråd (BKF).

– Det var et sjokk å få et slikt brev, sier Mangersnes.

«Integritet». Seniorsaken er overbevist om at Bergen kirkelige fellesråd (BKF) vil «ta til fornuft» og gi Magnar Mangersnes anledning til å fortsette som kirkemusiker i byens domkirke.

– Dette handler om kirkens integritet som moralsk institusjon, sier informasjonssjef i Seniorsaken, Dag Bredal, til Vårt Land.

Søker råd. Bergen kirkelige fellesråd (BKF) vil rådføre seg med KA (Kirkens Arbeidsgiver- og interessorganisasjon) for å være sikre på at vi ikke har gjort noe juridisk galt.

Prisbelønt. Magnar Mangersnes er en av Norges mest anerkjente kirkemusikere. Han har vært domkantor i Bergen siden 1971, har mottatt en rekke æresbevisninger for sin kirkemusikalske innsats og er ridder av 1. klasse av St. Olavs Orden.

Les mer om saken i papirutgaven mandag.

From Vårtland Press: http://www.vl.no/kristenliv/article3786412.ece

Foto Jarle Kallestad Magnar Mangersnes nærmer seg 70, men vil gjerne fortsette som domanktor i Bergen.

23 09 2008

Select discography Sep


Sunn O)))
The Grimmrobe Demos (demo 1998, CD 2000, 2xPictureLP 2003, 2xLP 2004, 2xCD Japan 2007, 3xPictureLP 2008)
ØØ Void (CD 2000, 2xLP 2003, 2xCD Japan 2008)
Flight of the Behemoth (CD & 2xLP 2002, 2xCD Japan 2007)
White1 (CD & 2xLP 2003, 2xCD Japan 2007)
Veils It White (12” 2003)
The Libations of Samhain (live CD 2003)
Live Action Sampler (promotional mix 2xCD 2004)
Live White (live 2xCD 2004)
White2 (CD & 2xLP 2004, 2xCD Japan 2007)
Cro-Monolithic Remixes for an Iron Age (12” 2004)
Candlewolf of the Golden Chalice (12” 2005)
Black One & Solstitium Fulminate (2xCD 2005)
Black One (CD 2005, 2xLP 2006, 2xCD Japan 2007)
Angelcoma (12” 2006)
WhiteBox (3xLP & Picture LP set 2006)
La Mort Noir dans Esche/Alzette (CD 2006)
Altar (SUNN O))) & Boris CD, 2CD 2006, 3xLP & 3xPictureLP 2007, 3xLP Japan 2007)
Oracle (CD, 2xCD & LP 2007)
Dømkirke (2xLP 2008)
Che (SUNN O))) & Pan Sonic do a Suicide cover, pic 10” 2009)
Dimensions (TBA) (2xCD & 2xLP 2009)
v/a The Beast of Attila Csihar “Decay: The Symptoms of Kali Yuga” (CD 2003)
v/a Let There Be Doom II “Hell-O)))-Ween” (demo) (CD 2004)
v/a Darkness Hath No Boundaries “It Took The Night To believe” (CD 2006)
v/a Darkness Knows No Boundaries “Etna” (as SUNN & Boris) (CD 2006)
v/a Jukebox Buddha “BP//Simple” (CD 2006)
v/a Within The Church of Thee Overlords “Orakulum (edit)”
v/a VISIONARE 53 SOUND “Ultra Orthodox Caveman” (4xPictureLP & 2xCD magazine 2007

1(CD & 2xLP 2006)
2 (CD & 2xLP 2007)
3 (12” 2007)
IV (CD & 2xLP 2009)
Eine Eiserne Faust In Einem Samthandschuh (CDR 2007)
Live in Krems April 2007 (LP 2007)
The Phantom Carriage: KTL Edition (DVD 2008)
Like at IKKI (CDR 2008)
KTL IV Paris demos (CDR 2008)
[various Live Documentations podcasts] (MP3 2007-2008)

The Holy Down (CD 2007)
Ambient/Ruin (CDR 2008)

O))) presents... (CD & LP 2008)

Stephen O’Malley
Fungal Hex (CD 2001, 2xPicture 12” 2005)
Caveman Skull 1&2 (2xMP3CD 2004)
Devolution/Evolution: Stephen O’Malley interviews Dylan Carlson (MP3 2005)
Press Conference/Panel at Roskilde Festival 010705 (MP3 2006)
6°Fskyquake (with Attila Csihar) (CD 2008)
Salt (CD 2008)
Keep an Eye Out (12” 2008)
v/a Where is My Robotic Boot? “Gui-Fang” (2xCD 2004)
v/a Gineapig gp6 “Fungal Hex 4” (CDR 2004)
v/a Famous Shovels In Twain (Believer Magazine) “Laya” (CD 2006)

SOMA vs Z’ev
Magistral (CD 2007)

Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light (CD & LP 2006)
Betimes Black Cloudmasses (CD & LP 2008)
Faking Gold & Murder (CD & LP 2008)

Khanate (CD & 12” 2001, 2xCD Japan 2006)
Live WFMU 91.1 (CD 2002)
No Joy (Remix) (12” 2003)
Things Viral (CD & 12” 2003, 2xCD Japan 2006)
Let Loose The Lambs (DVD 2004)
KHNT vs. Stockholm (Special Low Fidelity Version) (CD 2004 / 2007)
Live Aktion Sampler 2004 (CD 2004)
Capture and Release (CD, 12” & Picture Disc 2005, CD & DVD Japan 2006)
Dead/Live Aktions (DVD 2005)
It's Cold When Birds Fall from the Sky (CD 2005 / 2007)
Clean Hands Go Foul (LP & PIcture Disc 2008, CD & CD Japan 2009)
v/a Tunes On Toxic Terrain “Skin Coat (live)” (CD 2002)
v/a Let There Be Doom “Skin Coat (live)” (CD 2003)
v/a Let There Be Doom II “Dead” (CD 2004)
v/a Where is My Robotic Boot? “German Dental Work” (2xCD 2004)

1000% Downer (CD & 12” 2004)
Return To Nothing (CD 2004, LP 2008)
Remeindre (CD 2005, LP 2006)
Crashed Like Wretched Moth (12” 2006)

Lotus Eaters
Alienist on a Pale Horse (CD & 12” 2001)
Four Demonstrations (CD 2001)
Mind Control for Infants (CD 2002)
DR-55 (7” 2002)
Wvrmwvlv (CD 2007, 2xPicture10” 2008)
v/a Infernal Proteus - A Musical Herbal “Cannabis Sativa” (4xCD 2002)

Burning Witch
Demo 1996 (Cassette 1996)
Rift.Canyon.Dreams (12” 1998)
Towers... (12” 1998)
Crippled Lucifer (CD 1998, Cassette 1999)
Burning Witch/Goatsnake split (CD 2000)
Burning Witch/Asva split (12” Picture Disc 2004)
Crippled Lucifer (2xCD + dropcard 2008, 3xLP 2008, 3xCD Japan 2008)
v/a Bad Acid Magazine “Stillborn” (CD 1998)
v/a Ham Slappin’ Hits “Sacred Predictions” (Cassette 1998)
v/a At The Mountains of Madness “History of Hell [Crippled Lucifer]” (CD 1998)
v/a Within The Church of Thee Overlords “History of Hell [Crippled Lucifer]” ((CD 2007)
v/a Within The Church of Thee Overlords 2 “History of Hell [Crippled Lucifer]” ((CD 2007)

Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine
Rampton (CD 2002 / 2007)
v/a Let There Be Doom “New Pants & Shirt” (CD 2003)

Thorr’s Hammer Dommedagsnatt (Cassette 1996, CD 1998, CD Reissue 2004, Picture Disc 2004)
v/a Let There Be Doom “Troll” (CD 2003)

Nihilist (Cassette 1996)


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