14 05 2008

GINNUNGAGAP Return To Nothing



LP sleeve design for this album, coming soon on Misanthropic Agenda on vinyl at last! mar009

14 05 2008


11 05 2008

Vienna Rhiz 10th anniversary





Last week curated by Peter Rehberg.
Whitehouse, Haswell & Hecker, KTL, Markus Schmickler, Angel, BJ Nilsen

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11 05 2008

The Last 10 Shots


11 05 2008
05 05 2008

Scott Arford


Scott Arford at the San Francisco International Film Festival

From April 24 to May 8, 2008, the 51st San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) will bring the world to San Francisco by screening over 100 unique programs of the finest in international cinema. The Festival is proud to present the American Production Scott Arford: Static Life. Over the last decade-plus, Scott Arford has quietly been shaping the Bay Area's new media culture, producing video and musical works, developing exhibition spaces and engineering at (among other places) Recombinant Media Labs. This program presents Arford's artistic practice through both a retrospective and his latest multimedia performance, Still Life (almost) Another Day in Thre Acts. One trope reworked throughout Arford's artistic career is that of "static." Arford's incredibly soothing, ethereal pieces conjure stillness and contemplation. But Arford also visualizes the intense dance of minute structures like electrical static that appears when objects are closely examined. His works tend to oscillate between the poles of movement and stasis, and Still Life is no different in this regard. In it Arford edits and condenses a classic Italian horror film, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (directed by genre master Jorge Grau), into a super slo-mo series of stills. He transforms the violent epic into a rich visual feast, while composing a new soundtrack for it live and onstage. The zombie film is a perfect vehicle for Arford's interests, as he kills the film and brings it back to life-the undead being both a little more still and intense.

Works presented:
Untitled Static 1, Untitled Static 2, Untitled Static 3 (2005, 3 min); Airports for Lights, Shadows and Particles (1995, 8 min); Airports 2 (2003, 9 min); Static Room (excerpt) (2002-2006, 4 min); 7 Illinois Street (2006, 18 min); Still Life (almost) Another Day in Three Acts (2007, 28 min)

This film screens on May 7 at 7:15PM at the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas.

For tickets and information visit http://fest08.sffs.org/ or call

For more information about Scott Arford: Static Life visit

05 05 2008



Table of the Elements is very pleased to announce that Rhys Chatham's latest massed-guitar composition has been commissioned by none other than the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It's called "A Crimson Grail for 200 Electric Guitars (Outdoor Version)," and it will have its world premiere on August 15, 2008, at Lincoln Center in New York. Details are available at the official Lincoln Center website:


This new work has its origins in the piece created for Sacre Coeur (France's largest basilica) in 2006, but has been completely revamped to suit the unique acoustics of the out-of-doors site chosen for the performance (Damrosch Park, at Lincoln Center Plaza). Chatham and section leaders John King, Ned Sublette, David Daniell, and Seth Olinsky (Akron/Family) will lead this mammoth orchestra of electric guitars and bass guitars, in what is certain to be a memorable event.

Please help us spread the word!

Thanks much,
Jeff Hunt
Table of the Elements

05 05 2008
05 05 2008

KTL Philly


02 05 2008

KTL vs Ribadavia 1st May 08




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