23 03 2008

22 03 2008




Fat Galerie is pleased to announce its forthcoming exhibition ROAM THE LANDS by Estelle Hanania. Winner of the Hyères Festival Price of Photography, she will show here almost 20 pictures from her recent work. The show takes place on the two floors of the gallery: On the first/ground floor, Demoniac Babble,
a photographic-plastic project, scouts into the deep relationship between man and nature during pagan rituals. In 2007, Estelle Hanania went to a remote mountainous part of Switzerland to take ambiguous and challenging images of an actual Embodied Nature. For days, she tagged along a group of a dozen of men, wearing incredible suits, patiently handmade by them along the months before the event and the procession. She mingled with this plant-human crossover cortege and followed them on their customary walk from one barn to the next farm, singing and dancing to the point of exhaustion. The photographer’s interest for folk cultures and customs is also an important part of her still-life work over the years. Organic surfaces ready to absorb you, hybrid artifacts of worships and traditional rituals all report for lost civilizations and vanishing customs.
On the basement floor, Estelle Hanania shows a series of night shots. The title for the series is “The Twelve Nights”.
Here again, man is in the heart of a ceremony. The characters wear impressively big hair dress, lit from the inside with candles. They roam and walk rapidly around an Austrian village. Thee shapes disappear here and the bewitching dance rocks us to the point of dizziness. Again, still-life pictures will fit in and open gates to new wandering paths from the series.

Graphisme de l’invitation: Leslie David

22 03 2008


Hello Fade fans,

Don't forget to go check FADE out at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater this weekend. Screening times are below. We have a new trailer, too. Hope you enjoy!

Here's the new trailer:


And here are the screening times:

Fri Mar 21 @ 9pm
Sat Mar 22 @7pm
Sun Mar 23 @ 8pm
Mon Mar 24 @ 9pm
Tues Mar 25 @ 9pm

The Two Boots Pioneer Theater
155 East 3rd Street (at Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009
Tel. (212) 591-0434


Anthony Stagliano

22 03 2008



22 03 2008





Daniel Menche
2008 Australian and New Zealand Tour
More details coming soon

MARCH Wed 26th – AUS, Sydney, Dualplover
MARCH Thu 27th - AUS, Newcastle
MARCH Fri 28th – AUS, Melbourne, Tote
MARCH Sun 30th – AUS, Brisbane, Audiopollen
MARCH Tue 1st – AUS, Melbourne, Corner Hotel
April Wed 2nd – AUS, Melbourne, Horse Bazaar
April Fri 4th – AUS, Perth, talk at WAAPA
April Sat 5th – AUS, Perth, The Bakery
April Wed 9th – NZ, Christchurch
April Fri 11th – NZ, Wellington
April Sat 12th – NZ, Christchurch

17 03 2008

MINUIT DIX performance

I will be playing a track on the onset of the MINUIT DIX on France Culture Radio, hosted by Laurent Goumare tonight (well morning of the 18th) at 12:00 Midnight. The show will feature interviews with some of my collaborators: Gisèle Vienne and Jonathan Capdaville.


17 03 2008

BRETAGNE tempest


Got to love this part of the world

17 03 2008



GRAVETEMPLE will play on the Saturday:

Attila: VOX
Oren: Guitar & Drums
SOMA: Guitar
Julian Cope: Bass

12 03 2008


10 03 2008

O'Malley & Tucker Forum, London 0208



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