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Fritz Welch : Under Your Wet Blanket

Opening reception: Thursday 17th, 6 - 8 pm
From January 17th to Feb 16th , 2008

‘The song is long and contains the ‘slow burn’ needed to get its point across. But now Activism is drunk and falling down the stairs and Paranoia sits on the side of the road wearing dirty jeans waiting for the bus’ FW

Cueto Project is pleased to present the work of New York artist Fritz Welch. This is his first solo show with the gallery in it's new Chelsea location. This exhibition will feature recent drawings, paintings, sculptures and large-scale installations.

Under Your Wet Blanket deals with two ongoing conceptual themes for the artist: Revolution Blues and Vampire Blues. The former refers to a fundamental interest in activist occupation of space and direct political action. The latter is concerned with global dysfunction and ecological disaster.

The concept of the show originates in a series of drawings inspired by an early visual memory. Real or imagined, a photograph of Native American activists sitting on a bulldozer with rifles in hand led to a chain reaction opening interlocking cyphers in the artist's imagination. The impending references have come to include the prophetic writings of Philip K. Dick, the 1969 occupation of Alcatraz,The Night of the Living Dead, Viktor Rogy’s final film Suffering Is The Fastest Horse, Paolo Ucello's Battle of San Romano, Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading and a continually growing collection.

His work addresses the formal relationship between a diversity of objects, images and materials, as well as the occult potential of the seemingly disconnected ideas contained in their hybridized combinations. In short, Welch’s approach includes an ever-mutating investigation into the origins of his 'Anarchist Soul Junk'.

Welch's work has been featured internationally in exhibitions at Transmission Glasgow, Kunsthalle Exnergasse Vienna, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, The Sculpture Center, Long Island City, The Drawing Center NYC, among others. His next exhibition scheduled for March 2008 at Trace Gallery in Cardiff Wales will feature wall drawings and performance.

14 01 2008
14 01 2008

14 01 2008


FADE, an Anthony Stagliano film, invites you to join us for a special VALENTINE'S DAY screening at the ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES

9:30 PM Thursday, Feb. 14, 2008



SARAH LASSEZ (Gregg Araki's Nowhere, Gregory Hatanaka's Mad Cowgirl and Abel Ferrara's Blackout), DAVID CONNOLLY (13 Conversations about One Thing), MICHAEL T. WEISS (TV's Pretender) and special guests DEVON ODESSA (TV's My So Called Life; Mad Cowgirl) and ANTHONY DRAZAN (director and screenwriter of Hurlyburly) star in this chilling drama that explores what happens if our bodies refuse to shut down -- and the resulting effect on those closest to us. Using the rare genetic disorder fatal familial insomnia as a jumping-off point, writer-director Anthony Stagliano's film examines issues of identity, marriage and death as a couple confronts constant sleeplessness and the dissipation and sorrow that follow.
Fade is David Connolly's final performance; Mr. Connolly passed away tragically in the fall of 2006.

Fade also features music from improvisational legends AMM, Art Bears, Ginnungagap, and original music by Cameron Presley (Upsilon Acrux) and Hollis Lee (Midnight Sun).


14 01 2008


Steve Moore. He of Trombone & Keyboard duties for EARTH & sometime SUNN.

with Hans Teuber (woodwinds) and Casio CTK-611 (drums)

1/19 Seattle, WA @ '608' - 608 NW 65th St.

with Karl Blau (bass) and Shahzad Ismaily (drums), plus guests TBA

1/26 Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Center
1/27 Westminster, MD @ Starry Night Cafe
2/1 Brooklyn, NY @ Tea Lounge

14 01 2008
14 01 2008
14 01 2008



Stockholm New Music 2008

Curated by Joachim Nordwall / iDEAL

FEBRUARY 23 2008 16.00 – FEBRUARY 24 2008 16.00

Celebrating Music of Long Duration
Celebrating The Skull of La Monte Young
Celebrating The Drone

Celebrating Time

Celebrating The Beauty of Tradition
Celebrating The Power of Progress
Celebrating The 24 Hour Drone People

12 Artists /// Two hours each /// Separated- and joined by time for 24 hours ///



Talk On The Drone February 23 15.00 with some of the participating

Draw a straight line and follow it.
LaMonte Young, Composition 1960 # 7

To challenge time, tradition & future.

Tickets: 120sek (80 for students)
Entrance closes at Midnight and opens again in the morning.

Some useful links:


Funded by Rikskonserter.

And dont forget these other iDEAL events...

feb 2 AARHUS (DK) iDEAL 10 feat Stephen O'Malley, The Skull Defekts, Sewer Election, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words.
feb 21 AMSTERDAM (NL) THE DRONE PEOPLE feat seven of the above but for 5 hours.
march 21 UPPSALA (S) iDEAL 10 feat Wolf Eyes, The Skull Defekts, Audionom, Mattias Petersson, Christine Ödlund...
aoril 12 BERLIN (D) iDEAL 10 feat Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall, Henrik Rylander, O.S.T. ao


A bit more on the artists

The curator of The Drone People project. Running the iDEAL Organisation(a record label, festival and event organizer) in Gothenburg, Sweden since 1998. Member of ritual rock/drone group The Skull Defekts since 2005, filth noise/metal group Satan Power (with John Olson, Lasse Marhaug and Edwin Pouncey) and analogue drone duo Alvars Orkester since 1988, composing something they call Psychic Broadcasting. Also active composing solo works and collaborating with artists like Leif Elggren, Mark Wastell, BJNilsen, Frans de Waard and most recently Lary 7. Nordwall's work contains a static intensity.

Recommended listening:
The Idealist "I Am The Fire" CD (Nosordo 2006)
The Skull Defekts "The Black Hand" LP (Riot Season 2007)
The Skull Defekts "Rotating Feedback & Save The Skulls" CD (iDEAL 2005)
Alvars Orkester "Interference" CD (Ash International 2006)

One of today's most important electronic music composers is no doubt Mika Vainio, currently based in Berlin. He's one half of the legendary minimal electronic duo Pan Sonic (with their roots in the early 90's rave scene) together with Ilpo Väisänen. Vainio has also a background as a drummer and as a part of the early Finnish industrial and noise scene. His solo works, under his own name and under aliases like Ø, are known for their analogue warmth and electronic harshness - may it be abstract drone works or minimal avant techno. He has a rare ability to create unknown soundworlds. Mika Vainio's work are on labels like Touch, Wavetrap and Sähkö and he has been seen working with Alan Vega of Suicide and Chicks on Speed.

Recommended listening:
Pan Sonic "Katodivaihe/Cathodephase" CD (Blast First Petite 2007)
Pan Sonic "KESTO (234:48:4)" 4xCD (Blast First 2004)
Mika Vainio "Revitty" CD (Wavetrap 2007)
Ø "Kantamoinen" CD (Sähkö Recordings 2005)

Being a classically trained cellist and multi instrumentalist, Berlin-based Hildur Gudnadóttir has very little limit to her music. Her touch to the drone is sensitive, yet harsh and intense. She is an important part of the Icelandic contemporary music scene and has collaborated and played with such varied range of artists as Skúli Sverrisson, Pan Sonic, Jóhann Jóhannsson, múm, Schneider tm, Angel, BJNilsen, Stilluppsteypa, and to be noted Throbbing Gristle and as a member of the dirty Balkan and Bulgarian folk music band Nix Noltes. She has also written music for film, dance and theatre. Gudnadóttir is no doubt someone responsible for the progression of the genre.

Recommended listening:
Lost In Hildrness "Mount A" CD (12 Tonar 2006)
Angel + Hildur Gudnadóttir "In Transmediale" CD (Oral 2006)
H.I.G., BJNilsen and Stillupsteypa "Second Childhood" CD (Quecksilber 2007)

C.Spencer Yeh, also known as Burning Star Core, born in Taiwan but operating from his base in Cincinatti. Cascades of releases, one rougher than the other, have been unleashed for over a decade. His music has been drifting more and more from filth noise towards a minimal drone noise type of thing based on voice and violin drawing the listeners thoughts to LaMonte Young and Tony Conrad who he recently collaborated with. He is constantly touring and is today no doubt one of the main characters of the Us experimental music scene, and he has collaborated with such people as John Wiese, Yellow Swans, Aaron Dilloway, John Olson and Comets on Fire! Mr Yeh is doing killer stuff.

Recommended listening:
C.Spencer Yeh "Solo Violin 1-10" LP (Tone Filth 2007)
Burning Star Core "Blood Lightning 2007" CD (No Fun Prod 2007)
Aaron Dilloway & C.Spencer Yeh "The Squid" LP (Hanson Records 2007)

Stockholm-based CM von Hausswolff is a sound- and visual artist aswell as a well-known curator. In the 80's - he was part of the ground breaking society and record label Radium 226.5 in Gothenburg, Sweden and was a member of PHAUSS - a group that travelled, documented and released killer recordings on labels like Silent, Anckarström and his own Radium. Hausswolff is one of two monarchs' of Elgaland-Vargaland (the other is king Leif Elggren), which consist of all areas of no-man's land, territories between national boundaries on both land and sea, digital and mental spaces, they also rule the kingdom of the dead since 2007. This nation has its own national anthem, flag, coat of arms, currency, citizens and ministers. He is also master of the EVP phenomena and the work of Friedrich Jürgenson, a man who recorded the voices of the dead, at first by mistake. Hausswolff's work is static, electric and often built upon frequencies.

Recommended listening:
CM von Hausswolff "Leech" CD (raster-noton 2006)
CM von Hausswolff "Operations Of Spirit Communication" LP (Die Stadt 2000)
CM von Hausswolff "Maggots/Maskar" CD (Laton 2006)

Currently based in Paris, guitarist, graphic designer and sound manipulator Stephen O'Malley is spreading a gospel containing drone and doom. As a member of extreme doom metal band sunnO))), he is part of the genres resurrection and the scene's growth into the galleries through collaborations with New York artist Banks Violette. O'Malley is possessing a strength and a certain deep and dark touch to the drone that few master. With a background in the US underground black- and deathmetal scene as member of bands like Khanate, Burning Witch and Thorr's Hammer. He is currently recording solo material and madly touring with KTL (w Peter Rehberg) and sunnO)). Possessor of a magic drone.

Recommended listening:
Stephen O'Malley "SALT" CD (iDEAL Recordings 2008)
sunnO))) "Black One" CD (Southern Lord 2006)
Ginnungagap "Crashed Like Wretched Moth" LP (Conspiracy Records 2006)
SOMA & z'ev "Magistral" CD (Southern Lord 2007)

Benny J Nilsen, working and living in Berlin, has a background in the Swedish dark ambient and industrial noise scene as Morthound on the infamous Cold Meat Industry label. Going from that to Hazard where he did deep listening & minimal ambient, often based on field recordings, for London's Ash International and Touch labels. Nowadays, Nilsen is recording and performing under his own name and his drone is concentrated, focused and beautifully disturbing. As part of Touch's Spire project, Nilsen is seen with Fennesz, Philip Jeck and others performing material based upon organ sound and he is collaborating with ex-Cabaret Voltaire member Chris Watson on field recording projects. He is also working with Icelandic techno absurdists Stiluppsteypa and Us percussion magician Z'ev. He is also member of industrial dub duo Death Dub. Note: the Hazard albums are out-of-print but some parts are available for free download from his website.

Recommended listening:
BJNilsen & Z'ev "22.22" CD (iDEAL 2007)
BJNilsen "The Short Night" CD (Touch 2007)
Chris Watson_BJNilsen "Storm" CD (Touch 2005)

Henrik Rylander is a Gothenburg-based sound and visual artist working in the fields of noise, intense avant garde rock and photography. He was the drummer of the infamous and retarded garage rock band Union Carbide Productions and is currently in the primal rock band The Skull Defekts. His photography is clinical and documentative, and as clinical is his feedback solo works - as heard on the "Traditional Arrangements of Feedback" album for iDEAL. He recently released his first book "Public Loudspeakers Information & Disinformation" for Kning Disk, a very strong work on governmental power and control in societies.

Recommended listening:
Henrik Rylander "Formation" CD (Firework Edition 2003)
Henrik Rylander & Leif Elggren "Gottesdienst" (iDEAL 2006)
The Skull Defekts "The Black Hand" LP (Riot Season 2007)

Jacob Kirkegaard is a sound artist with an interest in the scientific and aesthetic aspects of resonance, time and hearing. His performances, audio/visual installations and compositions deal with acoustic spaces and phenomena that usually remain inaccessible to sense perception. With the help of unorthodox recording tools such as accelerometers, hydrophones or home-built electromagnetic receivers, Kirkegaard manages to capture and explore "secret sounds" - distortions, interferences, vibrations, ambiences - from within a variety of environments: volcanic earth, a nuclear power plant, an empty room, a TV tower, crystals, ice... and the human inner ear itself.

Recommended listening:
Philip Jeck & Jacob Kirkegaard "Soaked" CD (Touch 2002)
Jacob Kirkegaard "Eldfjall" CD (Touch 2005)
Jacob Kirkegaard "4 Rooms" CD (Touch 2006)

A true legend in the Swedish underground music scene - Jean-Louis Huhta! His actions in bands like sludge-punks Anticimex, post punk industrialists Cortex, avant techno outfit Lucky People Center and party funk animals Stonefunkers are noted. He has also been dj'ing techno for lifetimes. Nowadays, Huhta is member of The Skull Defekts, compising music for dance and theatre and active recording his own solo works - something that the world has seen very little of so far. He has a warmth and harshess to his sound that we all should envy.

Recommended listening:
Ocsid (w/ CM von Hausswolff & Graham Lewis) "Opening Sweep" CD (Ash International 2001)
Jean-Louis Huhta "Somewhere Between the World and Death" CD (Slottet 2006)
The Skull Defekts "Blood Spirits And Drums Are Singing" CD (Conspiracy 2007)

"Hild Sofie Tafjord has been known to the public for over a decade as part of projects like SPUNK, Fe-Mail (her duo with Maja Ratkje), Agrare (Fe-Mail with dancer Lotta Melin), Trinacria (Fe-Mail with black metallers Enslaved) and collaborations with Birchville Cat Motel, Wolf Eyes, Matmos, Ikue Mori, Otomo Yoshihide, Carlos Giffoni, Zeena Parkins, Fred Frith and countless others. She has released albums on labels like Asphodel, Rune Grammofon, ECM and Gameboy Records. Her main instrument is the horn, but other acoustic instruments as well as metal objects and noise electronics has always been an intregral part of her pallet. Hild Sofie Tafjord is, quite simply, an amazing performer, composer and improvisor with a broad musical range." - Lasse Marhaug.

Recommended listening:
Fe-Mail "Syklubb Fra Healvete" CD (Important Records 2004)
Fe-Mail & Carlos Giffoni "Northern Stains" CD (Important Records 2006)
"KAMA" CD (Pica Disk 2007)

London-based lowercase improviser and Sound 323 record shop owner Mark Wastell builds enormous atmospheres on very little actual movement. His choise of instruments are the cello and tam-tam and sometimes electronic equipment too and he is always experimenting with tone, pitch and frequency. Wastell's music is dark, deep and beautiful. Slow movements build up something able to take over rooms and buidlings. He is creating something that is very close to pure magic. He has played with people like John Tilbury, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey and founded Oceans of Silver & Blood with Nordwall in 2007.

Recommended listening:
Mark Wastell "Vibra#2" CDR (Longbox Recordings 2005)
Mark Wastell "Caressed On The Brow By Unseen Hands" CD (L'Innomable 2006)
Mark Wastell "Come Crimson Rays" CD (Kning Disk 2007)

Please find enclosed press photos, also - get in touch if you need photo's of any of the other artists, ok?


08 01 2008

Death in the family


19 JAN - 23 FEB 08



The Agency is pleased to present a new collaborative installation and series of works by Irish artist duo Casey & McAree.

Casey & McAree’s work rises from post-punk inspirations as well as references to the Irish troubled historical and cultural legacy. The work is highly theatrical, the installation functions akin to a mise-en-scene both as a complete vision as well as paying credence to the making-of. For Mona Casey and Paul McAree the collaborative/ performative process of making work is as important as the final piece itself.

Hence the exhibition begins with a video diptych documenting a performance, continues with a light-piece spelling Screaming Skulls Putrid Hatred and culminates in a large sculptural installation. The sculpture rises from a path of latex skulls and reveals an apocalyptic rider on a stag, and is complete with a multi-speaker, rumbling drone-work created by McAree. Made from cardboard remnants the life-size stag is both regal and dilapidated. The faceless rider wears a dunce or Capirote, a conical hat, which during the Spanish Inquisition was given to heretics to wear in order to ridicule them but later took on another dark meaning with its association with the Ku Klux Klan. The Stag also has iconographic meanings, both within Celtic mythology and later as part of Christian iconography. St Eustace saw a stag with a cross appearing between his antlers. This inspired his conversion to Christianity and subsequent persecution and death. The artists play with poignant iconography, religious and historic connotations, albeit transposed into a diasporic world where materials are not precious, yet thoughts and cultural ciphers inherently remain powerful.

Casey & McAree are evoking a world of dubious morals, danger and death in a gothic manner, which becomes a stage set for the world’s malaise recounted with images. The dark iconographic connotations also echo more recent transgressions against humanity in Iraq. Casey & McAree’s Irish sensibility translates this in a poignant manner of remembering continuous resistance to the eradication of indigenous cultural values. The work comments on global identities being forged through localized wars and rapid re-alignment of cultures through external influences and conflict. Playing on multiple meanings their works become universal. In parallel their sub-cultural references to graffiti and music as well as the poverty of materials used speak of the transformation of iconography into a contemporary unstable environment.

Whilst both artists pursue their independent practice, Paul McAree as a painter and Mona Casey as a multimedia artist, they come together regularly to create a folk-like rendition of their common cultural references. Casey & McAree’s common practice comes across like a powerful exorcism. Together they find the strength to dispel popular myths, disseminate inciting truths and find a new language of visual expression, which conveys these concerns with a rigorous and yet poetic conceptual language.

Paul McAree and Mona Casey have made collaborative works since 2001. In 2005 they founded Colony, an artist run space in Birmingham UK, where they have shown alongside a host of invited artists. McAree also makes sonic works under the name To Blacken the Pages.

The Agency.Contemporary, 15A Cremer Street, London E2 8HD, UK
E: info@theagencygallery.co.uk T: +44 20 7729 6249 W: http://www.theagencygallery.co.uk

08 01 2008

secret guitar drones

Great album passed on to me in Niigata by a tall wise man. Recorded in a Japanese temple in a mountain at Osaka and Niigata from 1998-2001. www.fmn.to

Diesel Guitar "Stream of Lights" FMC-023

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