30 09 2007
30 09 2007

Doggy Doom!



Yo Man! Whats up?

Went and bought my little doggy "Knuckles" a new jacket for the upcoming cold/darkeness season. Trying to choose what jacket would be the best....well there was no other choice. He had to have the SUNN(0))) robe look. I think its works. Yeah?

I'll try to bring Knuckles to the Portland show. Gotta score some ear plugs for the little guy.


Daniel Menche

30 09 2007

Classic Hindi Songs


Great free resource... dozens of free downloads of recordings from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Check it out here.

29 09 2007

KTL live downloads



KTL, my duo with Peter Rehberg, have been touring Australia and Japan the past few weeks. Its been great and severe hails to everyone who has assisted us on the endeavors.

Peter makes it a mission to get a stereo room recording of each KTL concert and makes them available as a 'podcast' soon after. If you'd like to check those concert recordings out, take a look here:

1) www.editionsmego.com/podcast.xml
2) try itunes store and search for KTL. Its there and you can subscribe.

Thanks for reading.


pic via Casey Rice

29 09 2007

Journalists who jack off on their coloured vinyl


From Deciblog, the forum for Decibel magazine website

The Southern Lord Forum Sheds a Collective Tear

NEW YORK–Calling yesterday’s report that Stephen O’Malley had licensed a song from Khanate’s self-titled debut album for use in Leonardo DiCaprio’s forthcoming environmental documentary The 11th Hour “a gross misappropriation of doom metal’s unspoken code of ethics and grimness,” jilted former partner James Plotkin’s legal team went to court today to file a motion to remove “Torching Koroviev” from the film’s soundtrack pending further review.

“While I appreciate that Leonardo DiCaprio has made the transition from former teen idol to successful leading man, I’m not fully sure that DiCaprio can carry an entire film about global warming,” said Plotkin, who answered questions for reporters in an impormptu press conference outside the courthouse this morning. “It is my sincere belief that Khanate’s music would be better served to soundtrack a film about the Ice Age, such as a remake of Quest for Fire or Clan of the Cave Bear.”

When reached for comment, O’Malley dismissed Plotkin’s argument as a mere cry for attention. “James has always behaved like this. There’d be one piece of bread in the refrigerator and I’d repeatedly offer it to him. But as soon as I ate it, he’d give me a sob story about how much he really wanted it,” noted O’Malley, hard at work simultaneously designing the next Sunn O))) record cover on his computer while recording it with a foot pedal. “We tried counseling; it didn’t work.”

Shocked by O’Malley’s callous disregard for his feelings, the sensitive Plotkin preapred another statement for the press: “There’s a number of things I’ve been meaning to get off my chest since Khanate disbanded last year. The differences were, indeed, irreconcilable. The Corrupted discography was always mine; I agreed to let him have it. The Saxon CDs that I mistakenly took were returned immediately to Stephen’s apartment in a box of photos and scrapbooks I couldn’t bear to look at anymore. And, contrary to what he tells his friends, the stuffed rabbit on the nightstand always belonged to me. And I want it back.”

But O’Malley remains unphased by his former partner’s accusations: “You don’t see Toadliquor crying over their inclusion in the film’s soundtrack. We’ve already sold three Toadliquor records through the Southern Lord website since this news was revealed, and that’s three more Toadliquor records than we’ve sold all year! James just can’t stand to see any of his former partners happy, you know? To paraphrase Morrissey, ‘we hate it when our friends get to hang out with Leonard DiCaprio.’”

* While this sentiment is probably true, the rest of this story probably isn’t - we gave our fact-checking department the day off

17 09 2007


14 09 2007



Jury found for Russia's 'chessboard killer'
September 14, 2007 - 7:46PM

A man accused of killing dozens of people and keeping count of his victims on a chessboard paced back and forth inside a glass cage as a jury was selected today at the start of his murder trial.

Alexander Pichushkin, 33, claims to have killed more than 60 people, with the goal of marking all 64 squares on the chessboard. He has been charged with 49 murders, most of them committed over the course of five years in a sprawling park on the edge of Moscow.

Pichushkin had requested a jury trial, which is relatively rare in Russia, and 12 jurors and six alternates were chosen today. He looked calm and did not appear to object to any members of the pool.

The questioning of witnesses and presentation of evidence was to begin Friday. If convicted, Pichushkin faces life in prison.

In a police confession broadcast on NTV television shortly after his arrest last year, Pichushkin bragged about what he said was his passion for killing.

"For me, a life without murder is like a life without food for you," he said. "I felt like the father of all these people, since it was I who opened the door for them to another world."

The spate of killings in Bittsa Park in southwestern Moscow began in 2001 and terrorised the Russian capital. Most of the victims were men whom Pichushkin had lured to the park with the promise of a drink, investigators said.

About a dozen of their relatives attended today's court session to get their first look at Pichushkin.

"Yes, my husband liked to drink," said a woman who gave only her first name, Elena. "And he (the defendant) would approach people who were drunk, and if they complained about life, he would kill them and throw them in a well."

"They must give him life in jail, so that he will suffer," said the mother of another of Pichushkin's alleged victims. The woman, who identified herself as Alexandra Grigoryevna, said they lived in the same neighbourhood as Pichushkin and her son probably knew him.

Pichushkin killed more than 40 people by throwing them into a sewage pit after they were too drunk to resist, chief investigator Andrei Suprunenko said in an interview published this summer. Three others survived and one identified him, he said.

Pichushkin killed others by hitting them with a hammer, the investigator said.

He was arrested in June 2006 after police found his name and phone number on a piece of paper that a woman who was killed in the park had left for her son. He denied his involvement at first, but then confessed to the murder after police confronted him with video footage taken by a subway surveillance camera that showed him accompanying the victim, according to the authorities.

Pichushkin went on to confess to at least 62 murders and led police to the bodies of his victims, investigators said. Shortly after his arrest, police invited NTV to film and broadcast his confessions in an effort to counter speculation that he had been forced into making false confessions.

Experts at the Serbsky Institute, Russia's main psychiatric clinic, have found Pichushkin sane.

Pichushkin's state-appointed lawyer said today that his client's mind was "a mystery" to him. "When you talk to him you can never imagine the things that he is accused of doing," Pavel Ivannikov said.

Pichushkin said in the televised confessions that he had killed his first victim, a classmate, in 1992 when he was 18. Police had questioned him then, but no charges were filed. The killings in Bittsa Park began almost a decade later.

Police found his chessboard with numbers attached to its squares, all the way to 62, and Pichushkin also used the chessboard to keep stoppers from bottles of vodka he offered his victims, said Suprunenko, the investigator.


13 09 2007


13 09 2007

new O))) Daymare Japan reissues

SUNN O))) expanded 2CD edition?2???
10/31 Hell-O)))-ween release!!
??????????????????????3w???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Stephen O'Malley??????????????????????????????????

The Grimmrobe Demos (DYMC-023 3,360yen incl.tax)
bonus disc: Live At Gabah / Anti Club '99

OO Void (DYMC-024 3,360yen incl.tax)
bonus disc: OO Void remix by Stephen Stapleton (NURSE WITH WOUND)

Flight Of The Behemoth (DYMC-025 3,360yen incl.tax)
bonus disc: SUNN O))) with MERZBOW at Earthdom, Tokyo 2007

Looks like 00VOID will be a bit later, mid-November, FOTB bonus material is actually 2 new tracks "O))) BOW 3 & 4" creaated by Masami Akita using multitrack material from said perforamance.

13 09 2007







Rendezvous / Jewel box theatre!
2322 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-5823

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