05 02 2007


Nifelheim live in Uddevalla, Sweden

with special guest Vornth are now booked to play on the opening for Bulldog Rock Club on the 24th of February 2007!

Tickets for swedish bangers will be available through the record store and international headbangers can get in touch for more info through mail jimmi@bulldogrecords.se

phone +46 52239806 or +46 762394208 www.bulldogrecords.se

Tickets : 150 SEK (Note: Age limit 18 years old.)

We still have Nifelheim vinyl singles in stock, check out:

Nifelheim / Sadistik Exekution - Tribute to Slayer Mag 7"
Tracklist: Nifelheim - Gates of Damnation, Sadistik Exekution - Proxima Centauri / Demon with Wings
Finally something new from Nifelheim!! One new track of hellish Iron Maiden meets Torr meets Treblinka meets Black Metal!! Sadistik Exekution contributes two tracks from their Demon With Wings MCD. Comes in nice gatefold jacket with poster and heavy vinyl.

Nifelheim / Volcano - Thunder Metal 7"
The 7" is limited to 900 copies on black vinyl, suitably baptized Thunder Metal, features two new tracks from each horde; brazilian black metal legends, Volcano presents their most evil sounding and ripping stuff since "Bloody Vengeance" while Nifelheim's contributions pisses over all lame attempts at entering the black throne that's been made in their six year of relative absence. The new songs includes some of the best riffs since "Don't Break the Oath"

01 02 2007


(poster by Arik Roper)

A history of the free, alternative, counter-culture and underground press, 1965-75

Gavin Brown’s enterprise at PASSERBY
436 W. 15th Street,
New York, NY 10011

February 2 - March 7, 2007

Opening reception: Friday, February 2, 2007, 6pm

The Council for the Fortieth Anniversary of The Summer of Love with Gavin Brown’s enterprise opens and invites you to an exhibition of the world’s most radical living papers from a time when the press took risks and voiced opinions.

Celebrating the heyday of alternative magazine publishing in Europe and America, Gavin Brown’s enterprise at Passerby opens an exhibition of more than two hundred original copies, as well as reproductions of these seminal and obscure publications, whose influence reverberates through culture, politics, and society.

Covering politics, revolutions, evolutions of the planets, freak-outs, love-ins, support of green politics, gay liberation, power to the people, the peace parties, protests, the Panthers, peyote, LSD, pot, fiction, music, poetry, prose, prayers and more. Publications include: Actuel, Avatar, Berkeley Barb, Berkeley Tribe, Black Panther Papers, Digger Papers, Door, East Village Other [EVO], The Fifth Estate, Freep, Grabuge, Hobo-Québec, International Times [it], Los Angeles Free Press, The Oracle, The Organ, Other Scenes, OZ, Rat, The Realist, Re Nudo, Rolling Stone, The Seed, Ann Arbor Sun….more.

Please note: A press conference to the unified, positive forces actively involved in the community will be held at 6pm on Friday, February 2, 2007, with active members of today’s free press.

Curated by Eva Prinz, Dan Donahue, and Thurston Moore

01 02 2007



From Aurora Borealis... eminently

01 02 2007



Hi Stephen/SL

Here's some footage I took on my shitty digi camera from the Burial Chamber Trio show in Berlin. Feel free to link it anyplace you like...


I took a load of pics too, I'll forward the link once I have a moment to put them online somewhere

The show made my clothes vibrate so much I had some weird scratching fit.


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