06 11 2006


A short cellphone movie by Jan Poppke, Germany. Realized in a experimental film course at Bauhaus-University Weimar. Running time: 3:11 min

06 11 2006



Tony Sylvenster interviews Atsuo/BORIS and myself during our recent press trip to London.

05 11 2006




"I live in Brooklyn, but the TV Eye/Southern Lord event at Rockstar Bar was the first of this year's CMJ-related shows I attended in my own borough. Wait, I thought Manhattan's cultural life was dead? I'd planned to see Fucked Up tear through that Avail-bating Toronto hardcore at Northsix, but the kids were stuck at the Canadian border (I checked their blog to make sure), so I didn't trek to the Jade Tree showcase.

No worries: There was free beer (thanks) and the wooden mermaid centerpiece at Rockstar to keep me company and help me drown those sorrows. The musical focus of the evening was Greg Anderson and a freshly shaven Stephen O'Malley joined by Earth's Steve Moore (on trombone, Korg) and David Grubbs (on guitar) for a set of drone with additional details.

Grubbs is a much busier, less patient player than Anderson or O'Malley, often adding arpeggios and contra chords to their sustain. He was also the most expressive-- rocking and rolling and picking like slow-mo Townshend. O'Malley offered ecstatic faces here/there; Anderson kept his back to the audience. Moore fell somewhere between O'Malley and Grubbs. The lights went out for a few seconds, and I welcomed that veil of black. Choreographical analysis aside, Anderson and O'Malley are clearly the essential nucleus in any Sunn 0)))-related outing; additions are fun, and the band has always explored collaboration, but Grubbs's Gastr Del Sol-nimble fingers felt unnecessary. The band's amazing when working with the right vocalists-- á la Malefic and Wrest-- but when you have instruments as heavy as theirs, why bother adding a noodling guitar? There was even a moment when things sorta fell apart.

That said, a small dream of mine is a collaboration between Sunn 0))) and Tony Conrad. The Rockstar set, though not revelatory, seemed like a revelatory step in the right direction. Check the equation: Grubbs has worked with Conrad and now Sunn's done stuff with Grubbs. We can solve it with the transitive property, or something, I think."

— Brandon Stosuy, from pitchfork.com

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