25 09 2006


Archive Recordings is pleased to present Japan’s LSD March and Kawaguchi
Masami’s New Rock Syndicate on their only East Coast tour dates in 2006.

They’re traveling light, packing only guitars and pedals (amps and drums
provided stateside by tour-mates Bardo Pond), bringing their ultra-loud
riff-heavy three-piece psychedelic rock to the states.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping track, over the past two decades
the Japanese underground has produced some of the most influential and
forward-thinking psychedelic music anywhere in the multiverse, from the
Candle-lit folk-psych of Ghost to over-the-top feedback trios of Highrise
and Fushitsusha.

Individually the members of LSD March and Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock
Syndicate have jammed with a who’s-who of luminaries from this rich scene,
including the aforementioned bands, as well as Keiji Haino, Acid Mothers
Temple, White Heaven, Mainliner, and members of the legendary Les Rallizes
des Nudes. Some of these artists have even planted their freak-flags on US
soil. Now, it’s their turn.

LSD March take their name from a completely acidic jam on the first LP by
Kraut-rock titans Guru Guru (who recently played that very song for the
first time in 25 years at an academic symposium in Basel, Switzerland last
January, honoring Albert Hoffman’s 100th birthday). Their sound has been
described as “downer murk and amp-flaming distorto rock” that ranges from
“gentle voice and guitar to delay-drenched, searing walls of fuzz.”

Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate won't be known yet by most, since
it's a brand-new unit. Leader and guitar monster Kawaguchi Masami, though,
should be recognized from his work with Miminokoto, the aforementioned LSD
March, and Broomdusters, among others. This is their first tour outside

Previously, LSD March have only played three dates in the US, and chances
are you missed ‘em, cause most folks did (unless you were at the million
tongues festival in Chicago, or frequent New York’s Siberia or L.A.’s
Silver Lake Lounge). And that was way back in 2004. Tony Vogdes, of Tequila
Sunrise records, recalls that “due to faulty information, we only got there
in time to see the last ten seconds of their show, but it was the best damn
ten seconds we ever saw!” Here’s your chance to take a committed dose.

The two bands share members. To start off their East-coast dates, Shinsuke
Michishita, Ikuro Takahashi, and Masami Kawaguchi will perform a series of
intimate low-key solo sets at Philadelphia’s Big Jar bookstore, Wednesday
evening October 11. This is the first time any of these guys have performed
solo sets outside of Japan.

Then on Thursday, October 12, LSD March and Masami Kawaguchi’s New Rock
Syndicate will perform at Tonic in New York City, with Philadelphia’s Bardo
Pond headlining the show.

Then Friday the Thirteenth – after recording a live session at WFMU studios
in the afternoon, LSD March and Masami Kawaguchi’s New Rock Syndicate
return to Philadelphia for a massive show at Vox Populi that evening. the
opener’s for this show will be Alasehir (a Bardo Pond side project) and
local heavy-psych upstarts Birds of Maya.

Turn on, tune in, drop by.

Thursday, October 11

Bardo Pond
LSD March
Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate

The Tonic
107 Norfolk Street
(btwn Delancey and Rivington)
New York, NY 10002



Thursday, October 12

Shinsuke Michishita
Ikuro Takahashi
Masami Kawaguchi

Big Jar Books
55 north second street
(btwn market and arch)
philadelphia, pa 19106



Friday, October 13

LSD March
Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate
Birds of Maya

Vox Populi Gallery
1315 Cherry Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107


24 09 2006



Recent discussions have dictated a direction where KHANATE has called it a day. Thanks for the six years of attention, interest, touring, megastructure and tension. We will continue to pursue the release of our 4th studio work (which is in the mixing phase) and the Japanese reissues of our first two releases, via Daymare.

19 09 2006

tour shirt 1


19 09 2006

KTL is now available on CD for preorder from editionsMego:


From the site:

"6 tracks:

Forest Floor 1
Forest Floor 2
Forest Floor 3
Forest Floor 4
Total Time: 77:49

Cover by SOMA

Threatening new collaboration taking in parallel worlds of Extreme Computer Music and Black Metal. KTL is Stephen O'Malley (SUNNO))), Khanate) and Peter Rehberg (PITA).
A six part collision amongst the increasingly fading prescences between the light and the dark. This work came about as the two were composing sound and music for a piece by Gisèle Vienne and Dennis Cooper, entitled 'Kindertotenlieder'. Pieces were recorded in a resistance fortress in southern France during a thunderstorm. Others in a wintergarden drenched in the sunlight.

Buy or die! This will emerge on 2LP from Aurora Borealis in the next months as well.

15 09 2006



"Special Wishes" on Troubleman Unlimited... highly recommended.

15 09 2006


08 09 2006

Boris Tour Day 7 pt 1






The Orange Peel. Cool town here... small city in the mountains. Hit a good record store here called Static Age...

08 09 2006

Boris Tour Day 7 pt 2






08 09 2006

CIRCLE stone


08 09 2006


On BBC radio 3-BBC scottish symphony orchestra project with AMM and John Butcher this saturday 9.9,23.00 british time.This is also available on the internet till 16.9.Hope you find it interesting Varese, Webern, Scelsi, Tenney, solo improv John Butcher and AMM. see www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/hearandnow/pip/hmiky
All the best
Ilan Volkov

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