28 09 2006




28 09 2006

SUNN tour shirt 2


Design via The Mighty & Courageous Seldon Hunt

28 09 2006




poster artwork by maya hayuk

27 09 2006

September 13th, 2006

Vital Weekly (from the lovely city of Nijmegen, Netherlands) wins the race for first review of the forthcoming JUKEBOX BUDDHA compilation on Staubgold.

Jukebox Buddha


“Once one Brian Eno discovered the Buddha Machine by FM3 there was no holding back. The Buddha Machine is a small sound box, working on batteries and storing a bunch of lo-fi loops. It was commercially produced by Christiaan Virant (who lives in Beijing for more than twenty years) and Zhang Jhian, both also known as FM3. Once Eno had one, everyone needed one: Blixa Bargeld, Adrian Sherwood, Sunn O))), Sun City Girls and Gundrun Gut. You could fare less well with such a cast of remixers (sadly Eno is not at home here) plus the more usual suspects as Thomas Fehlmann, Robert Henke, Mapstation, Kammerflimmer Kollektief and Alog.

In various way the loops stored on the machine are used. Some use purely the loops, while others add other music, such as Sherwood and Doug Wimbish adding rhythm and voices, and on a totally different level Gut does the same. Henke and Es stay with the loops, but adds electronics, to create a finely cluster of drones. Sunn O))) piece sounds similar but highly unlikely their recent barrage of sound. Bargeld produces a bunch of bird calls, oddly enough (and by far the shortest piece here). The other pieces make less clear of statement, but they all sound pretty nice. The limitations of the machine are well expanded by this rather unusual bunch of remixers. And my suggestion to FM3: put that ‘BuddhamachineCommercial’ by Jelinek/Pekler/Leic



26 09 2006






Exhibition Dates: Oct 13 - Oct 14, 2006
Opening Reception: Oct 13, and 14th - screenings at 7 & 9pm

A project by Terence Hannum
Featuring Sunn o)))

40000 is pleased to present the premiere of EVOCATION, a new film by artist Terence Hannum featuring the band Sunn 0))). Filmed during a May 2006 performance at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, Terence Hannum’s video manipulates and reconstructs the sub-harmonic auditory experience of a Sunn 0))) live performance. The artist creates a stunning visual counterpart to the drone metal band’s sinister vocals and ritualistic study of volume. His film maintains the integrity of the live experience, while enhancing the eerie theatricality Sunn 0))) imposes on the audience.

The installation of EVOCATION in the gallery will include a three-channel video with sound and a recent suite of photographs made by the artist. The 23-minute video comprises a liberal edit of Sunn 0)))’s music, soft sweeping pans of the stage, gentle cross dissolves, and a crowd enraptured. Further Hannum documents the physicality of noise reverberating in the band’s equipment, an image that mimics the robe clad band’s color-smoked performance. The results are pulsing and not to be missed.

Hannum’s detailed photographs examine inanimate portraits of large amplifiers found on the stages of various punk, post-punk, noise-rock, and metal bands (including Sunn 0))), who take their name from a brand of legendary speaker). These photos, simultaneously obvious and abstract, echo the video EVOCATION as the artist studies the surface where hums and vibrations are reduced to the silences of the amplifier’s gridded boundaries. In both media Hannum connects soundscapes with collaborative live performance, leaving the audience to resonate with a wraith-like sonic aftermath.

The Artist
Terence Hannum graduated with an MFA in 2004 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Solo exhibitions include the venues Polvo, the Suburban and Gallery 400, all in Chicago. Recent group exhibitions in Chicago include the Beverly Art Center, Western Exhibitions, 40000, and The Guest Room. Outside Chicago group exhibitions include telephonebooth (KA), Commerce Street Warehouse (Houston), and Southern Exposure (San Francisco). Terence is also a member of the Chicago bands Unlucky Atlas and Locrian and is currently a visiting artist at Columbia College, Chicago. For more information about the artist please visit: www.terencehannum.com.

* The gallery will be open during regular hours, 11-6pm on the 13th & 14th

26 09 2006

New Born Orthodox


Meet Eva, she's a beauty. Congrats to the Orthofamily!

25 09 2006


ohhhhh. ok.

i do a radio show podcast. it's monthly. the idea is that each episode is based upon a theme, whereupon i try and do a mix that i feel matches the mood - the result is a (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing wide range of musics. there is a large focus on experimental audio and field recordings. in addition to the radio show, i also have the field recording project, for which you gave me that recording.

but yes, sunn is in the latest episode (trek/ceremony) and i rather like what i paired you kids up with. you can find each episode at www.roadsidepicnic.com

i tend to like the later episodes a bit more, if only because they're more abstract, and especially because i barely talk. i was a bit overly chatty in the earlier ones.

make sense?



25 09 2006



Michio Kurihara is the shit!

25 09 2006

Scary KTL


25 09 2006
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