19 08 2006

A Man of Convictions


From DIssection website:

"As rumours have started to spread we feel obliged to confirm Jon Nödtveidt's death.
Jon Nödtveidt was a man who lived his life according to his convictions and True Will. A couple of days ago he chose to end his life by his own hands. As a true Satanist he led his life in the way he wanted and ended it when he felt that he had fulfilled his self-created destiny. Not everyone will have understanding or acceptance for his personal path in this life and beyond, but all must respect his choice.

Those of us who have met him in his last days can assure that he was more focussed, happier and stronger than ever. It is our full conviction that he left this world of lies with a scornful laughter, knowing that he had fulfilled everything that he had set up for himself to accomplish. The empty space that he leaves behind will be filled with the dark essence that he manifested through his life and black-magical work. His legacy and Luciferian Fire will live on through those few who truly knew him and appreciated his work for what it really was and still is. As our brother's goal in life and death never was to "Rest in Peace", we will instead wish him victories in all battles to come, until the Acosmic Destiny has been fulfilled.

For the glory of the Dark Gods and the Wrathful Chaos!

My statement:
He's gone to Transylvania, he migh see Dead over there.
It was good to have met you when we did. Have enjoyed your music over the years.
Deepest condolensces to Emil and the family.

18 08 2006

August sounds

More soundspreading/copyright stretching. I feel like its better if people hear this shit, even compressed, than not. If any authors have a problem with it, Ill pull it down immediately. Thanks and enjoy, open your head.

18 08 2006



Aug 18 1227

Genghis Khan dies in his sleep, after a fall from his horse. His old age and drinking probably contributed to his death, which the Mongols manage to keep secret for some time.

18 08 2006

SUNN O))) & fiends vs The Guardian


Julian Cope fucking kills...


17 08 2006
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15 08 2006


GRAVETEMPLE vs Jerusalem

14 08 2006


?Producer: I'm Happy We Decided Against Mastering New IRON MAIDEN Album - Aug. 13, 2006
Producer Kevin Shirley (IRON MAIDEN, DREAM THEATER) has posted the following message on his official web site:

"Got my copy of the new IRON MAIDEN album ['A Matter of Life and Death'] — well, a reference disc — and took off early this morning in my car to check it out, top down on an uncrowded ocean highway, and I must say, I'm pretty happy we (well, Steve [Harris], really) decided against using the mastering! I dig it! For all the little extra hi-fi nuances they add in mastering, the raw attack and bite of the original mixes is quite refreshing to hear! It is EXACTLY as I mixed them in the studio, EXACTLY what the guys in the band heard! In the mastering process, the mastering engineer sometimes takes it upon himself to be creative, say to add certain frequencies which boost vocals or the bass, which makes the balance between the kick and bass guitar change, and on many occasions I've got a mastered CD back, and then have been unhappy — but usually blame myself! Even when we mastered this album (which we didn't use), it had a little analog compression added, which brings the guitars up a tiny bit, and knocks the transients off the snare drum, thus diluting the attack and impact of the snare. Now what you'll hear on the MAIDEN album is the way it sounded in the studio, and while it may not be as loud as some other CDs, who gives a fuck! Turn the volume up then... My three fave tracks are 'Longest Day', 'For the Greater Good Of God' and 'Lord Of Light' — although that may well change tomorrow!"

"A Matter of Life and Death" is scheduled for release in North America on September 5 via Sanctuary.

12 08 2006



12 08 2006



Great, inspiring mini-doco on Touch and Go Records here.

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