05 07 2006

More Paley/Violette





pics: Randall Dunn

05 07 2006

SUNN vs PARIS 2005!


05 07 2006


YBCA Galleries
July 15 – November 5, 2006
Opening Night Party: Friday, July 14, 8-11pm
701 Mission Street at Third, San Francisco
415.978.ARTS (2787) or www.YBCA.org

René de Guzman, Visual Arts Curator for Yerba Buena Center for the
Betty Nguyen, Guest-Curator

SAN FRANCISCO—June 13, 2006— Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
presents Cosmic Wonder, a group show exploring metaphysics,
spirituality and meditation, running July 15 through November 5,
2006. Guest-curator Betty Nguyen curates this visual journey to
the infinite and transcendental. Cosmic Wonder includes a range of
young artists such as Jim Drain and Ara Peterson, alongside their
avant-garde predecessors such as James Turrell and Richard Misrach.
The exhibition kicks off the 06-07 season and is part of the Deeply
Personal theme, one of YBCA’s “Big Ideas” that guides the
programming for the year.
“This exhibition looks at some of the most compelling recent
work being made today such as projects that try to take on extra-
natural properties of inspiring alternative states of being through
pure visual experience. It also foregrounds underlying qualities
of work by artists from previous generations such as James Turrell
and Richard Misrach. The show ultimately demonstrates the power of
art to change the world by changing how we view and experience
it,” states de Guzman.
From photography and sculpture, to installation, video and
painting, the works vary in form but all pay homage to the
psychedelic era of the 60s, as well as the minimalist and formalist
works from the same period. The artists share a common concern
with depicting or inducing altered states of mind—hypnotic trance,
fractured realities and spirituality. These mental phenomena are
tapped into through the manipulation of light and space, along with
a fascination with perfect geometry—all inspired by nature and the
cosmos. The use of exaggerated color, pattern, morphing forms and
the realization of the vast universe reoccur in these artworks,
evoking a metaphysical awareness.
The exhibition gives colorful expression to the unbridled
imagination of a new generation, resulting in fresh, unique and
innovative work. Cosmic Wonder examines how otherworldly
experience can grow out of optical engagement and how certain
mystical yearnings are channeled into some of today’s most engaging
contemporary works.
Doug Aitken
Jose Alvarez
Reed Anderson
Hanna Fushihara Aron and David Aron
Hisham Bharoocha
Mark Borthwick
Sam Gordon
Anna Sew Hoy
Terence Koh
Yayoi Kusama
Yukinori Maeda
Richard Misrach
Mariko Mori
Takeshi Murata
Mike Pare
Erik Parker
Ara Peterson and Jim Drain
Arik Roper
James Turrell
Banks Violette
Debora Warner

05 07 2006


Photo by Jozo Palkovits

05 07 2006


» field recording composition from last month, Los Angeles and Zakir Hussain

Recorded and mixed on Nokia N91 phone and quicktime.

05 07 2006


04 07 2006


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