15 05 2006

Violations of The Bean

"I'm attaching an image of the violations we committed on your equipment - now that you've got it back safely, I figured that seeing this image won't cause a wave of horror to pass over you..."
—Banks Violette

13 05 2006

MARK D representing SUNN O)))

L’intention de départ de Steve O’Malley et de Greg Anderson, le noyau fondateur de SunnO)) était de créer une musique qui agisse sur les intestins de l’auditeur. Pour ce faire, un mur d’amplis de la marque sunno))), des moines masquées brandissant des guitares couteaux ou les distorsions se doivent de se mêler physiquement aux tonnes de fumées.
Enfermée dans un dolmen technologue, la musique de sunno))) est lourde, simple et nécessite une puissance sonore de 125db minimum pour un vrai dialogue entre eux et vos composants internes, (ce qui est interdit en France soit dit en passant). Noise chamanique au dieu électrique et intestinal, rencontre avec les gourous de l’incontournable label, Southern Lords, qui ont d'ailleurs signés leur principale influence Mr Dylan Carlson et son Earth. Entre vision d’anticipation et confins mystiques.


10 05 2006
10 05 2006


In oceans abandoned by life I drown... digisleeve & disc
Essence Music 2006

Fucking great album!!

10 05 2006


SHADE (Dylan Carlson and myself) will not be performing at the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham on 22nd July.

This decision is solely due to personal issues, O'Malley and Carlson support the festival wholeheartedly and regret having to come to this decision. We wish Jenny and Lisa the best of luck with the fest this summer! It's a great one!

We apologize for the cancellation and inconvenience.

The project remains, however...

06 05 2006

SUNN 0506

Recording session at Donner & Blitzen this weekend.


04 05 2006


"path.. Dune Elijah Colby, born a week ago today.
this pic is when he is just hours on the outside. we
already had a "black one" vinyl listening session...
he only seemed disturbed by yr vox on "candlegoat".
good boy.. long doomaxe wielding fingers too.


04 05 2006

for the HAINO maniacs

doronco on bass and sami on drums. interesting show. real basic drums and bass with great guitar, not wall of sound stuff. mysterioso vocals - he hardly screamed at all. long too, like just over 2 hours. a bit psychedelic. nice recording. quite different indeed. i like it. here are some pics. next up, the birthday show. looking forward to some cake. ps oh, pics attached, wrong date though. may 1, 2006

(Haino with ex Lez Rallizes guys)

02 05 2006

EET at AB gallery in Belgium

Pics by Seldon Hunt

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