29 05 2006




pics via Mikiko Kishino

28 05 2006


28 05 2006

Greg Anderson, Oren Ambarchi, Tom Recchion

Members of Sunno))) engaging in a live sonic sonic ritual at the Mountain bar in Los Angeles on 5-15-6,video by doomedmessiah.com. This was an ovrcast.com show

28 05 2006

SUNN vs NY TIMES Magazine



This article is printed today in The New York Times Magazine... check it out on this online version. 1 million copies printed!

27 05 2006



Sunn 0))) vs. the Walker Art Center

Never mind that I was late because I was puking my guts out and missed the first band, but I was sorted out and ready to rock and Boris was great noise metal with a kickass lady making her guitar howl and scream, switching between speed metal and feedback noise sculptures. Then Sunn 0))) came on in all their glory (dressed in robes, smoke machines running wide open), 3 guitar players and a "thunder machine*" player and a wall of amps the size of refrigerators and proceeded to generate churning and grinding low frequencies that were so low you could barely hear them but they felt like getting hit by sandbags and by the end of the show my leg muscles were spasming uncontrollably like shivering. I could feel the low end bass resonances in my insides, like leaning against a washing machine, and the whole theater was shaking. They didn't even play any songs. You know the feedback and crescendos at the end of the songs? They just played that. For over an hour. Just wave after wave of feedback and vibrations and so much artificial smoke machine fog you couldn't see anything except shadows moving around in front of walls of amps. I got absolutely no good photographs because of the amount of stage fog, and it was so loud and so much shit was shaking that I couldn't really move without becoming disoriented.

People were leaving because they couldn't take it, the sound waves made your muscles feel like how they do after being in a whirlpool. I've never experienced anything like this before. I don't know how many steps they downtuned their guitars, but they just kept getting lower and lower, and they would hit a synth note even lower and the whole theater would shudder and shake. It kind of felt good, I could feel my body resonances.

Nothing better than to let one's brain get wrung out like a dirty old sponge, get all the built-up shit blown out.

*some kind of amplified sheet of metal that created wild noises when struck.

—Stacey Graham
Minneapolis MN,/i>

27 05 2006



pic: KK Null

25 05 2006

Oren Ambarchi live in Michigan

At Grand Rapids Institute of Contemporary Arts, 23rd May 2006

Click here for a 16 minute / 65 meg mp4.

16 05 2006

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art presents:

June 9 to August 13, 2006.

Darkness Ascends

Henry B. Benvenuti
Peter Beste
Paul Booth
Robert Boyd
Shary Boyle
Mat Brown
Joe Coleman
Andrea Cooper
François Escalmel
André Ethier
Janieta Eyre
Neil Farber
Anthony Goicolea
Sherri Hay
Jay Isaac
Brad Phillips
Ixone Sadaba
Carlos and Jason Sanchez
John Scott
Seth Scriver
Fiona Smyth
Richard Stipl
sunn o)))
Scott Treleaven

Publication text by Carlo McCormick Curator: David Liss

In general terms the exhibition Darkness Ascends is intended to consider dark aspects of the human psyche that seem to be embedded in our consciousness; troubling, disturbing, and evil, perhaps, yet integral to the identity of our species, of who we are. Often said to be in full eclipse at the turn of each century, there are many historical examples of artistic and vernacular expressions that have been inspired by demons personal and external, by dark forces perceived or imagined, or by actual threats to the self or to humanity. What precisely determines the persistent presence of such forces will never be certain although it may be a way to reconcile ourselves with a universe vast with potential and wonder yet seemingly characterized by banal routine, abjection and unspeakable cruelty. Indeed, darkness or evil may be regarded as elements necessary to our existence. Specifically, however, Darkness Ascends is intended to explore the internal and exterior conditions, the tensions and anxieties particular to our current era, adrift as we are in the shadowy twilight of failed Modernist and Western dreams.


Bob Tyrrell
The Pizz
Kurt Wiscombe

The exhibition Sideshow takes place in MOCCA’s media lounge and is intended as a thematic compliment to Darkness Ascends. This exhibition features artworks by three internationally renowned artists whose practices range from tattoo and illustration to more traditional fine art media. If life is a circus, these cats are the freaks!

All exhibitions and activities at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art are supported by Toronto Culture, the Ontario Arts Council, BMO Financial Group, individual memberships and private donations. Darkness Ascends is also supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Sideshow is also supported by tattoos.com, Rue Morgue House of Horror and the Bovine Sex Club.

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
952 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
M6J 1G8
Info: 416-395-0067

Admission: pay what you can

15 05 2006

5/15 performance

-GREG ANDERSON (of SUNN o))) with OREN AMBARCHI (from Australia) and TOM RECCHION
-ANDORKAPPEN (Sandy) with ATTAKKR (Jamie)

@ The Mountain Bar, 475 Gin Ling Way, Chinatown, Los Angeles
21+ though...

15 05 2006


nothing matters to the sleeping people who wait and waste time. leave school
like an empty vessle and blame no one but yourself. music, sound, noise? all
lies! carpool if necessary but don't miss these gigs!


Thursday, May 18th - Brooklyn
91 Meserole Street (b/w Manhattan & Leonard), Bushwick-Brooklyn, NY
9PM, $5
Supernatural Hot Rug & Not Used (Tim Olive & Nisikawa Bunsho on tour from Japan!!)
peeinmyfacewithsurgery (members of peeesseye with upcoming release on Chocolate Monk)
Crank Sturgeon

Friday, May 19th - Providence
Gallery Inzane
39 Troy Street, Olneyvillle, Providence, RI
Supernatural Hot Rug & Not Used
Crank Sturgeon
Kelly Nesbitt
Shallow Waters
Set of Red Things

Saturday, May 20th - Boston
Nom d?Artiste
25 Edinboro - 5th Floor, Boston (Chinatown), MA
9PM, $6
Supernatural Hot Rug & Not Used
Crank Sturgeon
The Absurder
Major Mudd

Sunday, May 21st - Portsmouth
Chutney Flats
Portsmouth, NH
Supernatural Hot Rug & Not Used
Crank Sturgeon

Saturday May 27th - Allentown
Jeff the Pigeon
Allentown, PA
Crank Sturgeon
idm Theftable

Sunday, May 28th - Baltimore
The Bank
2013 Frederick Ave, Baltimore, MD
Crank Sturgeon
idm Theftable
Bran(...)Pos - California
Bad Faces {Rose from Zeek Sheck doing folk acoustic songs} - California
Sharki {from Tarantism} & Carbon {from Metalux} - California and NY

Monday, May 29th – New Brunswick
Castle Puppy
35 Plum Street, New Brunswick, NJ
Crank Sturgeon
idm Theftable


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