04 04 2006


9th April Brussels Domino Festival w/Boris

Special all Moog & oscillator set. Lineup to include: Tos, Atsuo Mizuno, Julian Cope, Greg Anderson, Stephen O'malley

The latest on our US/Canadian actions for May:

18th May Boston Middle East (downstairs) w/Grief & Sin of Angels
20th May Victoriaville FIMAV w/Haino Keiji
22nd May Toronto Music Gallery
23rd May Grand Rapids Institute of Contemporary Arts
25th May Minneapolis Walker Art Center w/Boris
26th May Chicago Logan Square w/Boris, Kevin Drumm
27th May Columbus Walker Center w/Boris
28th May Youngstown Emmisions From the Monolith w/Boris
30th May New York Avalon w/Boris

Lineup for the above concerts: Mark Deutrom, Oren Ambarchi, Greg Anderson, Stephen O'Malley, Atsuo Mizuno will join us from MNPLS onward

On 2nd of June we will be participating in a gallery action in London, at Maureen Paley, in a collaboration with the sculptor Banks Violette. The opening is between 6-8 PM. This is not a typical concert, and will not be able to be viewed as such, SUNN will be creating in a closed room, outside of the opening (although it's certainly going to be audible). The project is enormous on scale.

Line up for the Paley action: Mark Deutrom, Attila Csihar, TOS, Greg Anderson, Stephen O'Malley

Maureen Paley
21 Herald Street
London E2 6JT

t: +44 (0)207 729 4112
f: +44 (0)207 729 4113
w: www.maureenpaley.com
e: info@maureenpaley.com

I will be performing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem together with Oren Ambarchi in mid-July!!! More info to come

SHADE (Dylan Carlson and myself) will be performing at the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham on 22nd July.

04 04 2006


SUNN live in Amsterdam via VPRO 3VOOR12:

Scroll down a bit, its a stream.

02 04 2006







At Paradiso. Pics courtesy of Stan Verbeken

Strange show. Dylan was left at a truck stop in Germany earlier that morning and not noticed to be gone until we had loaded in (submarine/bus blinding at work)... he rolled up 10 minutes before their set and they played one of their best of the tour.

I passed out/fainted in a restaurant that night in a cold sweat from various abuse/overload and lack of rest & food. Remember the set as being a struggle for consciousness... the edge of falling over/apart. It was one of the more cathartic moments I have experienced with this group.

02 04 2006



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