30 03 2006

Boijmans van Beuningen

Six Channel Bleed (Violette w/O'Malley) & other artists' work at the DARK exhibition at Boijmans. Pics via Lugubrum

30 03 2006


Friday/Sat 21st/22nd July
Custard Factory . Birmingham

Saturday 22nd July
In no particular order at this point, but will divided between 3 stages:
High On Fire
Shade (Stephen O'Malley + Dylan Carlson)
Rother & Moebius (Neu! & Harmonia)
Michael Gira (Swans)
Thrones (Joe Preston ex-Melvins/Earth)
Final (Justin Broadrick)
Hanne Huckkelburg
Modified Toy Orchestra
Andy Votel (dj set)
Shy Child
Voice of the Seven Woods
Alexander Tucker
Haddonfield Illinois

Friday £10
Saturday £25
Combined Fri/Sat £30

more acts still to come

28 03 2006
27 03 2006

Mythology at work

The one, the only: DOOMLORD (on his after-birthday in Brum 06)

Pic: Seldon Hunt

27 03 2006

27 03 2006


photos by lisa nordwall

26 03 2006

Home at last playlist 3/25/06

The Silverman // Nature of Illusion LP + CD
The Orkustra LP
Pentagram // First Daze Here Too 2LP
Pearls and Brass // The Indian Tower LP
Kraftwerk // Trans-Europe Express LP
Edward Ka-Spel // A Long Red Ladder to the Moon 3LP
Dana Kline tape demoz
Grand Belial's Key // Kosherat CD
Ethiopiques Tezeta 10 CD
peeesseye // oo-ee-oo (burd offering) CD
Tormentor // Anno Domini CD
Bill Horist // Soylent Radio CD
Jazkamer // Metal Music Machine CD
Daniel Menche // For the Beasts 3" CD
Funkadelic // Free Your Mind CD
Current 93 // Black Ships Ate The Sky CD
Mahler: Lieder CD
The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt CD
Dogntank CD
Feathers // Tour Paint CDR
OM // Conference of the Birds CD
Gregg Kowalsky // Through the Cardial Window CD
The Legendary Pink Dots // Poppy Variations CD

I love my music library!

25 03 2006

SUNN on P3 - Swedish National Radio

Sunn 0))) 2006 Sunn0))) är de båda amerikanerna Greg Anderson och Stephen O’Malley, som skapar den mest extrema, långsamt krälande reptil-metal som någonsin sett nattens mörker.
Nyligen gästade de två Stockholm och Göteborg.
Rockklubben Debaser i Stockholm förvandlades tillfälligt till en dimmig kyrkogård runt midnatt, där mörka skuggor i munkkåpor skymtar till lågfrekvent basmuller, starkt nog att riva gamla slitna Slussen vägg i vägg.
P3 Rock fick en pratstund med Greg och Stephen dagen efter konserten!


"Ok, when you are on this site, in the upper right corner it says “Lyssna på P3 Rock”. Under that it says “Del 1” and “Del 2”. It’s “Del 2” you should listen to. It’s a little bit in the beginning of that hour and then most of it is in the second half. A lot is in Swedish with facts of the band. But of course not all. Stephen, you’re very quiet in the interview… I can tell you, it’s a brilliant interview!"—Jeanette

25 03 2006


pics: Jeanette & Seldon Hunt

24 03 2006

SUNN & EARTH on Swedish National TV


Scroll down to find the link.

Great interview with Dylan, Greg and myself...

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