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pic: Bitchammer

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Thanks Tommay for the snaps.

In other news, been in Paris the past 3 days... about to start a tour journal on this page.

03 02 2006


The vinyl is finally out of this beast. Expect a heavy weight package for this... unusual aspects with a nod toward our favorites of the 70s!

By the way, and Im tired of saying this:

The album is titled BLACK ONE.

It is not BLACK 1, BLACK1 or the variations. There is no numeral. It is not part of a series or a variation on WHITE1 & 2, etc.

The difference should be obvious. Proper noun.


Also new, for tour: SUNN/EARTH "AngelComa" 12". Looks like the edition is 2000 and likely will be a bunch for US folks as well.

03 02 2006


03 02 2006

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
18 February 2006 - 17 April 2006

The darker side of existence exercises an almost irresistible attraction on society. This fascination is the theme of the international group exhibition DARK, assembled by guest curator Ja Grosfeld and Rein Wolfs. DARK is a presentation of recent developments within contemporary art; a confrontation of differing contemporary artistic visions. The exhibition in the atmospheric spaces of the museum's Van der Steur wing includes work by Luc Tuymans, Marc Bijl, Rita Ackermann, Banks Violette, Angus Fairhurst, Folkert de Jong, Dirk Braeckman, Terence Koh, Avner Ben-Gal and Kara Walker.

Common to each work in the show is an interest in the 'darker' side of life. However, DARK is more than simply 'dim' or 'unlit'. Rather it refers to a particular contemporary state of mind, with a complex of different and sometimes antithetical aspects. DARK is sometimes melancholy, music can play a role, but often does not. Indeed sometimes DARK is actually is even simply radiant white, as in the obsessive 'white powder' installations by Terence Koh.

Impure spaces
Contemporary art is usually presented in so-called 'white cube' spaces, or indeed 'black boxes' for video projections. However, DARK manifests itself in the more 'impure' spaces where the old masters are normally displayed. These galleries are especially appropriate to a project that deals with impurity, with the 'anti-pure'. A contemporary impurity comes to life against the backdrop of its
historical counterpart.

A darker state of mind
Luc Tuymans expresses DARK's 'state of mind' through his oppressive images and specific subject choices, whilst Marc Bijl has a sort of rebellious Gothic stance. Terence Koh employs the decadence of gold leaf and 'white powder'. Banks Violette researches the underbelly of American culture with clinical precision. A soundtrack of electronic music brings the visitor back to the present day. This is the authenticity of an artist who understands that today successful sampling must come with a healthy dollop of intelligence. Romanticism is at the heart of Angus Fairhurst's work. A glossy pitch-black gorilla, contemplating itself like an Ur-Narcissus, is an icon of impudent and animalistic subjectivity, which is more than at home in our ego age.

Dirk Braeckman's black on black images eloquently represent the DARK 'state of mind' as does the mysterious concealed aggression of Rita Ackermann and Rachel Harrison. Folkert de Jong explores the darker side of American society, as does Georg Gatsas, whose 'court photography' illuminates the grimy New York cultural scene. In her black silhouettes Kara Walker takes on themes such as race, gender and sexuality. Daniel Hesidence voices the DARK mentality with a Munch-like scream, Avner Ben-Gal with a darker implicit narrative and Jan Lauwers with a painful theatricality. The shameless advertising aesthetic employed by Fumie Sasabuchi is sometimes shocking, much like the bestial narcissism in the work of Angus Fairhurst. Juergen Teller is in search of a singular icon in his son's birthannouncement.

Now and then one can find stylistic and formal relations between the works but these are not the dominant concern. Content, emotion and
authentic values play a more important role here. DARK is an exhibition that elucidates the current zeitgeist and creates a forum
for a new, contemporary form of authenticity.

Participating artists:
Rita Ackermann (1968, Budapest, H)
Avner Ben-Gal (1966, Askalon, I)
Marc Bijl (1970, Leerdam, NL)
Dirk Braeckman (1958, Eeklo, B)
Angus Fairhurst (1966, Kent, UK)
Georg Gatsas (1978, Grabs SG, CH)
Gregory Crewdson (1962, Brooklyn NY, USA)
Rachel Harrison (1966, New York, USA)
Daniel Hesidence (1975, Ohio NY, USA)
Folkert de Jong (1972, Alkmaar, NL)
Terence Koh (1977, Beijing, China)
Jan Lauwers (1957, Antwerp, B)
Fumie Sasabuchi (1975, Tokyo, J)
Juergen Teller (1964, Erlangen, D)
Luc Tuymans (1958, Mortsel, B)
Banks Violette (1973, Ithaca NY, USA)
Kara Walker (1969, Stockton CA, USA)

02 02 2006

Jonathan Kane vid

S- here's a great vid clip of the fmu session (w Chatham/Modern Lover Ernie Brooks on bs, 4 guitarists) -- I think you're away in March but the whole Chatham group is supposed to play NYC somewhere...


Listening to Ildjarn is Dead 2CD ---
best - bt

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WFMU Music/Program Director
PO Box 5101
Hoboken, NJ 07030

UPS Only: 43 Montgomery Street, 4th Fl.,
Jersey City, NJ 07302


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