05 11 2005



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05 11 2005

stuff from Seldon

Seldon Hunt has the following 2 megarare items of interest for sale at his webshop on www.seldonhunt.com

Earth/Khanate Tour poster 2005
485mm x 635mm
4 colour screen print on high quality 300gsm French grey paper.

(this is the full EP itself not just the artwork!)
7" DR55 markII
Ref: LE-DR55

05 11 2005

The words...


Here are the recent actions:

1) Spent a week with Boris on the east coast. Amazing times and incredible reception for them. Thank you all.

2) Spent 4 days at Litho Studios in Seattle tracking the SUNN+BORIS "Altar" album. Amazing and unexpected results. Many esteemed guests will appear on the final pieces. Mixing & overdubs are slated to start in December and with any luck the album will see the light in early Autumn 06. Expect pure harmonious and somnambulate psychedelia in heresofar uncharted territories by either act, as well as some tunnelvision heavier-than-thou messages.

3) The 6 date SUNN+BORIS+THRONES west coast tour was a resounding success in almost every way!!! The performances were highly unexpected in the reactions... we are very honored. Thank you to all who joined us at the ceremonies, a special hail to all of the brethren who attended the magnificent SF Hallo'ween date at Slim's.

Next week I leave for the installation of "On Black Wings / Six Channel Bleed" at Galerie Rodolphe Janssen in Brussels. Please come see the piece if you can. The opening party is the 17th, officially opens the 18th.

Following this is KHANATE's UK tour: It's Cold When Birds Fall From The Sky. Here are the dates:

18 - Leeds @ Josephs Well
19 - Glasgow @ ABC 2
20 - Belfast @ The Bunker
21 - Dublin @ Whelans
22 - Newcastle @ The Cluny
23 - Birmingham @ The Medicine Bar
24 - Manchester @ The Roadhouse
25 - Bristol @ The Croft
26 - London @ The Garage

For the merchandise nerds: we should have a few shirt & hoodie designs (including one illustrated by Aaron Turner, see below), as well as the recently released LP & Picture LP versions of "Capture & Release", the "Dead + Live Aktions" DVD, "It's Cold When Birds Fall From The Sky" 2005 Live CD and other goodies

SUNN O))) will be touring the East coast in Mid December. We are working on a really special show in NYC for the Winter Solstice on December 21st. I promise it to be outstanding if all emerge.

SUNN O))) + EARTH will be touring Europe from mid-February to Mid March. We intend on playing many new territories (for us), including more of France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and a return to the favorites like Holland, Belgium, UK, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Suisse etc.

Funereal Moon "Luciferian Symphonies of Destruction" CD
Alexander Tucker "Old Fog"
Slomo "The Creep" CD
Leviathan "Howl Mockery at The Cross" CD
Boris "Pink" CD
Heavy Seals "Jazz Bust" CDEP
Maurizio Pollini edition "Nono..." CD
Sunroof! "Silver Bear Mist" CD
Kraftwerk "Trans-Europe Express" & "Computer world" LPs
Oxbow " Serenade in Red" LP
Spooky Tooth/Pierre Henry "Ceremony" LP
Cluster "2" LP

Until next time...

05 11 2005

SUNN vs SF 10/31






Photos by kakuseizai.

Line up: Malefic, Atsuo, Ritter, Nieuwenhuizen, Anderson, O'Malley, Pyrofog. Dunn on Kaaos pad & sound.

05 11 2005

SUNN vs SF 10/31





Photos by kakuseizai.

Line up: Malefic, Atsuo, Ritter, Nieuwenhuizen, Anderson, O'Malley, Pyrofog. Dunn on Kaaos pad & sound.

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