08 10 2005



The drawing of Dim Doom is hilarious. By Pat B.

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snaps via Damien Neva

Please note Gorgoroth "Antichrist" tshirt owned since 1996. Fuck "art metal" and related nerd/snobbery, hail chaos.

06 10 2005


06 10 2005

Familia Welch


06 10 2005

EYEHATEGOD Frontman In Jail; Band To Raise Money For Legal Defense Fund - Oct. 1, 2005

Legendary New Orleans sludge kings EYEHATEGOD have issued the following statement:

"[EYEHATEGOD frontman] Mike Williams has been arrested, and is being held in Morgan City Jail, about an hour west of New Orleans. We won't elaborate on the details as a precautionary measure; if you'd like to know, write him (info below). he was on probation at the time of his arrest, so having a cop breathe in his general direction was a threat to his freedom.

"As of [mid-September], Mike was in good spirits. Jimmy [Bower; EYEHATEGOD/SUPERJOINT RITUAL guitarist, DOWN drummer] was able to visit with him, and said he looked healthy, and most importantly, has a positive outlook and good sense of humor with regards to his situation. He did say they had no TV, so drop him a line; show your support when it counts the most. No magazines, CDs, stickers, etc... just letters. Keep in mind that his letters are screened, and this a small, Christian town (this is a major understatement). Please do not write anything that may affect his treatment as an inmate. We wanna keep his only connection to everyone wide open.

"We will be releasing a two-CD set in order to raise money for his defense. One will be our set from Tokyo (three songs from this are featured on 'Preaching...'), and the other from our last tour. Both recordings sound great. We will release this on the band's 'label,' Press Pause Media/Cassettes, so that ALL of the money, excluding pressing costs, will go toward Mike's defense. Any help with distro, advertising would be greatly appreciated as we barely have enough $$$ to press this. We will try to have this out within a month. Contact Gary (ghawg@bellsouth.net) for anything related to this release. Seriously, your help will make a difference."

Mike Williams' contact address:

Morgan City Jail
ATTN: Mike D. Williams (inmate)
P.O. Box 1670
Morgan City, LA 70380

06 10 2005


Sunday Oct. 16th 2005
Other Music 15 E 4th St New York, 10003 Ph: 212-477-8150 In store free show.

Monday Oct. 17th
The Knitting Factory, 74n Leonard St., New York, 10013
Doors 8pm Tix - $10 adv/$12 door

Monday Oct 17th after Knit Show

Tuesday Oct.18th
First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St Philadelphia, 19103
Doors 8pm Tix - $10

Wednesday Oct. 19th
Ottobar 2549 North Howard St Baltimore, 21218
Doors 8pm Tix- $10

Thurday Oct. 20th
SUNY 735 Anderson Hill Road Purchase New York, 10577
Doors 8pm

06 10 2005

DEAD will screen tomorrow Friday, October 7th at approx 11:30 at the EERIE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL - Roadhouse Theatre, 145 W 11th ST, Erie PA

Freaky Friday!
Tickets $4.00 at the door. Must be 18+ to attend!
[warning: graphic violence & nudity]

11:30 pm -
"Futile" (6 mins)
"Dead" (5 mins) *
"Legion: The World Made Flesh" (24 mins)
"Nightmare" (105 mins) *

there's sick films going on all weekend too - check it out:


02 10 2005



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