20 08 2005

your boy, Keiji


20 08 2005



Thanks to Brandon Stosuy for the hook up.

17 08 2005


Downriver will be performing at Tonic on Tuesday, August 23rd at 9 P.M. Also performing will be Jaggery(8 P.M) and Hula(10 P.M.)

Downriver is Andy Hawkins(Blind Idiot God) on undistorted, chorus laden, single and double neck guitars. Gabe Katz(Blind Idiot God) on volume swelling 5 string bass. Tim Wyskida(Khanate, Blind Idiot God) on down-tuned drums. Gerald Menke(ex-Mercury Rev, ex-Babe the Blue Ox) on pedal steel guitar and dobro. Music could be described as progressive ambient country. Lethargic Mahavishnu Orchestra. Repetitive guitar and bass rhythms/drum and pedal steel improv. Occasional abandonments of rhythym/occasional bouts of clutter. Watch out for tumbleweed.

Tonic is at 107 Norfolk St. Phone 212-358-7501. Website http://tonicnyc.com

17 08 2005

Cool video of the day.



16 08 2005



Great film about Gen.


16 08 2005

new SWM out!


Congratulations Ms Sylvia.


15 08 2005

"Release" designs


Something along these lines soon available at a tour near you. Don't ask for one by email. Thanks.

15 08 2005

new releases at the [SHOP]

Just added in a remarkable return to kitchen table photography:

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE COSMIC INFERNO // Just Another Band From the Cosmic Inferno CD

EARTH / KK NULL // split CD


Due to the fact that I have a pile of these which no one seems to be buying, I have lowered the price on the following item:

v/a EARTH // Legacy of Dissolution 2LP

This is now available for $20+shipping from the [SHOP]

Every 2nd order of this 2LP will receive a KHANATE "Capture & Release" promo CD or poster for free, my choice.

New items coming this week:
Kevin Drumm / 2673 split 12"

15 08 2005

August 12, 2005

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
How a high school teacher from Skokie passed for cantankerous guitar genius John Fahey.

Last year Fantasy Records released The Best of John Fahey Vol. 2: 1963-1983, positioning it as an overdue follow-up to a Fahey best-of from 1977. Fahey, the founding father of the "American primitive" steel-stringed acoustic guitar style, had died in 2001, but the label, with access to his enormous archive of tapes, included three unreleased tracks: two rerecordings of Fahey classics from the early 60s and an original called "Tuff" that no one had heard before. But it's not Fahey playing on those tracks, and "Tuff" isn't his song. All three are the work of Charlie Schmidt, a 42-year-old high school teacher who lives in Skokie.

A friend and sometime student of the innovative guitarist, Schmidt recorded the material in 1993 as part of a prank Fahey hoped to play on Shanachie, his label at the time. Fahey had a history of "sowing confusion and blurring attribution," as Schmidt puts it -- he credited a performance on one of his records to a mentor he'd invented for himself, an old black undertaker named Blind Joe Death, and in his liner notes he parodied the mythmaking impulse of folk revivalists, claiming to have made his first guitar from a baby's coffin. But he never got the chance to pass Schmidt's tapes off as his own, and they collected dust for a decade -- until the producers of last year's compilation, fooled by the exactitude of Schmidt's Fahey impression, took the bait. (Schmidt has sorted things out with Fahey's music publisher and informed Fantasy of the mistake, but the label has yet to respond.)


15 08 2005

black one poster


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