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All answered by Takeshi.

Were you in bands before Boris? (if so, what were they? What kind of music?) When did Boris start?

Yes I was. But Boris is my first band to release works.
First I was in 3 piece band and I did Guitar and Vocal. Atsuo was also in some bands.
Boris was formed in sometime around 1992, I think.
At that time Atsuo was a vocalist, and another guy played drums.

When you started Boris, was there a set style you wanted to attempt? That is, what were you going for, initially?

Vaguely we tried to do “heavy extreme Rock”. There were no words like “Sludge” and “Doom” at that time, so we were groping our way.
After we became 3 piece in ’95, instrumental part increased and our tuning went lower and lower.
It was the time we started being conscious of Drone.

How do you go about composing your long compositions? (Absolutego, Flood, etc). How do you go about writing your songs in general?

We can’t compose or uplift spiritually until we start jamming loudly with full-stacked amplifier in the studio, especially for slow long songs.
For short songs, we also jam in the studio and picking some good riffs, reconstruct them and break them.
Sometimes it takes long time to complete, because too many ideas come out.
We feel good when the studio vibrates by feedback of amplifiers. Then “God of Rock” comes down to us.

Do you enjoy playing live still? Is it frustrating trying to replicate the intricacy and duration of your most elaborate recordings in a live setting (or do you even try)?

We enjoy playing on stage.
Sometimes we feel frustration when feedback doesn’t extend enough due to condition of the equipment.
But that kind of accident can bear new sound.
I think recordings and live performances are different, so I always feel freshness when I play on stage.

What direction do you want to take Boris in on future releases?

The same way as what we are doing now, “make sound what we feel best each time.”
Not only expressions such as “heavy”, ”drone”, ”ambient”, but also we want to pursue expansion of expression farther than tem.

Can you describe a little how some of your collaborations came to be, (with Keiji Haino, Merzbow, etc) and what they were like? Any upcoming ones planned, or are there any dream collaborations you’d love to do?

With Mr. Haino, we got together in a studio and just played. It wasn't a usual way of songwriting. With Mr. Akita, we've done in a lot of ways, such as sending materials each other, or play together in a studio. Very exciting. Both are inordinate rock lovers. Both he and us have his/our own rock, and they come together, influencing each other.
Now we are going to collaborate with SUNN O))).
Like we did with Mr. Haino and Mr. Akita, we are going to create something with being resonant with each other’s view of the world, so we want to make much of encounters and timing.

What do you see as the main difference between how you are received in Japan versus the rest of the world? Why do you think your international fan-base is so incredibly rabid?

I don’t mean to deny our country… but music culture (not only Rock) in Japan is not ripe.
There are many good bands and musicians here, but the soil which accept them is too poor… How should I say… Commercialism comes first and mainstream music is most important for them.
It can be said for the other countries too, but music itself, including Rock, is respected as culture and art, and it exist in daily life of ordinary people, regardless age and sex. And they enjoy it.
The main difference between Japan and the other countries is thickness of such culture and width of the way to enjoy something, isn’t it?
I believe that’s why sound like ours is accepted there.
In Japan, if we do something new or something different, people would take it as esoteric thing.
Though we think we are just expressing “Rock”.

Do you all still have day-jobs, or is Boris everybody’s full-time occupation?

It is really difficult to live just as a musician here. In Japan it costs too much to maintain a band, including costs in rent and transportations.
We still have strong inclinations such as “Are you still doing such a thing at your age?”.

What bands are you most inspired by today? What are Boris’ future plans?

I was inspired by guitar sound of Neil Young, distorted by octaver and reverb, in bootleg live recording.
When I was a high school student I used to listen to Japanese and non-Japanese Hard Core, like early Chaos U.K. and later Black Frag.
Wata always says Pretty Things and Pink Floyd.
Atsuo listens to everything.

We are restarting playing live in Japan in July.
And we will record for our new album, which will be released in the Winter, and for some other releases.
From the end of Oct. to the beginning of Nov., we are touring West coast of the U.S. with SUNN O))).
And we have some releases on labels overseas. Please check our website, http://inoxia-rec.com/boris .
Thank you.

03 06 2005


This week we had a break in behind the scenes on this website resulting in new KHANATE MP3s being leaked. I had thrown it online for label individuals who were unable to hear a CDR version at the time. Unfortunately I didnt do this securely, and someone with a good memory of past availabilities hit the proverbial vein.

We soon discovered the MP3s quickly made it to file sharing networks like Soul Seek. We then were forced to reflect on what music actually is and if these ideas are actually proprietary, at least in some sense, or what aspects actually are the "owned". To me this clarified my love of performance, creating, developing and playing above the document or snapshot. With this, it soon became obvious that the most disrespecting aspect of what happened was invasion of privacy. These files were in a nonpublished area with no html and unannounced outside previously mentioned label folks.

Unqualifiable information (to my knowledge) and speculation does not lead towards a healthy state of mind. All in all I think Mark at Hydra Head summed this up best: "Glad I could provide a new perspective with the "leak". The drama created from leaked music is a waste of time in 99% of the cases. its sucks, but it ain't the end of the world. Hardcopies of the songs will have been sent free to hundreds of people in 3 weeks anyway. at which point it is guaranteed to be online.. now, if it was February and the songs were leaked, that would be a real bum out. but in this case it probably helps us more than it hurts us."

Said and done, enjoy the sounds. I am honored by the interest. I came to the conclusion that many of whom actually have the files likely fall into one of 2 catagories: 1) KHANATE uberfans who are probably going to buy the release anyway, maybe in multiple formats or 2) people who wouldnt listen to KHANATE in the first place. At the level KHANATE is at we're not going to suffer from more people having access to our music.

Live and learn.

Nothing beats a vinyl anyway.

Apologies to those whom I was kneejerk and rude to over the course of this. I have a tendency to be an asshole in feelings of violation. And otherwise.

Cool image I found recently.

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01 06 2005


'Burden' by Kerry O'Sullivan

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