30 04 2005

MERZBOW vs SOMA update

Expanded to 3 dates now:

5th July // SLAM Festival // Olympic Games - Beach Volleyball Open Theater // Athens Greece // Merzbow vs Stephen O'Malley (Sunn 0)))/Khanate)
6th July // SLAM Festival // Moni Lazariston // Thessaloniki Greece // Merzbow vs Stephen O'Malley (Sunn 0)))/Khanate)
9th July // SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL // Custard Factory Theatre // Birmingham UK // Merzbow vs Stephen O'Malley (Sunn 0)))/Khanate)

30 04 2005


Gastr Del Sol // The Sepentine Similar CD
Gastr Del Sol // Crookt, Crackt or Fly CD
Just Drums II 2CD
KHANATE // Capture & Release roughs
SUNN O))) // Black1 roughs
A.N.P. // Ultrasonic Action CD
Louis Armstrong // Hot 5 & Hot 7 CD
Yellow Swans & Gerrit CD
Grubbs & Veliotis // The Harmless Dust CD
Haino // Uchuni CD
Pita // Get Off CD
Don Cherry // Cool CD

29 04 2005




Yes, Ladies and Mentalmen, It's MAYDAY...this coming Sunday If you happen to be accessible to the mission district of San Francisco, by 7PM - at Adobe Books [16th and Valencia ] and would like to partake in a celebration highlighting our beloved phallic symbol, please feel welcome to attend an event in honour of this time:

A lovely room filled with books, welcomes you in [I believe there is even going to be a bar set up], good souls surrounding and a short set of live music performed by a silver-lined two headed vessel which over floweth with potence::CHALLICE, Dana Kline (Flute/Vocals etc, Angela Means, Guitar/Vocals etc] First time performance! Yeah Spooky...But if you're a curious pal, bring a friend and a jug - raise it high and see in the night
with us!! I have succumb...We're very excited, we even have "band photos" that we took on bart yesterday.

PS: Anyone with metres of ribbon, who's into getting down around a telegraph/may pole should get there early to prepare. PPS: A nice extension of this evening would later be
enjoying sets by OCS, Nate Denver's Neck & Eric Landmark at the Hemlock Tavern from 9PM.

good & evil, light & dark, morn & eve, drink it all in surrounded by velvety gold soft to her touch.

29 04 2005





Cool paintings from my friend Jeremy Olson. nostudio.com or jeremy.olson@gmail.com

29 04 2005



I know its on collegehumor but its too absurd!

29 04 2005

Ruling Reed

No wait, it's Lou Reed.
drjaybabcock: 1969 interview

drjaybabcock: "...Once you get up to a certain level, I mean, I don't play my guitar like a guitar, I think of it like a tuba, you understand?
drjaybabcock: "It's not a guitar, it's a tuba...I usually think of myself as a renaissance chorus on the guitar... I mean, I know a lot of guitar players do that.
drjaybabcock: "You go like this on the fuz, daaaaaaa--and what happens is that you don't get just one note like a guitar, you may get eight notes, like daaahhhhhhheeeee...
drjaybabcock: "You start hearing some really strange things... We used to call it the Cloud, and like, on certain songs, we used to consciously enter the Cloud and you just hear all these funny things.
drjaybabcock: "They're not you, but you know they're being caused by the guitar, right?...and it's not just me, I mean, I've had people come up to me and say 'Man! Who was singing those choir parts? Who was playing trumpet?' There's no trumpet.
drjaybabcock: "The thing is, if you know how to operate an amplifier and make all these things happen...and like, we do, but I don't want to spend all my life doin' it. Like, there's no candy stores. I'd like to go for a soda."
drjaybabcock: THE CLOUD!

drjaybabcock: It's from a new book out
drjaybabcock: called "All Yesterdays' Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1971"

: that was an interview from a mag called Open City

28 04 2005

Orthodox Easter
May Day
Rood Mass
The-No Neck Blues Band

Sunday May 1 at 3pm
The Hinthouse roof, 638 W. 131st
1/9 to 125th St.

Rain or Shine
a free show

27 04 2005



Cheers to Lorin Davies for the link.

Chasing Hares

The search for the meaning and origin of the ancient symbol of the three hares.

Writer and historian, James Crowden, follows three historical detectives from a church in Devon to a high mountain kingdom in the Himalayas searching for the meaning and origin of the ancient symbol of the three hares.

The search began with a carving in the roof of a medieval Devon church, but the hare-chasers trace its origins through medieval Europe; via an ancient casket said to have contained the bones of St Lazarus, a 13th century monastery bell, and a Chapter house roof where the hares are found rubbing shoulders with the pagan Green Man; all the way to the mountain Kingdom of Ladakh and 12th Century China.

So what does the symbol mean and how has it travelled such immense distances?

The answer connects the pagan goddess who gave her name to Easter to the Virgin Mary, the Buddha, and the great Mongol Empire.

You can see photos of the hares, find out about the Three Hares Project and contribute your own sightings at: The Three Hares Project

From BBC Radio 4

Listen again to the program in RealAudio.

An ancient symbol in the roof of a Dartmoor church turns out to link paganism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism over almost 2000 years, in a fascinating historical detective story.

27 04 2005





We have some remainders from a few tours featuring some amazing Savage Pencil art. See below for one shirt design and a few posters. If you are interested in any of these items please check out our friends at http://www.aurora-b.com/

27 04 2005


Sir Richard Bishop
Tuesday, May 10th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show
When not working as a dealer in occult print ephemera, Sir Richard Bishop maintains a stately, world-traveling existence as 1/3 of the Sun City Girls. He also moonlights as a purveyor of solo improvisational guitar whose style can be said to be more informed by the spirit of the films of Peckinpah and Jodorowsky than any clinical axeman influence. In town for shows at Joe's Pub on May 3rd and Maxwells in Hoboken on the 4th, Bishop visits Brian in the WFMU studios for an afternoon of tying together the worlds of Morocco, the Middle East, and Morricone.


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