10 02 2005

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10 02 2005


10 02 2005


From Jay/Bastet/Arthur mag:

"No Magic Man"
(Bastet 0004)

A collection of all-new, all-weather nighttime sounds from one of the greatest tellin'-it-like-it-is, Apocalypse Later! bands around right now. "No Magic Man" is specifically designed for those with chronic cases of peek-a-boo, long eye and post-election stress disorder. 12 reports from the never-ending ritual running just under an hour, this is the next page in the Book of Sunburned, and it's yours!"

Check it here

10 02 2005


Thanks for this K::O::S

10 02 2005

From Robert Fripp's online diary

Thursday 27th. January, 2005



May the consequences of my actions visit me swiftly and as much as I can bear.

In this morning's e-box, a letter from Jason Elliot. Jason is the author of An Unexpected Light, on his journeying in Afghanistan, and son of Pierre & Vivien. We re-met at Pierre's recent flying-away service & discussed a building Jason has discovered in Persia (ie Iran) while researching his current book.

A note on the theme of the monument I mentioned.


This 'discovery', along with one or two others, fills me with a private kind of excitement, but I am not at all sure who I may be able to usefully share it with, or to what purpose.

But in brief: in northern Iran stands a celebrated tower, built entirely from brick and dating from the twelfth century, which commemorates the rule of a local monarch. It is generally thought of as a sort of folly, and indeed rather resembles an English one, though it is far more ancient and generally held up as an architectural marvel and something of an anomaly, if not a work of genius. I attach a photo I took. But that is about all, conventionally. It is publicly accessible but, being empty inside, is not used for anything at present.

However... even from the exterior, the configuration of the structure reveals an advanced understanding of acoustics. At a distinct point about twenty metres from the entrance, one's voice is unmistakably reflected to one's ears, as though amplified, in a most disturbing (to me!) fashion; and inside - well, yes, it's empty, but what an emptiness! I'd often wondered, from a distance as it were, what the place might have been for. And last year, when I was visiting for the second time, out of curiosity I sang the lines from La Boheme when Rodolfo seizes Mimi's freezing hand in the darkness... and it knocked my socks off.

The sound generated was truly extraordinary. I might have been Pavarotti. My voice was taken upwards, swirled around, and returned, resonant and purified. I was with two friends; we froze on the spot. I had never heard such sound. It is very hard to describe; a real voice would have sounded heavenly. It really went into our bones, and left us stunned. Nothing I have heard came close to it. The latest digital mixer couldn't have done a more sublime job. It dawned on me then that such acoustic genius could not have been accidentally created, and I am convinced that the building was used for musical sessions long ago. There is nothing inside but a circular stone platform at the base, where people used to sit; and suddenly it took on new meaning.

So, my experience there confirms what I have encountered in writing about Iran and aspects of Persian culture; namely that in essence Persian music is all connected with the idea of Paradise and its intimations here on Earth; and they knew how to make you feel you've died and gone to Heaven. Until recently there was no such thing as 'popular' Persian music as this was confined to the (formerly) royal and intellectual elite. But to mention the very word 'music' is problematic in the sense of what music is designed to achieve, since we are mostly trained to think of music as a sort of recreation.

And it strikes me as likely that the building in question was used as a musical forum. The only comparable site I know personally is Thoronet Abbey near Provence, which demonstrates exceptional resonance. Such things are seldom accidental; but the European dimension has been competently investigated already.

There is another structure in Isfahan where the elaborate, hollowed out spaces in the walls have been put forward as resonating chambers, again for royal musical sessions. The point is that the people of the era knew what they were doing.

I am sure one day the tower's acoustic/harmonic properties will be rediscovered, and people will flock there. But not quite yet. Meantime, everyone from Caruso to Sting can eat their hearts out because for a moment I sounded better than all of them.........

10 02 2005

SUNN O))) vs Finland

Finally confirmed are 3 Finnish dates for SUNN O))) on our upcoming European jaunt!

3/28 Mariehamn/ Åland Pub Bastun w/John Wiese
3/29 Tampere Klubi w/Circle
3/30 Helsinki Nosturi w/Circle & Skepticism

10 02 2005


08 02 2005


SUNN O))) is proud to announce confirmation of a performance at Roskilde Festival July 1st. The lineup for that "slot" will be ISIS, ENSLAVED, SUNN O))). Too killer!!!

Roskilde is one of Europe's oldest outdoor festivals, and is on from 30th June till 3rd July this year. The festival site is 35km from Copenhagen (30 minutes by train). Total attendence of the entire festival is expected to be 100,000+!!!

Obviously by far the biggest event we have been offered, we are looking forward and will prepare a special performance with special guests.


08 02 2005

WIM Sydney venue change

the location for the sydney what is music? onathon (originally at luna park) on tues mar 8 has changed for various (boring) reasons

new location:

624 George Street, Sydney

still the same date (8th of March), still a 6pm start time etc etc

please update your diarys/websites etc

07 02 2005


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