26 11 2004

i-D vs SOMA pt1


I don't own a record label, on the contrary.
Pt2= SUNN O))) piece. THX Glynnis.

26 11 2004

SUNN tour update


Birmingham - Black Galaxy
Nottingham - Hototogisu + Opaque + They Live!
Newcastle - Atavist + MARZURAAN
Glasgow - Sunburned Hand of The Man
Belfast - Captain Insano + Killing Spree
Dublin - No Support (Early Show)
ATP - That night, Pelican, SUNN O))), The Fall, Violent Femmes
Manchester - The End + Transmission 0 + Atavist + Esoteric
London - Whithouse
Bristol - Moss + Geisha

MANCHESTER venue changed to Satan's Hollow

24 11 2004

final SUNN dates


We're flying to the old country friday. Looking forward to seeing all of the hordes! Below are the final dates. Please note Thessoloniki was cancelled, as was the Greek L.A.M.F. gig, unfortunately. Athens will slay however, and Cope is joining us there, as well as some of the UK dates possibly. Holy McGrail will join 4-5 dates in UK, Attila Csihar will be present at ATP, Manchester and London, Peter Rehberg will bless us with his grace in London also. Peel Session on the 9th to include Savage Pencil, Anthony Sylvester, Holy McGrail amongst the 3 Americans. I am staying over to record a Southern Session for GINNUNGAGAP "Grimm Willows" LP together with Anthony Sylvester and Alexander Tucker at Southern Studios in London.

Tour merchandise to include the CroMonolithic remix 12", LiveWhite CD set, tour shirts, sweatshirts and posters, Cavedrone tshirts, A flat tshirts, Ginnungagap 12", Lotus Eaters 7", etc.

Good times ahead!

SUNN O))) Rather Grimm 2004
Mo 29 Nov England Birmingham The Custard Factory
Tu 30 Nov England Nottingham Cabaret
We 01 Dec England Newcastle The Cluny
Th 02 Dec Scotland Glasgow Oran Mor
Fr 03 Dec Nr Irleand Belfast The Pavillion
Sa 04 Dec Ireland Dublin Whealans (early show)
Su 05 Dec Hastings All Tomorrow's Parties
Mo 06 Dec England Manchester Roadhouse
Tu 07 Dec England London The Scala w/WHITEHOUSE
We 08 Dec England Bristol Thekla
Fr 10 Dec Greece Athens AN Club

23 11 2004

Runhild vs SUNN 0803


Just recieved this amazing photo I needed to share with you all. From a O))) PDX show in the summer of 03.

23 11 2004

SUNN O))) vs CA 1104 visual evidence

los angeles 11/18

san francisco 11/21

Hail to everyone who came out. Special thanks to our guests & Angela, it's our honor.

19 11 2004

SUNN meets John Wiese!


Great performance in LA's Knitting Factory last night... SF show on Sunday will have a lineup of: Greg Anderson, John Wiese, Gerritt, Nate Carson and myself! Should be cosmic mind...

19 11 2004


designed by Wes/Burlesque

19 11 2004

Overcoming dualism through hallucinogens.

by Dr. Susan Blackmore

New Scientist, 13 November 2004 p 36
(box within cover story "The Intoxication Instinct" by Helen Phillips and Graham Lawton)

Note: This is the original version, and was slightly edited for publication.

Psychedelic drugs provide some of the best evidence we have that the mind is the brain; that our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions are created by chemistry. Take a drug, particularly a hallucinogen, and any of these can change, and even our innermost selves can be quite transformed. This means these drugs can be scary, and need to be taken with great care and respect, for they can potentially reveal some of the deepest secrets about our minds and consciousness.

A century ago, long before prohibition, the groundwork of a science of intoxication was already being laid down, and the American psychologist, William James, experimented with the anaesthetic, nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”. Our normal rational consciousness, he said, is just one special type of consciousness, while all around it, “parted from it by the filmiest of screens” are other entirely different forms of consciousness, always available if only the requisite stimulus is applied.

Other experimenters meticulously described the effects of inhaling ether, chloroform or cannabis, and the strange distortions of time, perception, and sense of humour this induced. More curiously, they also described changes in belief, and even in philosophy. For example, nitrous oxide has the curious capacity to change materialist scientists into idealists. Its discoverer, Sir Humphrey Davy, bravely took the drug himself as an experiment in 1799 and ended up exclaiming that “Nothing exists but thoughts”. Others made similar observations and found their views profoundly shifted by even brief encounters with the other side of that filmy screen.

This raises the peculiar question of whether what James’s called “our normal rational consciousness” is necessarily the best for understanding the world. After all, if one’s view of the world can change so dramatically with the aid of a simple molecule like nitrous oxide, how can we be sure that our normal brain chemistry is the one most suited to doing science and philosophy? What if evolution had taken a slightly different turn and we had ended up with brain chemistry less inclined to make us believe in God or the afterlife. Or what if our actual brain chemistry evolved to help us survive and reproduce at the cost of giving us false beliefs about the world? If so, it is possible that mind-altering drugs might in fact give us a better, not worse, insight than we have in our so-called normal state.

Take the common experience of losing our separate self, or becoming one with the universe. This may seem, to some, like mystical nonsense, but in fact it fits far better with a scientific understanding of the world than our normal dualist view. Most of us feel, most of the time, that we are some kind of separate self who inhabits our body like a driver in a car or a pilot in a plane. We speak about “my body” and even “my brain” as though “I” were something separate from them both. Throughout history many people have believed in a soul or spirit that can leave the body and even survive after death. Yet science has long known that this cannot be so. There is no observer inside the brain who has our experiences, and no space in the brain from where an inner self can control it. There is just a brain that is made of exactly the same kind of stuff as the world around it. In other words, we really are one with the universe.

This means that the psychedelic sense of self may actually be truer than the common dualist view. So although our normal state is better for surviving and reproducing, it may not always be best for understanding who and what we are. Perhaps we could even have sciences carried out in some of these intoxicated states. This was just what psychologist, Charles Tart, suggested in 1972, in the prestigious journal Science. He likened different states of consciousness to different paradigms in science and proposed the creation of “state specific sciences”; new sciences which would be done by scientists working in altered states and communicating their findings to others in those states. These new sciences might only have limited application but this makes the point that our normal state, constrained as it is by the particular chemistry evolution has given us, may not be the only way to try to understand the universe.

Since Tart’s pioneering work on mapping altered states, most of the psychedelic drugs have become prohibited and research has largely been stifled. While the cultures that have used these drugs for millennia treat them with great respect, and control them with elaborate rituals and traditions, our culture gives over their control to criminals and tries to deny their amazing mind-revealing capacities. Perhaps one day, when prohibition is finally abandoned, scientists may once again take up the promise offered by those tiny little chemicals that can tell us who and what we are.

16 11 2004




November 16, 2004 -- Legendary Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has stopped "runnin' with the devil" to do God's work - riding ambulances in gritty neighborhoods throughout the city to become a paramedic.

The famed rocker has cut his trademark blond mane and dropped his celebrity persona so he can ride unrecognized with ambulance crews in The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn several nights a week.

Several weeks ago, the charismatic crooner saved the life of a Bronx woman who had a heart attack by shocking her back to life with a defibrillator.

The Post caught up with Roth last week as the 1980s icon grabbed a slice of pepperoni pizza after sitting for hours in an ambulance waiting for a call.

Just three days earlier, he had played to an adoring rock-'n'-roll crowd in Minnesota.

Roth, 49, initially expressed reservations about discussing his latest endeavor because he felt publicity "would diminish what I am trying to do here."

But the following day, he told The Post more about his new passion.

"I have been on over 200 individual rides now," Roth told The Post. "Not once has anyone recognized me, which is perfect for me."

"It has been an eye-opening adventure," said Roth, who asked The Post not to disclose which "very colorful neighborhoods" he works in because he doesn't want to draw attention to himself or his colleagues.

Linda Reissman, Roth's EMS consultant and tutor, said she didn't know what to expect of her famous pupil at first, but "he has probably turned out to be one of the best students I have ever had."

"I am amazed," said Reissman, who is training Roth for Brooklyn-based company Emergency Care Programs Inc.

Reissman described Roth as very studious, punctual and hungry for knowledge.

"He is very serious," she said. "You would never know you were dealing with a rock-'n'-roll guy, his commitment really is touching. He wants to help people."

The singer, who is used to being onstage in a packed arena, sees at least one similarity in his two careers.

"I am a member of a team again, and that's what a rock band always was," Roth said.

Thanks to Menche for bringing this to our attention. From the New York Post website

15 11 2004



IT IS WRITTEN in The Book of the Law:

"Every man and every woman is a Star.

"It is Our Lady of the Stars that speaketh to thee, O thou that art a star, a member of the Body of Nuith! Listen, for thine ears become dulled to the mean noises of the earth; the infinite silence of the Stars woos thee with subtile musick.

Behold her bending down above thee, a flame of blue, all-touching, all-penetrant, her lovely hands upon the black earth, and her lithe body arched for love, and her soft feet not hurting the little flowers, and think that all thy grossness shall presently fall from thee as thou leapest to her embrace, caught up into her love as a dewdrop into the kisses of the sunrise...."

Love is the law, love under will.

The Benediction of the All-Begetter, All-Devourer be upon thee.

Threshold House

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