10 10 2004

ANGELA strikes!

ARTHUR MAGAZINE, in association with the KORK AGENCY presents:

a CMJ Come Down.

Sunday October 17th

Mercury Lounge
225 E. Houston St. New York, NY 10009
7PM Doors,


8:30PM Tyondai Braxton

9:15PM Dan Friel

10: 00PM Double Leopards

10:45PM PG Six

11:30PM Growing

Finger food and AV stuff too..

Tickets: $8 Advance/$10 doors.

07 10 2004


Slint Possibly Gearing Up for Reunion

Rob Harvilla reports:
The short version of this story, our fellow Slint-worshippers, is that the band isn't reforming. Officially. Yet. Or something like that. Despite several months of joyful, optimistic rumor-mongering, the deified Louisville sluggers-- responsible for Spiderland, Pitchfork's 12th best record of the 1990s-- are not slated to appear at the UK All Tomorrow's Parties hoedown in December.

This will certainly devastate the folks at former Slint bassist Dave Pajo's Papa-M.com forum, wherein the rumor first built up steam, arousing much euphoria and preemptive groveling ("I WILL SLEEP WITH ANY PERSON ON THIS BOARD IF THEY WILL PAY FOR MY AIRFARE TO THIS CONCERT. I CAN HANDLE THE TICKET, AND THE SEX"). Apparently, early ATP online press for the December "Nightmare Before Christmas" show-- picked up on by webzine Drowned in Sound and subsequently retracted-- appeared to tout Slint's appearance, but all remnants of that discourse have since disappeared.

However, the hunt doesn't end there, or why the hell would we be bothering you with this report? Pajo (currently of Papa M, formerly of Zwan) also maintains a blog at PinkHollers.com, and his September 16th entry sent hearts aflutter once more with its surprisingly direct allusions to a Slint reunion: "September life's orbit quickens around the nucleus of love. early man oscillates the host vehicle relentless by day, and papa m rejuvenates by night. and somewhere slint, a band from louisville kentucky, kicks with early signs of incubation. always we need more food and sleep, and who knows where the energy reserve is stored, but we push on vital and elastic and sensitive to higher thoughts that snap us out of baboon mind."

Reached by Pitchfork via email to validate/explicate this info, Pajo gave a response somewhat revealing in its lack of denial: "For the nonce, there is nothing to report. thanks." Well, okay, then.

Considering that much of this speculation stems directly from one of Slint's former members, it feels like a safe bet that something is going to happen, but we'll be damned if we know what. An actual surprise appearance at The Nightmare Before Christmas? Probably not. A reunion tour of some kind? Maybe so-- it's certainly in fashion at the moment. A new album, perhaps Spiderland 2: The Regenesis? We can only hope. In any case, we'll be sure to keep you apprised of any future developments.

.: Pitchfork Feature: Top 100 Albums of the 1990s: 20-11
.: Papa M: http://www.papa-m.com
.: David Pajo's Blog: http://www.pinkhollers.com
.: All Tomorrow's Parties: http://www.atpfestival.com

taken from www.pitchforkmedia.com

07 10 2004

Julian unleashes!



Porskaer Stenhus, Denmark
Porskaer Stenhus, Denmark, ©JULIAN COPE

PUBLISH DATE: 18th October 2004ce

"THE MEGALITHIC EUROPEAN is the conclusion of a 10-year odyssey that began with my research for its predecessor, THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN, and took me far beyond the prehistoric sites of Britain dealt with in that first book. From here I literally journeyed from the temple circles of Ireland to the stone boats of Scandanavia and megaliths of the Mediterranean. What emerged was a 21st-century travelogue through some of the oldest structures in the world.

I also realized that no-one had even attempted a thorough look at Europe before, and even the existing books that had skimmed the surface were long out of print. THE MEGALITHIC EUROPEAN is my second huge guide to the first monuments of humanity, this time taking in over 300 prehistoric sites on mainland Europe and in its islands. the essay section examines the mystery of our prehistoric beginnings in order for us to understand and enrich our lives in the here and now. The gazetteer section is relentlessly thorough, with detailed instructions on how to get to these sites, and is stuffed as full as I could make it with over 800 colour photographs, maps, antiquarian drawings, reconstruction illustrations of these sacred places, and my own black and white drawings which just seemed to multiply as I moved from place to place.

The secret weapon of this book is the surprising accessibility of these prehistoric megaliths. British travellers love to go abroad and the megalithic sites just happen to be in many of the places the British love to go already. Perfect. Low cost airlines can whizz you to places you've barely heard of and you're only a half-hour away from great stones! Mums or dads who always spoil their kids' holidays with re-routes away from the beach onto Bodmin Moor can now set their kids up and troll around umpteen Sardinian, Menorcan, Mallorcan, Maltese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Breton or Irish stone circles, etc. Compromises can be had in the northern sites around the Baltic, where kids will be happy to spend the summer in clean seas, with megaliths close to the Dutch, German, Danish and Swedish coasts.

I felt that a British overview could get open-minded travellers out there to the monuments themselves - an ideal way to move the study up one further notch, getting some kind of dialogue going that will allow us all to see the context of our ancient past.

I'm past the stage of trying to theorize about these places. I know what I believe, but I'm more interested in getting other people to see for themselves. Yes, the book is heavyweight and archaeologically thorough, but, better still, it's full of amazingly photogenic sites across Europe that would make anyone travel!"


Also, here are the dates for Julian Cope's The Megalithic European book tour - more are likely to be added. All dates to include a talk and signing. Don't miss this! See the Head Heritage website for more information and updates.

Tuesday 19th October
B5 auditorium, Franklin Wilkins Building, Stamford Street, Waterloo, SE1-9NN

Wednesday 20th October
Ottakars, Salisbury
Lecture Theatre Museum

Thursday 21st October
Time TBC
Ottakars, Banbury
Mill Theatre

Monday 25th October
Waterstones, Canterbury

Tuesday 26th October
Waterstones, Leeds

Wednesday 27th October
Waterstones - Deansgate, Manchester

Thursday 28th October
Waterstones - Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Tuesday 2nd November
Waterstones - New Street Birmingham

Wednesday 3rd November
Gothic Image - Town Hall, Glastonbury

Thursday 4th November
Waterstones, Bath

06 10 2004







Thanks Slimm.

06 10 2004

FORESHADOW interview


Newcastle's son, Pete Burn, and I talked at the start of this year, this was the resulting interview, just being published now. Mostly talked about details of the music over the years and some broad modern politic. Also, drugs were discussed. Keep in mind this was when WHITE2 was being placed in the finishing oven, so it was still a bit fluid.

The bleak stairwell of W 108th street.

06 10 2004



The redesigned DR-55 sleeve, for a small reissue the great Drone Records will make of this piece, most likely prior to year's end. Mr. Seldon Hunt did the artistic honors (or I should say, we were so honored) and I tweaked it from the original here and there.

Last verison of this came out June 2002 in edition of 250 copies.

06 10 2004

CroMonoliths for an Iron Age


Labels upcoming tour-only 12" featuring Catch 22 (Surrender or Die)//MERZBOW & Rule The Divine (Mysteria Caelestia Mugivi)//EARTH. Both tracks were remixed by SUNN O))).

Also forthcoming: SUNN O))) "The GrimmRobe Demos" CD/Gatefold 2LP reissue on Southern Lord (sunn37/January 2005). CD will feature live track from 1998 titled Grimm & Bear It (previously only appeared only on the scarce FOTB vinyl edition), 2LP to feature an altogether unreleased track tentatively titled Dusk: ReHearseHell 1998.

Be forewarned!

06 10 2004

Another great 20th century heathen goes down



"When I was born, I was so ugly the doctor slapped my mother."

-Rodney Dangerfield, 1921 - 2004

04 10 2004


A few new items were added to the [SHOP]:

KHANATE No Joy/Dead 12"
KHANATE West coast tour shirt

01 10 2004




We are glad to hear that the Norwegian proto-deathpsyche blackmetal/industrial act known as MYSTICUM has reissued their early 1990s demos in the form of a compiled CD recently, titled "Lost Masters of the Universe". This group, who disbanned after releasing only one album, 1995s “In the Streams of Inferno” (also recently reissued on the Italian label, AvantGarde), a split 7” with ULVER and a handful of demos, seem to be seeping back into the miasma. Their moments of inversion happened in 1997, after signing with the fake dotcom-fueled label WINTERMOON (if I recall the name correctly), who was associated with the infamous Necropolis Records of Fremont, east bay, CA. This label was to support them with touring and their supposed pinnacle album “Planet Satan”. Seemed too good to be true and was. The band retreated for years, yet a surprise split 7” with Norwegian deathrashers AUDIOPAIN emerged early this year to our pleasure (track title “Black Magic Mushrooms”). One of the more obtuse acts involved with the old DSP (who were to originally release “Streams..”)... and still recommended from this perspective.

Can you also explain the lyrics of "Black magic mushrooms" to us? Musically this time you also used a strange synth at the end of the song that gave the impression of having taken too many mushrooms while listening to it. Is this also the direction your heading for with Mysticum?
The lyrics is about tripping on psychedelic mushrooms, which in our way is the key to enter a world hidden from the normal state of mind, a world with no limit for what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s a wonderful chance to face yourself and see if you really are the one you think you are, because a lot of people walk around without knowing that they pretend to be someone that’s not them. I would really like to see some of the so-called evil black metal ‘souls’ chew on a bunch of these mushrooms, heh-heh-heh…Newer material from Mysticum will probably differ some from this song. We will have one song that may be similar to "Black magic mushrooms" in a way. It’s called "Lucifer in the sky with demons".

Mysticum/Planet Satan website. You can download the entire “Streams...” album here for free.

2004 Interview on Vampire Magazine

MYSTICUM circa 1995

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