19 10 2004


Cheers to TEETH for the comradeship! Note that this is the complete playlist, a truncated version was actually performed.


Painless Childbirth / Throbbing Gristle / Heathen Earth
Corkscrew / Oren Ambarchi / Grapes from the estate
Up The North Fork / Pelt / Pearls From The River
Procession Passing / Arve Henriksen / Sakuteiki
Autechre / EARTH remixes
Shisheido / Fennesz / Endless Summer
Roygbiv / Boards Of Canada / Music Has The Right To Children
Archangels Thunderbird / Amon Düül II / Yeti
Oscillator Solo / Comets On Fire / Comets On Fire (Ltd. Ed. CD)
Deathrash / Sarcófago / I.N.R.I.
Winter Bliss / Demoncy / Faustian Dawn
A,B,C, Weapons / G.I.S.M. / Detestation
Ashes To Ashes / Tangerine Dream / Electronic Meditation
Lord Of Light / Hawkwind / Doremi Fasol Latido
Till My Death / Buffalo / Volcanic Rock
Negativland / Neu! / Neu!
Broadrick / EARTH remixes
Nabitte / Cluster / Cluster II
Persuasion / Throbbing Gristle / Assume Power Focus
Sacrifice / Aghast / Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis
Untitled / The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud / Amara Tanta Tyri
Soul In Flames / Brighter Death Now / Necrose Evangelicum
Epping Forest / Throbbing Gristle / Assume Power Focus
Kirkjur Skola Brenna / Vondur / Stridsyfirlysing
Curse / Hate Forest / DoomLord comp
Track 01 / Tretoarigt Krieget
Volcanik Violence / Sadistik Exekution / K.A.O.S.
Russell Haswell / EARTH remixes
Om Kristen Og Jodisk Tru / Gorgoroth / Destroyer Or About How To Philosophize With The Hammer
Let The Kingdom Come / Mysticum / In the Streams of Inferno
Plastic Eggs / Harvey Milk / Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men
Under A Funeral Moon / Darkthrone / Preparing For War
Dweller Of The Bottomless Pit / Bestial Warlust / Vengeance War Til Death
Big Sleeper / Slab! / People Pie 12
Fallen Angel / Bulldozer / The Day of Wrath
The Cave / Bulldozer / The Final Separation
Octis : "H:1-13+BDC" / Octis / Octis 7"
Filling The Empty Spaces With Cash / Halo / Body Of Light
Caprichos 1-80 / Asva / split picture 12"
Kisses with Both Hands from God's Little Toy / The Hafler Trio / Kisses with Both Hands from God's Little Toy [ltd. ed. single]
behold the scathing light / John Wiese + Daniel Menche / Behold the scathing light
Abandon All Words at a Stroke / Haino Keiji / Abandon All Words at a Stroke, So That Prayer Can Come Spilling Out
The Black Death / When / Svartedauen
Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me, part 1 / Abruptum / Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me
Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me, part 2 / Abruptum / Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me
In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebraum / Abruptum / In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebraum
Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes / Abruptum / Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes

During the Ambarchi track my smoke machine set off the fire alarm. 5 NYFD firetrucks & 15 fully garbed firemen evacuated the venue. Thanks to Laris & Angela for the good humour throughout.

We may soon unleash a small edition double mp3 CDR (???) of the last 2 CAVEMAN SKULL sets for the hordes.

19 10 2004




Thanks to Atsuo Mizuno/BORIS for joining us on stage last Friday in NYC, complete in velvet cloak! His volcanic chants proved to be one of the highlights of our live career. BORIS & SUNN are planning a collaboratory album together for 2005, to be titled "ALTAR". We are also discussing some joint touring ideas for 2005.

Thanks to all who came out last weekend, we had a blast... special thanks to Angela, THE HIDDEN HAND, Gabriel Byrne.

video stills by Damien Fenton

14 10 2004


Sunday 17 October

Join Stuart Maconie for three hours of the weird and the wonderful from
1700-2000 GMT.

On this week's Freak Zone we'll be joined in the studio by JulianCope. The former front man of The Teadrop Explodes will be talking to Stuart about his 5th book The Megalithic European.

Freakzone Specialist Eddi Fiegel will be joining us in the studio to talk about the life and works of 60s French alternative popster Jacques Dutronc.

Our Album of the Week is Scott Walker's Kilt, there's more Live Freaks and Session Tracksfrom the BBC archive, plus the usual mix of all the strange and beautiful tunes we can lay our hands on


13 10 2004

Waldteufel summon the WILD HUNT!




The performance planned as part of the Enteractive Language Festival is entitled “The Language of the Wild Hunt.” The ‘Wild Hunt’ referred to is a folkloric-mythical complex of related tales that can be found all over Northern Europe - from Switzerland, Austria, to the Benelux countries and Scandinavia. Descriptions of the Wild Hunt or the Wild Host usually tell of a frightening parade of furious black riders, often mutilated, accompanied by hounds, wolves and other animals Their approach is heralded by the ominous sounds of horns, huge bells, and whips. The hunters are led by a dark figure sometimes called Wode, thought to be a form of the old Germanic deity Wodan (Odin in Scandinavia). Sometimes, the leader is also a woman named Holda or Perchta. Folklorists and Researchers have made connections between these myths and peasant customs, Perchtenlaufen, that still existed until the early 20th Century, in which masked youths carrying bells and whips or switches made out of branches terrorized their villages. Both tales and practices occur around the same seasonal festivities, the Twelve Nights
of Yule, traditionally part of the Winter Solstice festivities, which prominently involved rites honoring the ancestors.

For this performance, Waldteufel will endeavor to summon the atmosphere and essence of the Wild Hunt within the environs of the Old Church, using their blend of archaic folk music, expressionist soundscapes, and a healthy dose of percussion and noise. Since Samhain is the related Celtic ancestral festival, it is hoped that the spirits will show themselves.

Waldteufel will consist of Markus Wolff & Tyrsson Sinclair, as well as a cast of special guests and collaborators.

SORIAH will perform the opening and closing ceremony on The Old Church's exquisite organ (http://www.soriah.net). Also: C.O.T.A., one of the foremost purveyors of ritual rhythmic electronics, will make a special trip from Kali-fornia to be part of this summoning (http://www.sonicksorcery.com).

Friday, October 29th, 2004
The Old Church – 1422 SW 11th Avenue, Portland Oregon
Doors @ 7:30pm
Show @ 8:00pm PLEASE BE ON TIME!
$5-$15 sliding scale
All ages welcome – Biergarten for 21+

Enteractive Language Festival 2004 Calendar:

The Old Church:

13 10 2004



Magpie, part of Arthur's continuing mission to keep Earth weird, is updated daily by Arthur editor Jay Babcock. Like a scrapbook of interesting found stuff, made public. Dig it daily at www.arthurmag.com/magpie/

13 10 2004

Romancing the stones

October 10, 2004

Romancing the stones

Julian Cope, former rock god and pagan poet, has an oddly Establishment sideline — he’s a whizz on archeology, as his latest book proves. By Stewart Lee

Julian Cope, the former lead singer of the chart-topping 1980s pin-ups the Teardrop Explodes, is playing a secret solo show in the back room of a community arts centre in the Hampshire frontier town of Aldershot. Union Jacks flutter in all the pubs. Cope’s hair is, by some margin, the longest in the surrounding area. On stage, alone, in a floppy hat and sunglasses, he surveys the small but swollen space and modestly takes stock of the situation. “I know I’m not current,” he laughs, “and I don’t believe I’m timeless. I am in my forties, and in sight of 50. And once you’re over 50, 60’s not far away. And then you are allowed to be legendary. So I just have to keep my head down and keep working. Then I can be legendary.”

To many, the antics that have characterised Cope’s career are already the stuff of legend. He appeared on the cover of his second solo album wearing only a turtle shell, protested against the poll tax dressed as a giant baby from space and is winning new fans in America with his “ambient metal” project, LAMF. To most people, Cope admits, he is “that World Shut Your Mouth guy”, best known for the anthemic smash hit to which even Terry Wogan succumbed in 1986. But perhaps his strangest achievement is the completion of two heavyweight books on prehistoric archeology, the second of which, The Megalithic European, is published this month.

Its predecessor, 1998’s The Modern Antiquarian, a colour-coded gazetteer of British prehistoric sites, was the answer to a prayer for those of us who had spent years trekking across moors to stone circles on advice pieced together from quasi-mystical pamphlets or dry academic tomes. Stand at the centre of the Orkney mainland with The Modern Antiquarian in your hand and lost civilisations rise up around you. Now Cope has applied the same utilitarian ethic to the monuments of continental Europe. At his home in the Wiltshire countryside, within striding distance of the stone circle at Avebury, he holds forth.

“My job is to make uncool things seem cool,” he says, his foot up on a kitchen chair, like a rock star bestriding a monitor. “If you can find a way of presenting these things correctly, people will get into them. And if you can get people out of believing that stone circles are about wellington boots and anoraks, that they can be elegant, why not do it? When I put together my Scott Walker compilation album, for example, he was just thought of as a git. I am a total field worker. I get into things and go to places and see if they do it for me — and if they are going to do it for other people. Is there enough remaining above ground? Or, if the thing is underground, is it superbly underground? Is it the mother of all underground temples? Is it a hypogeum from hell? Can you go in and lose yourself?”

Initially, I’m uncertain whether Cope is using subterranean prehistoric temples as a metaphor for the 1960s balladeer Walker, or whether he is actually talking about subterranean prehistoric temples. Then I realise that it’s both at the same time. Cope in conversation doesn’t so much free-associate as make entirely unrelated ideas occupy exactly the same space. He has barged into the world of archeology with the open-minded enthusiasm of the very gentleman amateurs on whose work the science was historically built. Has he been welcomed?

“There are two types of archeologists,” he explains, putting down a toy wooden guitar he is making for his 10-year-old daughter, who wants to attend the local Hallowe’en event as Angus Young from AC/DC. “The older guys are pleased to be able to debrief to someone. They are like spies, with all this information, so they can afford to be generous. Aubrey Burl — who writes books with flat names like Stone Circles of the British Isles — and I get on really well. I can call him up and go, ‘Aubrey, I think I’ve found a new stone circle.’ And he goes, ‘I suppose it’s quite possible, but don’t tell my wife, because I’m too old to start visiting it now.’ If I’ve ever had a problem, it was with archeology’s middle management, which felt we should have taken more official routes.”

Invited to lecture at the British Museum in 2001, Cope chose as his subject the Norse god Odin in Christian symbolism. “I went from Odin to Christ via the various pagan precursors of Christ. The nice old guys in dicky bows at the British Museum had been saying, ‘You’re not the normal kind of person we have here, but you do it the way you want.’ So I did the lecture in full face paint and five-inch platform shoes — two nights, sold out. It was amazing.”

In The Modern Antiquarian, Cope’s analysis reflected his own performance background. Stones with quartz in them would look great glittering in the moonlight if you were a prehistoric audience on mild natural hallucinogens watching the ancient equivalent of Julian Cope. At the Lyric Hammersmith earlier this year, Cope’s own persona seemed influenced by his archeological imaginings. In psychedelic combat clothes, giant shoes and face paint, Cope became an absurd priest-clown figure and spent most of his two-hour set in the audience, declaiming over a primitive punk-metal backdrop.

“Being on stage, dealing with an audience, with hysteria, with a really barbarian art form, is the closest you get to a religious experience,” he says. “The shaman and the showman are inextricably linked. Little Richard recognised that. Jerry Lewis was damned the moment he opened his mouth. Cliff Richard and Tommy Steele, however, were never in any danger.”

The Aldershot show was supposed to be low-key, reacquainting Cope with live performance after months of writing. But with him, nothing is ever low-key. The fanatical fan base is out in force, undiluted by the less evangelical onlookers present in bigger venues. Cope is derailed by enthusiastic interjections from proprietary fans and the show lurches from one interruption to another. There’s a section of every Cope crowd that thinks he is their own private cult figure, a rock legend they can still reach out to and touch, insult or fondle at will. Tonight, guitar in hand, Cope appears happy to indulge this. However, there is a mighty 4WD in the car park, waiting to whisk him back to Wiltshire, where, one suspects, he is already planning his next adventure.

“I’m in a unique position,” he had said earlier, “but through luck, not judgment. There are people from my time, like Billy Bragg or Nick Cave, still doing everything with real dignity, but they have their feet in the officially straight world. There might be a South Bank Show on them. But me? I’m doing an ambient-metal installation in a Greek art gallery and writing about ziggurats.”

The Megalithic European is published by Element on October 18

taken from London Sunday Times

13 10 2004

The return of CAVEMAN SKULL


& friends...

Doing a set together with the mystical TEETH.

DJ set will be less uhh... abrasive... than a few weeks ago.

11 10 2004




Just have been informed that the 1000% Downer 12" will be ready by weeks end! Please see the Aurora Borealis website for more information about ordering.

the 12 white label/screened test pressings of the album

10 10 2004



Found this great photo recently. In Honor.

10 10 2004

SUNN O))) The Horn & The Spear


EM SYRE performed heathen augury on WHITE1 and offers up this remix free for download.

SUNN O))) The Horn & The Spear 1
SUNN O))) The Horn & The Spear 2

SUNN0))) - ''The Horn And The Spear'' - ems remix
Original material taken from the White1 release; edited, manipulated and remixed using Cubase SX 2.0 by Eric Syre in the summer of 2004

Eric Syre:

SUNN O))) The Horn & The Spear artwork via EM SYRE

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